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HP D5460 Software Package Question:

I recently purchased the HP D5460 inkjet printer and have to say I am in love with the quality and speed of print. However, there's one little issue...

I wanted to use the software that comes with it for labeling CDs. I can not find the program for that nor any of the diagnostic tools that typically come with a printer (on-screen ink levels, hardware info, etc.). It is not in the programs list, so I went to C:\Program Files (x86) and found the HP folder. When I go in the folder, there are a bunch of different setup.exe files, but none of them are really labeled as to what they actually install. I went to HP's site and got 0 help. I called HP's tech support and the guy was less than helpful... in fact, it was apparent that I knew more about computers than he did.

If anyone has a clue or can even point me in the right direction of a resolution, I will bake you cookies and love you forever.

My system is a Windows XP 64-bit
Contacted HP again today. Was on the phone for over 2 hours. The tech and her supervisor said, "The software is not supported in 64 bit" even though the HP website specifically says that it is. They even have the file for it (which doesn't work). As I was talking to both the tech and the supervisor, it was apparent that they knew nothing about computers or how they work.

I DID find, through my own searching, that it is installing it to C:\Program Files (x86)\HP as opposed to C:\Program Files\HP.

The (x86) is the 32 bit program files folder. I attempted to manually direct it to the 64-bit folder and it auto-redirected it to the (x86).

I would like to point out that the printer, as a printer, is working fine. But I have zero diagnostics. In addition, I can not use the CD label writer due to this software faux pas. I need both. The file that you would download specifically states Windows XP x64 and claims that the software suite is included in the file. The techs are completely unaware of what a software suite is.

So... ANY outside help on the issue would be full of returned love. Smile
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