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Re Alcholic Help

hey guys

probably not the best place to post this, but I need help

My brother is an alcoholic and moved in with me a few months back. He was fine in the beginning only drinking one or too a night, and then last sunday he binged, finished almost an entire bottle of Vodka.

We have had a fight of sorts and now he has left.

My question is simple. How do you help someone like this? He gotten very depressed and doesnt want to do anything or go anywhere....

This is a very difficult question, especially since he is your brother. Think you need to look for counselling from professionals as to what to do and how to deal with your own guilt, as alcoholism is a disease and its consequences are deeply experienced by everyone surrounding the alcoholic. Be certain that you cannot reason with your brother when he is intoxicated. That would be one of the most futile things to do. When he is intoxicated it would be better to remove yourself from his company.

Below is a link in "" that may explain things for you, but talking to a counsellor that is a specialist in dealing with families of alcoholics, may be the wisest path to follow:

The above Webpage has a number of links for support groups that can be contacted.
thanks pal.

just needed some inpuit. hard to try to help someone who doesnt want to be helped.
I would have to agree with what has been said. I'd seek help and not try to solve it by yourself. Contact your parents, if you can, and/or try getting professional help. Just make sure things don't get out of hand too badly.
Just trying to help,

You did say guys but just thought I would write something anyway if that’s ok. Those two problems, drinking and depression are really closely related since people that drink are really only trying to change their state of mind, just they need to look at other ways to deal with it.

You can help by being yourself, using understanding with love (when people drink they really mess up so forgiveness is going to be needed) but you walk a fine line because you also must not be allowing behaviours even by denying him trust, just tell him so . . . because you wouldn't be doing him any favours if you aren't firm.

hope this helps in some way
you need 2 speak 2 a counceller about this
Just going on a binge does not make a person an alcoholic.
If you are certain that he is seriously in need of help then you will have to work very hard.

First ( even if you don't like the situation ) you have to get him to listen.
Get help - from friends, his friends, family .... who ever he listens to is best.

Understand that alcoholism is a disease.
It needs to be cured.
And the only person who can cure it is the one who is affected.

Keep telling him that its a disease.
Repeat it again and again

Get help from AA.

Best of luck
Remember; An alcoholic cannot drink one or two! They must stop drinking alcohol completelly!

Does he realize himself, that he is an alcoholic?
You better ask a socialist or a psychologist as it differs according to personalities and/or circumstances.

But mainly, try to find out why is he doing so or what made him depressed?! If you know why, you can solve it...

Good luck
So !! How are you faring with your brother?

A better question would be how is he faring?

Take care! Smile
you supposed to talk you brother , may be he has a big problem about him self or you family ..he need advise and comfort.
Sorry to hear about your brother,I have been married to and divorced from a alcoholic for over 20 years,drug of choice is vodka,first thing you need to understand is that alcohol is one of the worst drugs out there,legal or otherwise,it is a disease that requirers many battle fronts,there are medications available to help refrain from drinking,counseling and group meetings help but you need to find the root cause to the problem which is usually psychological in nature,good luck
Second demotion maybe you should ask help from others as i said a while ago , have to agree with what has been said. I'd seek help and not try to solve it by is the most important man.
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