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Laptop or computer modding

Does enyone have experience in laptop case modding? Or desktop computer modding also?

I have a problem with gaps on laptop case and only solution I see on completing computer case repairing and redesign, but I don't have any experience in that!

What materials to use, what kind of glue, sticks, and other stuff?
Well, I have done some laptop case mods, but I am not exactly how indepth of a mod you want. For cutting and such I use a fine toothed dremel saw, for glueing I primarily use super glue gel, and sometimes high strength (the yellow ones) glue sticks. There is only so many mods you can do with a laptop, I personally try to keep it simple and use stickers maybe an led here and there, but theres not a whole lot else you can do.
as far as desktop case mods go. You can add a plexy panel to the side if you want. That one is relatively simply. Just take of your side panel, cut out whatever you want plexied and then you can either rivet your peice of plexy to the inside to give a cool rivited look on the outside or you can glue it or just use a simply nut and bolt option.

Another cool idea that my friend did was you can cut a hole into the side of you case or plexy window, then find some sort of plastic or metal ring roughly the same size as the hole you made (i would recommend sizing the hole to an available ring to ensure you dont cut to big.) Once you do that, take the ring and carfully using either a tack welder if your using metal on metal, or a butane torch for plasic and either melt or weld the two peices together so that you can have the ring attached right to the inside of your hole and the panel. Then get a hose clamp and some drier ducting or some sort of ducting roughly the same diameter again and using the hose clamp clamp one end to the ring you just attached, then line up the other end with your CPU fan (attaching here is up to your imagination and know how). This will help draw fresh air from outside of your case right to your processor heatsink so that it will also inprove cooling and adds a cool chrome duct pipe inside your case that you can see if you have a window.

You can also make a radiator for the front of your computer using a big fan and homemade copper pipe heatsink mounted on it, but i wont go into that. If you have the knowhow on how to do that, you can figure it out yourself.
I use pattex express repair - universal repair mass. It comes like blue mass with white inside - two component actualy. When you mix this two components, you can use it for repairing and fixing everithing - iron, glass, plastics, cheramical stuff, etc.
I remove all broken parts and replace it with this mass. When patch dryes, I will brush it and paint with car paint.

I think that will solve my problem.
Take a look at the ModGallery at to see a lot of people who done mods on a lot of things including computers, laptops, other hardware, phones, etc. I think they have a forum there that can help better answer your question, since that site's dedicated to it.

- Mike.
I like using epoxyd-resin, also two phases (resin & hardener), there is some avialable that gets hard within 2 minutes, Contra: gets hot when be aware where to use it
the only thing i've seen laptop case modding is cutting out designs in the lcd case, repainting the case, and one instance of cutting a air duct for a processor.

what do you mean exactly by gaps?
My notebook case broke in back side of monitor part, as a result of bad clipping solution and bad plastic quality.

Now is serious problem, but I will fix it soon by special fixing materials and painting.
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