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Have a dog? Can it jump or do tricks?

My dog Duke can get on his hind legs and stand up just like a human. He can even jump through my bedroom window? What can your dog(s) do?
I have a dog as well. It can't really jump but it can bark at command, turn around in a circle and give you a "high five". We can also "shoot him". He'll roll over and lay dead on his side. Really funny. My mom teaches him all those tricks. If we try to learn him something new and he doesn't know what to do, all his tricks come out of the box, lol.
i don't currently have a dog; however, i may have seen the funniest dog trick a couple months ago at one of my friend's houses. he has two dogs, but the one that did this trick was a mix. he started things off by making a gun with his hand and saying bang.. the dog then laid down and pretended to be dead.. yeah, pretty cool, but the next trick was epic. all he said was "go get the kitty" and straight away the dog took off toward the cat, grabbed the cat with its front legs, and began humping it like crazy.. the funny thing was (besides the fact the dog was humping the cat) was that the cat didn't really mind the whole ordeal.
We always train our dogs to sit, give paw, lay down, come, and stay on the property. Our last dog would also bring in the paper in the morning.
My dog does almost all the tricks that Coen's dog does. She turns around, bark on command (but also barks a lot when she sees strangers), sit, lie down, shake hands (or paws), play dead when shot, sing song (just makes some long howling noise when we ask her to) all for the sake of food. She also can turn around, get up, sit, and play dead just through hand gestures.

She can also pick up her plastic bowl and bring it to us when we ask her to get it for the sake of food as well. She fetches my socks and dumps it in the laundry basket each day after work to get her rewards. Basically she can do a whole load of stuff just for food. Does the same trick for other laundry linens when asked to.. taking them from the bathroom to the laundry basket. Razz And she absolutely loves car rides.
My dog can sit on her back with her back straight and her front legs up.
She can also stand on her hind legs, roll around, play dead, find members of our family when we say their name and even sing!
My dog is pretty stupid. It won't do tricks or anything like that.
i used to have a dog who can run and catch a tennis ball...
I have 2 dogs. The older one can sit and the younger doesn't do anything. My dad's dog gives a paw when someone says "Take five" or "Gimme five". Also he mimics Formula cars when said "What the Formula says?"
I love dogs... but the women in my family don't!!! I'd love to have a pet. Although I don't have that much affection for cats, I sheltered a kitten last week; gave her a good bath, gave her two good meals (milk), she slept on my lap for about two hours.

I had to let her go, so I left her in the empty room on top floor. Haven't seen her since then.
I have three dogs at home, two of them are around 2 years old in human years and the other one is quite old and doesn't do much either. The younger ones cant can't really do much in terms of tricks but they can fetch and catch food in their mouths.
My Rottweiller can turn on the water tap outside when she wants a drink and she can open any door in the house unless it is locked.

Only problem is she doesn't bother to turn off the tap or shut the doors.
I have a great border collie. He is a real sheep dog and here in Australia, in our suburban property he runs in circles in the back yard digging up the grass. It looks really funny but makes a mess.

He loves to go for runs around the block, but also loves to chase his tail when he hears any of our families cars leaving the garage. It is really interesting to watch Smile
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