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My family has 3 dogs. One is a Blue Healer, one a Black Lab, and the third a Terrier. The Blue Healer is a fighter and she is very agitated. Do you have a dog or more than one? I would like to hear about your dog(s).

I have one dog. A black labrador and a real sweetheart. The only strange thing about him is that he loves to walk around the house with stuff that belongs to us. He'll walk with it as long as it has our smell on it so he "steals" something every now and then. He's a cool dog Cool
I have a very special 8lb. Toy poodle, he is 12 years old now, and has had knee problems all his life. It is getting worse, and he keeps throwing out his right knee. I'm really worried about the little guy, and hope that we can work through it with supplements and anti-inflamatory medicine. He is so smart, just stole my heart and now after a horrible divorce he and I are the only 2 in the house. He is the best thing that has ever happened to me, and I thank god that I have him every day!!
I do have a doberman, i can say she is a playful dog. she always loves to run whenever she is out of her cage. and she will play with us everytime she sees that we are handling a ball but unfortunately, everytime she sees a chicken she gets mad and she wanted to eat it.
Three dogs it sounds a lot for me because to have one is already a lot care and affection Very Happy
I have one dog that is realy mine, newfoundland dog.

Right now I am taking care for 5 neapolitan mastifs, great dane and pug. Well two more days to go Very Happy
Blue healer? What's that? Got a pic you can post to enlighten me? Maybe i'll just google it. Razz

I've got a cocker spaniel that is about 8 years old. She is very temperemental and hostile to strangers. Maybe it's because she was not exposed much to other people when she was a pup. She's a house dog, and probably have some eye sight problem too cause sometimes she just can't recognise us from a distance and keeps barking aggressively. -.-'''

Other than that, she's a fun and loving dog that requires her daily tickles by flipping over for us to tickle her belly, fetching my socks to the laundry basket, and always trying to get her share in everything we eat.
I have one small female dog. She is a boston terrior. She is pretty cute, but is a hand full at times.
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