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Soccer Rivalry's

Well, you know those big big rivalry's, like I only know of 2

El Super Clasico- Chivas De Guadalajara vs. Club America.

Their playing Well.. it's like1 Am here... so.. Much later this day ^^'

But in that rivalry, I have to go for Chivas, their my favorite team ^^

Oh and the other one I know of

Barcelona vs Real Madrid, Don't know much about it, but I watch some of Barca's games, So, I'd go for Barcelona.

Oh I just remembered another one!...

Boca Juniors vs River Plate, Don't know much about this either, But I'd go for Boca because I got an Argentinen friend that goes for Boca. ^^

Now the point of this thread is to post some other rivalry's you know of, maybe post a video/link to video of you favorite match of those rivalry's. Very Happy
Barcelona vs Real Madrid

Arsenal v Tottenham Hotspur

Manchester United v Manchester City

Internazionale v AC Milan

All the above matches are crazy and are worth to watch... Specially Arsenal v Tottenham Hotspur and Inter v Milan are the craziest of all Very Happy
jmlworld wrote:

Internazionale v AC Milan

All the above matches are crazy and are worth to watch... Specially Arsenal v Tottenham Hotspur and Inter v Milan are the craziest of all Very Happy

You can say yhe same thing about AS Roma vs. Lazio Roma Wink
These derbys are all interesting, have surprises.
Birmingham City and Aston Villa

always one of the biggest derbys, big rivals.
Manchester United and Liverpool are rivals to each other for decades, although Manchester United & Manchester City derby is also very interesting (but until recently Manchester City had struggled to compete with United). Usually the fans of one team hate the other team a lot.
Another one is Arsenal VS Spurs.
It is very common between teams located in the same city.
The ones that come to my mind (I may be mistaken, so correct me if people from the concerned countries think taht I am wrong)
- Glasgow Rangers vs Celtic
- Athletico Madrid vs Real Madrid
- Inter vs Milan AC
- Lazio vs Roma (I knew an Italian guy supporter of the Lazio who didn't want to have a plastic bag yellow or red because it was colors of the AS Roma )
- teams of Istanbul like Galatasaray vs Fenerbace

Also clubs of large cities who are often on top rankings have often strong rivalry
Of course Barcelona vs Real as mentioned before but also Paris vs Marseille in France but I guess it is the same in almost every country
Man Utd VS Chelsea has also become a huge derby over the past years.
I guess amongst the big teams, all games are derbies.

In Russia, you have so many teams from Moscow - CSKA, Spartak, Dinamo, etc. to name a few. Then there's Zenit St Petersburg.

What about AC Milan VS Juventus? It is one of the biggest games in Italian foottball.
There are smaller derbies as well but they are important for the fans, for example, the Tuscan Derby (Fiorentina VS Empoli) and the Sicilian Derby (Catania VS Palermo)
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