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My gallery website

Like the title says I've put my own wallpapers online. Please give your comment about the site and it's comment!
It should be, not^^
Thnx. But what do you think about the site if you DO come on it? Wink
The background is loading slowly. But I like the design.

The highlight-effect for the wallpapers is not so good. I did the same thing on a website I made ( - german). The Pictures are darkened, and when you hover them with your mouse, they show up in 100% brightness. Try it this way. It looks much nicer, I think.
It's on your site indeed very well done, but I think the current way tempts people more to click instead of watching the preview. I will try it in the near future, since the newest version has a much lighter background than the previous ones. On this it might work...
Did you btw like my wallpapers?

/EDIT: The slow loading is because the background is made from a transparent png instead of the normal compressed jpg.
Its a ltle but good site Confused
I just wanted to see the site and my little brother sat next to me. When he saw the site, he just says "This site doesn't look pretty... you can make better sites."

Anyway, my opinion: I don't like the background tiles very much. Also, they don't fit very much to these cool dark glass-field.
The menubar could be a bit bigger. Oh, and I checked your source code a very little bit on the biography site:

<P STYLE="font-family: Ariel

It's rather Arial, right? Smile

But I really like the reflection of the pictures Smile good effect!
but your website name is not in mind.....?
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