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Mac on Windows ?

Can i install Mac Leopart op Windows machine ?
Do you have any idea ?

Thank you very much...
Da Rossa
Yes, provided that your processor can handle SSE2 operations, which is the case of most processors of nowadays. But it's not recommended, first because Apple designed OSX to be optimistacally run on their "exactly built system", second because of the drivers. But, if you don't want to buy an expensive mac and want it, give a try, and the forums might help you about the drivers.
though, you'll want to be sure you have the hardware for such a thing.

and, once again, try google before you ask a forum, as, it can save you a lot of time, and you might learn a thing or two that could potentially be really useful

you can check it out here.

any questions, or problems, and the such, don't be afraid to ask.
yes u can Smile


and i hope its work..
yes, osx86 is the way to do it. however, i think it will still be illegal even if you have a store bought osx license, but i'm not sure on the laws.
Jan is right, the EULA of Leopard requires that you install it only on Apple hardware. This has not however stopped the "hackintosh" community from releasing tools such as OSx86. You can google for this software, it has great instructions on how to set it up.
Has anyone ever noticed that apple kind of, decides something and doesn't allow it to be changed? Like with the AT&T only on the iPhone...
and do not forget to buy an "osx license"
search for "install mac on pc" without quotes on
I remember going through the video some time back
Hi all, im running a music studio with pro tools. I recently tried to switch to Mac OSX 10.4.. i was so close and came right to the mac loading screen but it kept going down on me. Turns out it will not function with my graphics card. I really want mac because it will let me to use other features i need... trouble is, I need my graphics card (which i recently bought) in order to run two screens... It was a long time ago i tried this, and it was in the opening code (when trying to install the OS) that it said something about graphics card incapability....

Im not asking for a full solution, just if someone could confirm that certain versions of OSX do not, in fact, work with certain graphics cards... and perhaps someone could reccomend one which does?

Many many thanks my friends!
interesting Smile
It's almost funny how Apple advertises how Windows can run so 'easily' on a Mac. Isn't that in Windows' favour? I mean, who were the gits that wrote an OS that only worked on their superbly limited hardware? Ohhhh. Right. Rolling Eyes
I don't really understand why Apple wouldn't allow Mac OS X to run on PCs... I still think there is a (legal) version for PCs, but I can't find where I read about it.
Kashinilaya wrote:
I don't really understand why Apple wouldn't allow Mac OS X to run on PCs... I still think there is a (legal) version for PCs, but I can't find where I read about it.

Because they like to maintain their perfect monopoly on Mac hardware, of course. Microsoft really is the true demon here, though, they allow their software to run on computers not made by them. What horrible people! Shocked
I think there are both pros and cons to OS X only working on Apple hardware. The biggest con, of course, is that you are trapped into buying overpriced hardware (I type this on a MacBook Pro). The biggest pro is that your operating system is tailor-made to specific hardware, and can take specific advantage of every single feature it has to offer. Not having to code ten thousand drivers (other than printers and such) reduces bloat significantly.
That's probably it.
Yes, it's possible to do so, although I've heard that mac can be very picky with the hardware
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