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Which player do you use

I love realplayer And winamp Smile
I use WinAmp and Media Player Classic...I rarely use Windows Media Player, RealPlayer and Quicktime.
I use WMP10 for XP though, I didn't have great features as of the other players.. It's just right for me.. (for uniforminity's sake coz I do have a Windows XP OS).. Wink
i use winamp and Windows Media player classic with K-Lite mega codec pack
I use VLC for most video and some audio (but I like Winamp), when using Windows. I use xmms and MPlayer in Linux. Once I get around to installing WinMplayer, then I drop VLC, as its light on system load and plays anything.
jetaudio,windows media player 10,MP classic (real player alternative,quicktime alternative)


for some formats, use converter.
I only use winamp really

I have real player and quicktime just for anything winamp can't do.
I use Windows Media Player 10 solely for my music. Whatever music formats don't work in Windows Media Player 10 I open with their corresponding program, ie iTunes, Winamp, etc.

- Mike.
Real Player is a memory ******.
I use Winamp for music and WMP for videos.
Winamp and Foobar for music and Crystal Player for video.
I use Media Player Classic
winamp and wmp rule Very Happy
No one uses MusicMatch Jukebox?
Well i use it for music.
I use WMP jsut for quickly checck stuff out and jet audio for viewin a whole video.

btw i despise RealPlayer
Very Happy
phileplanet wrote:
No one uses MusicMatch Jukebox?

For ripping in MP3 format yes but for just general music listening I use winamp.
My web broswer.
I've come to like WMP10 for XP. However, I do use RealPlayer or NeroMIX sometimes, My most favorite to least favorite: WMP10, NeroMIX, RealPlayer.
Windows Media Player had a huge crash on my system, so I had to replace it with BSPlayer and Media Player Classic. For MP3, I use WinAmp. They're the best!

i think i said something like this in other posts
k so i use winamp latest version with all updates its cool easy fast and has everything
eve internet updates and all things u could immagine
i think i said something like this in other posts
k so i use winamp latest version with all updates its cool easy fast and has everything
eve internet updates and all things u could immagine
My choice is RealPlayer!
However I do use Windows Media Player and JetAudio from time to time.
I have heard WinAmp is good too, but it's difficult to tolerate the horrible interface.
Not running Windows, so I'm using only "xmms" or "xine" on Linux.
I use iTunes 5 and QuickTime 7.
As mentioned in another thread, Billy !
i use winamp and real player

and sometimes jetaudio

S3nd K3ys
I use winamp on the computer. I also have an Ipod Photo, and my Sony Erricson 1.3 megapixel camera fone has an MP3 player in it.
I admit that the new Winamp interface is awful and horrible and all that. It also consumes a lot of resources. And I defintely not like my videoplayer integrated in my audio player. I use winamp 2.8. It's more than I need from a audio player. I use WMP classic for playing video content. I install a codec bundle called Theoretica Divx codecs because it has ffdShow and latest DivX codecs. I also install QuckTime Alternative, Realtime alternative - (They will install WMP classic,)and Flashplayer8. I have a lot of video tutorials in .swf format and it's not very interesting at all to watch them in a web browser window. That's why I play all the video content in my WMP classic now. Sometimes I use BSPlayer.
a very good player too, if you install the NightRider skin however. The default skins really suck.
i like to use winamp to play mp3
use media player classic to play the movie
I use Itunes and Bsplayer ( sometimes Media Player )
I use my iPod for music, and either QuickTime or VLC for movies. If my iBook had decent speakers, I'd probably use iTunes for music - I use it to manage everything right now anyway.
BS player for me.
Here's a review of it for all of you peeps that dont know it:

Pros: Okay I have just come back to this player after many attempts to play AVI files in Windows Media Player and Ace Media Player (both of which I like - but that was the last straw) I reinstalled BS Player and instant success. No further codecs required, and that was my main issue - too many codecs on your computer can do you more harm than good - BS Player comes bundled with a few (as does Media Player Classic) Giving you the stress free option of viewing your video (and audio) files with ease. I know this for a fact as I have not installed any codec programs bar real and quicktime alternative since reformatting my computer.

Cons: Ugly default skin - though not as bad as Nero Showtime. However the player's homepage has hundreds to choose from.

the best video player out there imo.
I use WMP10 and VLC media player. Actually, I use VLC more. I use WMP10 only for music.
Winamp all the way!!
Who uses Realplayer??? Evil or Very Mad
If you must view/listen to RealMedia, download the Real Player codecs for Winamp!!!
I m using Winamp And Zoom Player.....
i use jet audio software & sometime windows media player & music match
i use window media player and real player ......both of them R nice and easy to use Laughing Laughing Laughing
I use winamp for music, and Vlc for watching videos Cool
It's amazing how only a few people use iTunes! IMO, I think iTunes is on eof the best audio players there are. It's very organized and easy to access, but the only bad thing is the lack of options and skins. The metal looks slick though Very Happy . For video, i just stick with WMP10 or VLC, I don't have much video players. Any suggestions?
i am using Winamp 5.3 version with latest DivX Codec
jetaudio , media player , winamp , zoom player , ( and my player)
I just use Windows Media Player does have a large memory/processor power footprint but that isn't really a big deal when you have a reasonably new computer. Also, you have great indexing features built in, and you can rip and burn music, and you can access lots of music stores including the very-inexpensive Walmart music store.
I like Windows Media player 10. Its a lot easier to manage and quicker when compared to iTunes, Real player and other media players.
for movies i use mv2player and for music i use winamp Very Happy
I usually us XINE or VLC (Linux players).

Is anyone know good player for linux which run VCD with menu support ?
I use Media Player 10 and Foobar. Foobar is very good for converting audio files
MS Media Player, Winamp and Foobar2000 (because Foobar is very quick opening audio files Very Happy )

Foobar2000 can only convert to wav and ogg, isn't it?

James Smile
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