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Did/does anybody date a very tall woman/man?
not me.... i like people close to my height. its easier to kiss standing Very Happy or u might get ur neck sprained
Well i think is unusual to see a tall girl with a short guy but it is cool, funny, maybe call it ridiculous but it is a great couple that really love after all.

And of course you got a neck ache but...
I am very tall, so finding a girl just close to my height is awkward.
ssthanapati wrote:
not me.... i like people close to my height. its easier to kiss standing Very Happy or u might get ur neck sprained

I allmost tottaly agree with you and I also look to find girls that are close to my hight, but once I was with a girl which was taller than me..and that's a LOT really is a strange feeling.

But sometimes you just don't care to think about that if that girl is THE girl to you... Rolling Eyes
I tend to always date short people. I've never dated a really tall girl. My girl friend is short. She's 5 feet, 1 inch (about 1.55 meters) tall.
To me, it doesn't matter though I never dated a girl taller than me and haven't experienced it, yet. Anyways, I agree with Raydon: "But sometimes you just don't care to think about that if that girl is THE girl to you... Rolling Eyes"

What about it? she's tall, taller than you or you are too short to find a girl your height or even close to you? I think the figure is not that important at the beginning as you don't know if this relation is gonna last or not. And in the end, you may leave her and that's when you really don't care how tall she was, or you decide to spend the rest of your life with her and in that case, it doesn't matter too.

See how tall is your mate doesn't matter? Wink

Twisted Evil Evil or Very Mad
I got really good replies but i would like to see a comment of a tall girl, different point of view
Still waiting for a tall girl answer Wink Hope to read a good comment soon Smile
Oh, yes, I'm a tall man and I can date tall/small women, I didn't think there are important their height, is more important their personality, my fiancee is a small woman with an elegant look, long dresses, high heels, and very expensive hair cuts.
I'm small but here girls are not so tall, average height is 5'1 - 5'3 so i'm taller than mostly girls but once i dated a 5'6 girl and she enjoyed wearing heels and showing the height difference
I'm 5'6" which is pretty average and I've dated a guy the same hight as me but never shorter and I tend to only date guys who are taller. I think it's a masculinity issue. I wouldn't date a stick type either. I go for an average to muscular build. Yeah I know that sounds shallow. But sometimes opposites don't attract.

I'm a girl, and short. In my home country in east-Europe there are so many boys that are my height and even shorter. I have lived most of my life in north-Europe where many men and even women are tall. I have dated different kind of types, but mostly only taller men since most of them are tall.

It's difficult to say that I won't date men that are taller since 80% of the ones I know are taller than me. I also have a sister that is really tall, her problem is that she is taller than 60% of the men she knows.
i am short and i found tall girls to be very attractive. tall girls = very sex legs.
Tall girls have very long sexy legs.
60% of men smaller than her? how tall is your sister?
i found it, sounds interesting:

reader's question

Dear Doc,

I'm a 38-year-old stockbroker taking a computer class every Thursday night (to keep up with the times), and there's this beautiful woman in my class. She's a total babe and has a fantastic personality. She's very intelligent and has her own business working as an agent for television commercial directors.

Our computer class has been going on for about six weeks now, but since the very first night she has been flirting with me, quite blatantly. Last week she even said to me, "So when are you going to ask me out?" I told her, "Probably soon."

I'm usually a lot more firm and decisive. When it's time to take action, I take action. So why didn't I simply ask her out? The problem for me is that I'm 5'6" tall and this girl is a solid 6' tall. And of course in heels she's even taller.

It was from:
Cha. My boyfriend is a foot taller than me. And thats the way I like it. Cool
my best friend from college just asked his girlfriend of 4 years to marry him... she said yes and was incredibly happy... she is also about 4 inches taller than him..... some people may think it looks strange, but they go together well!
I like the person to love who will be fit to my height....
I look for character traits and other important ingredients in what makes for a good relationship/date and not the physical aspects. The answer is yes, I've dated someone that was much taller than myself and although I can say there were times when height was a awkward problem the opposite was true too, like reaching for things off a tall shelf for me. Very Happy
My boyfriend is 20 cm taller than me. I really like it that he is tall. I used to date a guy who was my height, but I could never wear heels... Sad
My best friend is tall, and she hates it to date guys who are smaller than her. She also likes to wear heels so her date has to be at least 2 metres Wink
I'm 1,60, and I'm glad my boyfriend is only 1,80! But, of course, if he was 2m I would love him anyway :)
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