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Smoking and Europe

Is it thruth that in european countries almost everybody smokes?
D'Artagnan wrote:
Is it thruth that in european countries almost everybody smokes?

No, it isn't.
D'Artagnan wrote:
Is it thruth that in european countries almost everybody smokes?

No offence, but what a stupid question.

It's like:
Is it true that all Americans are brainwashed? or
Is it true that all Americans are fat? or even
Is it true that all Americans are stupid?
This question can be classified as a joke; its so stupid that its not real. Since you ask if Europeans then I wonder which country or continent you come from, and have you never seen anyone smoke there? People smoke, what continent you are on has nothing to do with it.

Its like saying everyone in North America (mostly USA) has a gun and are able to kill, or that a lot of people in Asia (Middle East) are suicide bombers, or that everyone in Africa are poor and lives out in the jungle.

I call it ignorance, you should be able to know what is real and what is basic fiction. Amsterdam is often connected to smoking, mostly drugs but that doesnt mean everyone there smokes.
Well except for the fact this is a pretty ^&% question, the topic is pretty in the news these days.
Due to new smoking restrictions the percentage of smoking people in the EU is fanally dropping after being pretty stable on 30% almost more than a decade.
In most countries in Europen Union, there is forbiden to smoke in public areas, such as: pubs, offices, bus station etc. In my opinion it's good idea Wink
D'Artagnan wrote:
Is it thruth that in european countries almost everybody smokes?

I don't know much about Europe, but here in California it is getting harder and harder for people to smoke antwhere. Including your own home or car not just public places. I understand and respect what they are trying to do with the laws, I just think it is getting to be a little excessive and is going overboard in their attempt to control an epidemic form of addiction.
The streets are public, and parks and what not. People should be able to smoke there. I agree with not smoking in restaurants (or making smoking-rooms for the smokers) or on bus stops 'cause it annoy the living %^&*&^ out of me. Even though even I smoke 3 or 4 cigs per month.

And I won't even comment on not being able to smoke in ones home or car. That's just... barbaric!
i didn't mean to offend anyone, i know europe is like a huge place. I put the question in the wrong way... it's a common misinformation here, much like people in brazil eat ants and are all indians.

what i mean to ask was if its a common thing or in general europe have a liberal culture policy reagarding smoking. I just asked because do hate smoke with every single fiber of my being Smile
Yes it is true and so is it in India from OCT 2nd which is M.K. Gandhi's B'Day
In the UK, smoking only outside now, not in pubs, clubs or restaurants.
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