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Has anybody else here used ScummVM? I got versions of it for DS and my Windows Mobile phone, and while I have really fond memories of those old LucasArts games, I worry about missing detail on the small screen. Is anybody else in the same situation? Which version of Scumm is better?
oh! ScummVM rocks! And i love the old LucasFilm games to. Especially Monkey Island (All off them), and Sam and Max:Hits the Road.

The best version of ScummVM should be the newes version, aight? just check their website often.

I got ScummVM for Pc, and for PSP...
Oh I'm sure the newest *version number* is best, I just meant "which platform should I play on". I have with me on many occasions a Windows Mobile cell phone, a DS, and a PSP. (if I don't have both, I can pick one or the other)

The question is, if I'm going to start playing Scumm games regularly, which platform should I get the emulator for? I have a custom firmware PSP, and an R4DS, so either of those is viable. Here's the way I see it:

PSP: Pro - fast processor, high-res screen, nice buttons, analog stick. Con - no touch screen
DS: Pro - touch screen, second screen for menus/zooming. Con - low resolution, slow
WinMo: Pro - fast processor, touch-screen, hardware keyboard (if I need that...). Con - low resolution (it's only a TyTN)

All have pros and cons, but I haven't had enough time to really put each platform through the paces. I figured there's a big enough audience I could probably get opinions on all 3 just by asking.
Psp i have to say then Wink
It's the graphics that does the charm, u know?
Just make sure you got enough spece for your games or it might not work correctly Razz

It works fine with the analog stick.

and i wonder, why not put it on all of them? ScummVM is free so....
I'll take your advice and try the PSP version -- I have all 3 downloaded, and installed 2 of them on the phone and the DS, but I only have 2 hands, so I have to pick one to actually play the games on =-)

I was concerned that using a joystick to move a mouse pointer would get annoying, but on your advice I'll give it a shot.
I have the ScummVM on my Nokia E65 and it runs perfectly. The phone has a dual core 220mhz processor, which I'm sure won't even bit close to the capability of the DS or the PSP.

I've played Day of the Tentacle and Sam and Max on it.
Most of the ScummVM games don't really require timing, so moving the pointer with a joystick shouldn't pose a real problem. You'll have all the time in the world to get it where you want it. Smile
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