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no COM port detected

hey i hav a p4 1.5ghz,,when i intend to load a software for connection to the net via my wireless fone using a serial data rs232 cable,,it says "no COM port detected, u cannot proceed with the install"

but when i look at the device manager settings,,i can clearly see com1 and com2 working properly status....any idea what is wrong? Shocked
What type of wireless phone do you have?

You might have to download a specific driver for your phones in order for your phone to work with your computer. I have a Motorla V300 which actually has a program that you can purchase separately in order to connect internet.
The problem is not that you don't have a port, it's that nothing is detected at the port. The error message is poorly written.
try to check the BIOS, you can activate and deactivate your ports. You can access the Bios with F10 or DEL (depents on the mainboard)
I know what is the problem with u. This same happened to me. U r connecting ur fone and usb port thru datable. So com port doesn't come in between at all. So install drivers for usb not for com. After that they will work . They will if they helped
You'd have better luck trying to use your mobile phone as a USB modem. What OS are you using?
com1 and com2 ports are mainly used by the keyboard,
mouse, infrared and sometimes the modem..

basically serial data rs232 cable has 2 kinds the 9-pin and 25-pin
you need to know basically what you are using
make sure that the device you connected on these cables
are turned on

i think there are specific rs232 cable for specific brands such
as panasonic phones etc.

also consider the operating system you are running on
so far XP professional with service pack2 makes things
easier for me because of its compilation of drivers which
easily detects and installs hardwares.

if nothing works out for you i suggest you add an additional
port for your hardware. you can add ports as many as you want.
On how to add a port just press F1 on your desktop and
windows help will come to the rescue.

I hope this helped you Wink
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