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Remote Infrastructure Management - Effective Strategy

In IT, the major component is the Support.

To ensure continuity, the support has to be strong and efficient.

A simple question a CTO shall ask is whether to cosource the management or outsourced.

A new, and a very effective way is to do the Remote Management of IT Infrastructure.

This will give a flexibility to use the available resources very effectively.

But there are many challenges and limitation of doing Remote Management.

I request you people to discuss this to create a best practice in Remote Management.
While I'm sure there are holes in my system, it has worked pretty well for me. I have a VNC enterprise server set up on each of my machines at home (Cool, it allows me to change the port to something less obvious then the 5000 range so a simple port scan wont pick up a remote access port, so set that around 18000 or something ridiculous. Also it supports channel encryption, so I have a 128bit encryption of all my traffic so a packet sniffer cant catch me, and I have all of the computers protected with a 23 digit password that isn't in any dictionary to prevent a password hack. So far it's worked excellent for me, I can access all of my computers using my UMPC from anywhere in the world. Makes it very easy to fix problems on the family computers.

But as far as an actual coorporate set up for this, I would be very wary. I do have firewalls running on all the computers but of course this is just a set up at a home, companies must of course be more paranoid then me as they are targets of more attacks.
if you are outsourcing or cosourcing your new third party company will need access to your network via a vpn solution! I would recommend something like openVPN or have a decent firewall that includes VPN. Then the third party company has access to your network

for software remote management once on the network:

you could add VNC onto each server, or alternatively why not just use mstsc? if you are running windows server platform, if you need to remote on a client use remote assistance, but if for some reason you do not have enough CAL licenses for your infrastructure then look at dameware, very good tool and is free last time i checked. There is also remotely possible. We use Dameware and Remotely possible for our NT infrastructure for our 2000 and 2003 servers we use mstsc for remoting onto servers
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