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Looking for jobs can be a pain!

I have been looking for a new job and its gotten more difficult to find good leads than it was a couple of years ago. Are you looking for a new job?

I was looking for jobs about a year ago, even with my associates degree, it was still very difficult, and I was getting no follow up on any of my leads at all.

I ended up joining the air force. They trained me in ground radar maintenance, so I have a good chance of getting a good $70K to $80K job after 4 years. And staying in isn't that bad of an option either.

If you're not disqualified for the military somehow, then think about it. If you are considering it, go for a technical job where you can get civilian-applicable training.
Yeah, I recently graduated college in Aug. (i had to take my final Physics class in the summer) and now I'm looking for a job.

I kind of want to stay where I'm at right now, so that really limits the jobs. If i wanted to change states I could find a job pretty easy
It's been a while, I must admit, but I still remeber my last period of un-employment. Nice, the first
couple of weeks, but then - a drag. Very difficult to get something, with no completed education, no
especially good references, experience and such...
Well, finally I starded as a cleaner, and then I got an education for that occupation, taking a certificate.
Perhaps not the best job you can imagine, but it pays the rent and is always a possibility.
Now, with the education and experience, I can more or less choose where to work. Cleaners are
always needed, and it's very rare with educated and experienced ones.

So, I guess that what I'm saying is that you should grab anything that comes along, for if you're
motivated to work it will lead to something better.

Best of luck to ya!
Yes, it's getting to be more and more difficult. Especially with education, for graduate degree to find qualified work. Plus hundreds of people graduate every year, but number of jobs for them still the same, and these jobs are already occupied, for years.
I never thought before, that somebody could be "overqualified", thought that it will be a free bonus for a company, yet it is a disadvantage, excluding employment.

With time some limitations on a job search are starting to grow, together with arthritis and back pain Laughing
No cleaning and no military Rolling Eyes

Sorry, have no solution, especially with growing diminishing of any work places. Own micro business, may be, if one still has some funds and zoning allows that, but this is equivalent of minimum wage. As long as one can find any employment, not affecting health, it's better.
I remember having a very tough time finding my first proper job. It can be very disheartening and I had a lot of knock backs. Keep at it - persistence will pay off. Also look to make yourself more marketable by doing study if you can, or at least charity work or something like that. Shows you've got initiative if you are doing something instead of just sitting around on your butt.
it took my wife, about 6 months to find a job at Eli Lilly(medical company). She has a Masters, but it still took us a while to get the job.
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