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Copywronged By Fookleyur

Okay it looks like I will have to explain copyright seeing that some people just dont seem to understand it. Legaly you can NOT take ANY image off the web/out of the press/ out of a movie /wherever and use it without the owners permission.

That means that you can NOT take ANY picture and cut a piece out of it - like a face - and stick it on a different background. Thats called image-manipulation and you need permission to do it from all the parties involved.

So - please avoid all copyright infringements and start with a blank canvas.

I'll start by saying, I don't have a problem with following your rules--because I know resistance is futon or is that futile?

I'll let that sink in.... 'Rolling Eyes'


However, the copyright law does allow you to do image manipulation and a ton of other stuff under the fair use act.

In fact, legaly [sic] I can post copyrighted works "because" I've modified them (it's called a derivative work). The more I change it, or its use, the more legal it becomes. That's how music sampling works. 'Surprised'

For example, Andy Warhol's "Campbell Soup Can" painting, looks just like a real Campbell soup can, but it has nothing to do with labeling or selling soup so it wasn't a copyright or trademark infringement.

I can also post works that I plan to ridicule, criticize, parody or report as news--all without permission. e.g. I quoted your post, which I am now criticizing. 'Wink'

The copyright laws aren't meant to keep you from copying things without permission, end of story. They're meant to limit your use of the copies.

I can understand why you would want to make the law more strict than it is, it makes your job easy and limits your liability. However, people in charge should know what they're talking about or we end up doing a big expensive bailout! So, you should probably admit that you don't know squat about the copyright laws, otherwise, real artists and real writers will post elsewhere and your forum will be filled with vapid crap.

Speaking of vapid crap… I'd like to introduce my original poetry. It's copyrighted, by me, and I was told (by me) that this is the best place for it! Stay tuned.


Son of Fookleyur

Http:// Soon to be relocated here, unless I get kicked out for being right all the time.
that's really not how copyright works. at all.

more than that, i doubt you really understand the concept of fair use. given your examples such as sampling (which actually is copyright infringement) and andy warhol's campbell's soup can - which he was sued over - i doubt you realize just what sort of terrain you were getting into. that's ok. it's why i'm here.

p.s: i don't really anticipate you replying to this as i noticed you posted this originally in october. but oh well. whatever.
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