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Earlier this summer, Swedish state implemented FRA which allows the state permission to listen to and record all data streams (and store them for a year). Basically, the state now has the right to wiretap anyone.

All calls you make from your cellphone, all text messages etcetera, they may store the phonecall/message itself, the time it was made/sent, from where it was made/sent (Yes, as long as you have your cellphone with you, the government DOES know where you are, there is a chip in your phone that emits just that information).

All emails, the webpages you read, everything you do on the Internet, they have the permission to listen to and store that information.

This also includes any data streams that come through Sweden, so even if you aren't from Sweden, they can store information about you too!

But that's not what this post is about, no, they are now implementing IPRED1, based on an EU directive, and makes further invasion on you and your friend's privacy.

The anti-pirate law IPRED1 means, in short, the following:
(Translation with some own notes added of extract from

* The film and record industry have the right to access information about who was using a certain IP-address on the Internet at a certain point of time, if they show court "legislative proof" for that file-sharing has occurred at that IP-address. A screen-shot (which is ridiculously easy to forge) will with great certainty be more than enough. This means that they are authorized to do something not even the Swedish police force are allowed to (without proof that may/will lead to jail).

* With this data in hand, they file a letter to the subscriber of the internet account (That doesn't have to be the same person who did the file-sharing, trojans can do that and much more these days). There it will read, in essentiality "Pay a month's payment, or we will sue you on four month's payments. We have proof, and you cannot win. If you take it to court you will also have to pay the court costs". Most people pay in sheer fear to get the problem to disappear. That's what the copyright lobby organisations has done in every country where they have gotten this authorization, and there's no reason to believe they would do any different in Sweden. This is no less than blackmailing sanctioned by the state. Rule of law nonexistent.

* Amount of damages has in Sweden all the way back to 1920 had a very strict policy: Amount of damages may only be charged for real, documented economic damages. This law changes that, so that the film and record industry (Basically the US lobby organisations RIAA, and MPAA) may sue people for ridiculous amounts of money just to mark their position of power, without having to show proof of losing anything at all.

* The file-sharer who has bean judged in court may be forced to pay for a newspaper ad or similar where it says he or she has been judged, and for what. This, is also something that has never happened before.

* Politicians says all of this comes from a EU-directive, "sanctions directive" or IPRED1. This is a lie, right up and down. First off, the EU-directive only suggests that account information may be accessed in liaison to lawsuit, not that private interest may access them just for saying something. And also, the EU-court has REMOVED that part of the directive; It is not authorized anymore.

Something has to be done people, and I utterly and sincerely hope that everyone who reads this makes their friends and acquaintances enlightened on this issue, it's very important. Families can be ruined because of receiving the wrong file, and I don't think that is in proportion of the crime.

With great concern, Tass
That is the most terrible thing I've heard all week....even more terrible than reading about Sarah Palin's $150,000(US) clothing shopping spree in the past few weeks...

What a terrible violation of human rights.
Well this is your government in action. The government that is "hopefully" elected by your neighbors, citizens, and even family. Did you vote? Heck even if you did vote, would both your candidates vote on the same legislation? Do you really have a choice? Does it really matter?
At the date of election, I wasn't eligible to vote, but yes, I do know a lot of people who for some ridiculous reason chose to vote on the party now ruling the country despite their past history of known stupid actions.
does this mean that any swedish site you visit can wiretap you?, or if yo ucall to sweden they can tap you too?

p.s if you watch a movie of a swedish band on yt, can they track that/
Yeah, even if your phonecall barely passes through Swedish phone network/internet, it can be wiretapped. So people in say, Russia, which has a lot of phone/internet traffic coming through Sweden will be greatly affected by this.

I don't think they will be tracking youtube activity with this new law. Though, I think Youtube is a bit of a grey zone of filesharing, since you as a consumer (The one browsing youtube) can't really tell if the video has been posted by a legitimate person or not, and thus I don't think you'll ever get prosecuted for watching youtube clips.
I think it's awful to live there knowing you are beeing recorded.
I can understand why the government might think it is fair to have this information as long as they only access it if they have probable cause in order to convict someone of a crime. This kind of information should only be used to prove or prevent the planning of crimes such as kidnappings and murders. It definitely isn't right, though, that the music and film industries can get this information.
Well, this is not the government, it's the film and record industry who gain permission to do things not even the state police may.
Agent ME
I always figured larger governments already did this large-scale, but secretly. So they're being open about it at least. Though I really don't like the parts catering to media groups about file-sharing.
I think you misunderstood me, this gives private businesses and copyright holders the right to get personal information on people who used a given IP at a given point of time. It doesn't give the government any particular benefits, but it gives large businesses such as Sony BMG, EMI, and other RIAA/MPAA associated companies the right to your personal details.

Which means they can act above the police and law in questions regarding personal integrity on the internet.
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