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SATs are finally scrapped!

Ed Balls announced the scrapping of the contentious SAT tests for Year 9's in Britain with immediate effect.

Has anyone ever had any experience of these and have an opinion on it. My brother has been saved from them and he is overjoyed. Laughing
lagoon wrote:
Ed Balls announced the scrapping of the contentious SAT tests for Year 9's in Britain with immediate effect.

Has anyone ever had any experience of these and have an opinion on it. My brother has been saved from them and he is overjoyed. Laughing

And how will 14 year olds be measured now? through internal exams?
Yes Ed said that teachers will be keeping a closer eye on pupils which implies that they arent doing as good as job as they could be. I was the last year group ever to take the year 9 sats! I got 7 7 6 which is not bad if you dont mind me saying Laughing
The SATS are really good they measure what you will get for GCSE's and then your GCSE's will measure what you will get for A levels...

Its a giant point system which the government have created. Cant remember the exact points for each grade at SATs and GCSE's but the system is highly accurate.

If you get all got all 7's in your SATS expect to get between B-C's for GCSE's and if you got B-C's in GCSE's expect to get D's in your a levels.

Its what i got, but I went to a shite secondary n 6th form school, but it was very accurate for a couple of my friends and myself.
Thats ridiculous. If you get a 7 at SAT, expect between B and A*.

I got a 7 in Science, then I was predicted a B for GCSE. I haven't lost a single mark in the chemistry course so far on coursework or two exams. I don't see how they can be accurate predictors when the courses are so different in their examination techniques and problem solving.
I took the SAT several years ago, but have never really used it so it was a waste of time to me.
I hear that the ACT is pretty much the new standard.
No these are the British Standard Assessment Tests. Nothing to do with the U.S SAT.
Heh. You confused me. I totally thought the US was getting rid of the SAT. Even though they aren't, they should!
WOOT!! Only problem is i've done mine... the cheek of it lol....
Newsflash. Instead of wasting a year of school time preparing for pointless exams, year 8 pupils can now start their GCSEs in year 9. That means they're going to have more time, therefore they will recieve better results. Something wrong here?
Wow that is pretty awesome. Now if they'll only do that in the US...
Yes, the U.S is still using the SAT tests for college examinations. As a former board of Education Member, I remember all those debates of State Standards and SAT tests. We kept them, but most of us were not happy about it.
SAT's are pointless. They don't really determine if a child has learned anything, other than studying for a test.
You could say that about any test, or standardized test in general.
SAT's provide nothing in terms of pupil development and learning. All they have done is induct children in to exam training rather than actual learning. Their only point is to provide information for the school league tables. In terms of of educational value, and value going into the workforce, SAT's mean precisely nothing.

With these tests, not only at the end of Key Stage 3, but Key Stages 1 and 2, teachers, instead of eaching their pupils, train them to pass exams - a skill that has very little use past GCSE and A level. Not only that, but they create an anxiety and fear among the pupils that creates a huge blow to classroom morale. In the last school I was in, it was school policy not to mention the term SAT's to our pupils. Despite that, they know what they are about to do, and get nervous and scared - myself and the others involved in Key Stage 1 had to deal everyday with pupils who were upset because they may fail these tests. Seven year olds scared over an exam. When we are training pupils to pass these exams, we lose the capacity to provide them with the breadth of opportunities they deserve - the chance to explore that which interests them, and is relevant to their life.

The effect SAT's has undermines current thinking as to the nature of good teaching, and instead of allowing the children to experience a childhood, in effect dooms them. In terms of levelling children, summative assessment like SAT's pales in comparison to day-to-day assessment and observation, which provides a clearer and more detailed overview of a child's ability. In the exam, a child may do better than their ability would suggest, and very often with nerves and anxiety will do substantially worse. One exam or set of exams cannot provide a wide enough scope to accurately assess a child's abilities and needs.

The scrapping of SAT's in Year 9 can only be a good thing. Teachers can concentrate on teaching what is required, without the students and indeed the teachers being anxious over the incoming tests. It seems to be on the cards that all SAT's will be gone shortly, and that gives me hope that teachers can get on with their job, and do well by their pupils. However I have a suspicion that the QCA and the government will pull another fast one and replace it with something that is similar to SAT's in all but name. Cynical, perhaps, but it wouldn't be the first time.
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