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Use of cartoon characters to help drive business lauch! :)

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I have done something alittle different this time. I have thrown caution to the wind and decided to create a story and a whole new world right under our noses not unlike fraggle rock.

I have created a diabolical villian, and a trusty hero and pals.

Check them out and read the story at

Please come back and post comments, so that I get a good take on this one!!

More work to come and updates have been coming each night for a while, so I imagine that I will have more for you guys tomorrow.

Fun idea, but I'm getting a 404, not found.
I am not able to pull up the webpage either, but I agree it sounds like an interesting idea.
Doh! I feel so stupid!

Thanks for coming and trying the link... it's fixed now.

Just curious what you guys think... the main page you will see is soon going to be broken up into sections accessible via a tab bar.

Enjoy! Hope it sparks some cool ideas.
Glad you got your site up and working. The use of cartoon characters is fine, although I think you need to make it abundantly clear from the start why your site exists. At first, I thought it was a cartoon strip that you were starting as I scrolled down I saw something mentioning serving central Kentucky. So now I'm thinking its a computer cleaning service? Then it linked to a bunch of software. No where did I find an explanation of your services, and I didn't read anything setting your service as the hero in the story.

To fix, I'd rewrite the story and put it to the side and make the company front and center. Also, the story needs to feature your company as the hero and become way shorter. You could use it to show off your services too. In any case, I'd also add some links to get to the software recommendations, find out your contact info, etc. By the way, I'd get rid of all that grey behind your contact info. It makes it incredibly hard to read. I know you're trying to defend against spam bots etc. but really, there has got to be a better way.

Good luck and I hope you're able to boost your company's sales through the website.
I totally agree with what you are saying about the organization and "hidden" contact info, and thanks for the input ... it helps a lot. A lot of work needs to be done on the site ... a whole bunch! The bright side is the project has been loads of fun.

I want it to end up as a place where people come sell their "dusty" computers in classified ads ... some referbished computer sales as well maybe. Generally I want it to be an information hub with tutorials on how to keep your computer safe and upgrade information. It's a fun idea and I'm rolling with it even though it's a little tedious at first.

Your comments were spot on and really appriciated! thanks, and good luck to you too! Smile
Cool, glad I could help. Looking forward to seeing further iterations of your project!
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