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Yea, I am new

Yes., I am noty only new to this site but also new to web hosting in general. I used google sites to make a site to hold all my files for school and such and I really enjoyed sharing it with my friends and family. Now we all use it and my others to talk, load files up to and to help eachother with our work. I really enjoyed it so i decided that i would try and create a full on website as google has many restrictions as to the files and the use of HTML. I really hope to have fun with this and that it will blossom into something really great. I love computers and build them all the time but never really looked so much into software. i program using SCAR sql, which is amazing, and fun... you can look at my scripts here yes its awesome. I am also now trying to get into palm OS programming and HTML and all that. I hope to have fun with it. Okay thanks! Nice to meet everyone! Very Happy
Welcome to the site. I believe you will find the hosting here quite flexible. There are a few restrictions for security reasons, but not a lot.

When you say SCAR sql, I assumed you meant structured query language for databases. I looked at your scripts, and freddy's site, and it isn't clear to me. I would be interested in knowing more about the language. Do you know if freddy plans to release the source code?
I really don't know if he does. And all I know is how to use the program to script things to do them automatically for me. So far I have gotten neopets minigamnes horseisle games and a rappelz bot that was nullufied in like 4 days
Welcome to the forum site!
Enjoy your day at here.

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