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Your relationship to Christmas

There is a post over in the history section that was about Christians, Christmas and music, when Christmas begins and ends, and I was wondering how peoples relationships to Christmas is? Either you are Christian or have another religion. The link to the topic is here.

So what is your relationship? Do you celebrate it based on the many images of how Christmas should be or do you actually try to make it into something that has a meaning? What is your traditions?

My respond in that topic was;

Iím not really religious because I think it offends others by what religion I might chose, but in my family they do celebrate Christmas, so you can say I am Christian, but almost everyone either they are Christians or not celebrate it.
Over to what I have to say, it is completely true about the Christmas being commercial, we live in a maternal world so itís unavoidable to not see someone sell something that should be more special and sacred.

Both my mother and I have stopped decorating and following the tradition as people might say it is. Tradition for me is something that means something besides ĎOh my god, presents!í, money is being wasted on things we donít need or think we need before they get thrown away or forgotten after a few weeks or months. I appreciate a card or a letter more than an object I donít find use for and will place in a box and forget about, and if it should be a card I like a home made one.

I have seen Christmas decorations in stress already, and I am pretty sure that if anyone sends me anything like that Iíll send it back to them with a card telling them they wasted their money on something I think is garbage. Iím not cruel; I just see what people are doing to this world.

One of my younger sisters, she is now 12; was asked in class what Christmas was about, all the other kids answered gifts and holyday, but she answered it was about Jesus and his birth. She isnít Christian but she knows what it is about, and I do to.

I donít live in USA so there isnít a lot of Christmas lights, turkey and such here, but a lot of shopping amongst people and travelling.

For those that think this don't belong on this board then you better look up the word relationship, it's not only about love guys.
It means holiday for me.... Nothing much other than that though
Well, I'm not a Christian and it means nothing more than preparing for a new year.
Hmm Christmas are magic for me. Why? It's not about religion, but about all atmosphere of this event.

We always dress christmas tree shining crutches, chains, sweets, toys etc. On the head of Christmas tree we put Angel or Star or tip.
Our family cooked 12 traditional and delicious dishes like greek fish, carp, chocolate cake.
We bought present for each other (it's always a chalenge to buy something to someone to happy him/her, but if you succed it's very pleasant feeling).
I don't go to church often - to much politics for me, but in Christmas we go to church - some like sing, but i love decoration - traditional Christmas crib.
You may say there is big celerebration also with good alcohol.

You should go to Poland to Polish friend and his/her family, to feel that and see how it look like.
Christmas started as a pagon festival thousands of years ago where a Tree was Worshiped - and as most of you would of watched the 10 commandments on TV over the Christmas period - God does not agree with worshiping anything other than him. When mosses was supposedly on the mountain the people got board and made a statue out of what gold they had and started celebrating around it - we'll God wasn't happy and told the people at they don't worship anything but him so i'd of thought a Tree was included in that.

There is no record of the 25th December being Jessus's birthday - it's all man made. Who is Santa - St Christopher - who started it all off - but why a Red Santa Suite and White Beard and would Jessus of allowed this man in a Red Suite with funny little Elves steel this thunder - I know i'd be annoyed if it was on my birthday..

Let you all argue this one out..
For me Christmas is a religious holliday. I already know that the date was chosen because of no Christian reasons, but it celebrates the born of Jesus, who in my faith brougth salvation to the world, so it's a very important day to celebrate. I try to go to the mass that day, (but I have to admit that not always) and remain with my family.

I also like this day because it inspire people with good wishes, one day a year to give others a simple but important thing as your presence. I think is a good day people free themselves to express care, and it is also valid.
I grew up celebrating christmas and my family may have celebrated it because it was a christian family, but I celebrate it because I have all my life, and don't make an effort to turn it into a religious thing. It is nice holiday to celebrate for me.
I don't celebrate Christmas. I don't really celebrate any holidays. They all annoy me and I think that it is a pointless holiday. People just waste money, eat gluttanously, and put up obnoxious lights. Why? Most people have no idea what Christmas is even about. That's apparent by all the people I saw wearing things that said, "Happy birthday, Jesus!" or "Jesus is the reason for the season." I'm sorry, but Jesus is not the reason for the season. The winter solstice is the reason for the season. Christmas is a 4,000 year-old holiday celebrating the winter solstice. Yes, it was a Pagan holiday. After Christianity came around 2,000 years ago, (Christianity is about half the age of the holiday), the church told all the people they were converting (Pagans) that they had to quit celebrating their holiday. After they did not stop, the church figured that they could not beat it so they would join it and they took an "evil" holiday and simply said that Jesus was born at that time (even though evidence shows that he was not) and adopted this old Pagan holiday. So Jesus is not the reason for the season. It's not his birthday. So it's not even a Christian holiday. The only reason we celebrate it is because old Pagans didn't want to give up their celebrations when they converted religions. Given that I have no reason to celebrate the winter solstice (I live in sunny Southern California), I find no reason to celebrate this holiday. Plus, it simply annoys. And some people still like to argue that it's a religious holiday but I'm an atheist so there's even more reason to not celebrate it... Yeah... I am a boring person. I hate Christmas!
Bahh humbug!

What a good time to entertain people though.
The day arrives and I really try to keep them happy with games.

It's good for me as I'm not religious but they all are and organising the games keeps me occupied. They sit around the table and thank someone else for the food in front of them as if I had nothingh to do with it.

Anyway's after the food and the presents is the gtames and they all enjoy the games.

They thanks me for that! Very Happy Arrow
My family has never been a very close knit one so Christmas time has never held that magic and togetherness for me.
For the past 3 years I have been getting into it more and more cause my husband loved Christmas. This year I even got a tree and redid my floors and stuff.

Having grown up with Christian beliefs I have always preferred the "Jesus came and died for me" part of the season rather than the commercial part. So I remember why there is celebration and why its important to remember, cause the message of Christmas (as I know it) is one of hope/life/redemption and not merely one of presents/trees/food.
Christmas was originally a religious celebration but it's irrelevant in my opinion if you celebrate it as such as long as you stay true to the core values which any decent religious policy represents. Namely kindness in another's trouble. Smile Let us try to keep that intention in our hearts all ear around.

And as Tiny Tim observed, 'God Bless us! Everyone.'
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