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Do you are investing in Brazil?

Invest in Brazil?
A good moment
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A bad moment
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I don't know
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What is your feeling about investing in Brazil? Do you believe it is a good moment or bad momento to do this?
What kind of investment you're thinking about? I heard that investments in land is very interesting in Brazil, but unfortunately there are many restrictions for forignners..
Brazil appears to be a good investment lately. With the changes in socio-economic reforms over the past few years, the economy has dramatically changed for the better. Brazil now has oil exploration/sales, strong regulations in the banking industry and an expanding middle-class. Brazil appears to be almost self-sufficient by manufacturing companies producing locally rather than importing to a high degree. The latest I heard was that the banks have been closed for at least 2 weeks to prevent a sudden withdrawal of funds by account holders which could precipitate the economy to fall as in the US. However account holders can withdraw a set level of money on a daily basis (cash via ATMs) or use their cards for purchases but within limits and on-line banking transactions still open.

Another good improvement over the years is public transportation. What I have heard from friends who visited Brazil is that public transit is not only very efficient and clean, but it has an employment force that rivals many large corporations. For example: on each bus there is the driver and a person to "collect" the fares and if I remember correctly, some buses even have additional personnel to provide a better sense of security. Another effecient system used in their transit is "pre-paying" the fares at the bus stop. The passenger would simply go to the bus shelter and pay at the "entrance". When the bus comes, those on the platform have already paid, therefore no need to collect from them. Those who did not want to pay at the shelters would wait outside and pay when boarding. There is no financial advantage to not using the shelters, but the wait time is improved by not having to hold back the bus while others are paying. This results in short wait times for the next bus, less congestion on the roads as more people use transit than ever before, and countless improvements in getting "customers" to and from businesses.

If many countries improve their public transit by following the model used by Brazil, their economy may survive the current downturn.

One of the reasons I hear why people do not shop more often (besides unemployment) is that the travel to and from commercial businesses is hampered by good transportation. I am sure a lot of people would leave the car behind if they felt that they don't have to wait a long time for a bus to come or buses not being frequently crowded.

So back to the question about investing in Brazil? - yes, it is a good time.
I am not because I need money first to invest... Very Happy Very Happy
A year or two ago there was an incredible amount of foreign investment in Brazil - land and agriculture which I know about plus anything else commodity related. However the commodity bubble has popped and right now foreign investment in Brazil is based on commodity prices coming back. I think this is wrong for now and you will see another leg down in Brazil as these guys lose money and pull out as this downturn lasts longer than they expected.
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