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what do you do when your bored

so what do you all do when you're bored

i like to ride my mini punk bike (small bicycle)
i usually stare at the computer screen and wait for someone to pop-up and say hey.
I play minesweaper...
play guitar
i usually or playing the computer gta san andreas or watcing tv or something like that.
I will play CS.
Kill many many players Very Happy
I like to surf the net and post in forums. Wink
Think I spend too much time on the internet. Razz
play games, go to bed or surf internet. Wink
Usually I would make things on my computer, but my computer is broken
Crying or Very sad

On the other hand though, if it is broken I can buy a new one, a better one, and then buy a duale mother board and take everything I can take off my broken one and make one super computer!!

Twisted Evil

but then again, what will I do till then?
Crying or Very sad
I guess I have nothing else to do but to spam these boards, lol
Twisted Evil

(P.S just for legal reasons I don't mean spam... Razz)
I play video games - but only when there's no one else around. I play my video games like I watch movies - I can't do either of them unless I can be totally immersed, without anybody distracting me. Other than that I'm usually just working or doing school stuff.
that's a tough question.... i think most of the times when i'm bored I'll just sleep? or just stare and the computer and click wherever my mouse pointer goes.....
seanooi wrote:
... or just stare and the computer and click wherever my mouse pointer goes.....

hmm...maybe you should get some therapy....

lol j.k Laughing
I usually study when i'm bored...... ooh no, I just play videogames or football
Dark Ares
i go out and meet friends. If it is raining i stare at the computer too
I play PC, watch TV, sleep Very Happy
Watch TV and play online game Wink
I rarely get bored, but when I do I draw, read or watch movies.

And I like to play with some HTLM ...

Sometime, I even read scientific material. Yeah I know, I'm a freak.
It depends where I am.
Often I'm at school till 18:30 and only around 19:30 at home.

During a normal school day I've around 4 hours to spare. That means I'll use averagely 30 minutes to do homework and such stuff Confused
If I've finished that I go surfing the net, posting in forums (at the moment Wink ) or hanging around with some guys who also have free time.
Sometimes I start reading, listening to music or drawing pictures.

At home I do something at my computer (photoshop, flash games Wink or I go annoying my little brother Twisted Evil (he is nearly ten cm taller than I am now Sad )
I like to play some instrument...i play the guitar...the armonica...and the sax...
I have a rock music group...Our name is Jimiskelter...Anyone knows whats its mean??????? Question
Its about old music...about The Bealtes and The Rolling Stones
The only time I ever get bored is when the servers are down on the game that I play. When that does happen I go and get some food since it's the only time I get to eat hehe Razz
Dark Ares
htlm?? what is it? are you talking about html?
i am almost constantly home school stare at walls...sleep...*sigh* life... and yeah by "hltm" i'd assume, html, especially since most of us have websites, and hyper text markup language, is the most widely used basic webdesign language. and yeah, pfft who uses spellcheck Wink haha Razz lalala...
When I am bored, I would like to play. I log into games and start playing with other friends and compete them. or otherwise go out and play football in terrace...
When I'm bored it is because I must sit around somewhere and listen. And there is no possibility of doing something else. Otherwise I'm never bored. I always start doing something before it gets to that point.
usually sleep or play computer games
when i get extremly bored and photoshop.... guitar... or trumpet dont satisfy my needs... then i go out and try to build something out of scrap metal and wood.... right now im kinda working on a go kart off this lawn mower engine i found... 1.3 horse power baby. HELL YEAH! Cool
Don't have enuf time in one day to get bored.what i do these days is to find different ways to make my PC work for me,yeah thats rite

It would be nice when i get to graduate studies. Anyway some other useful stuff are working out,brainstorming with knowledge etc.
when i am bored,i online and chat with somebody or go the shopping,but more time ,i make dream to marriage my lover,and have a good life for ever
When I'm bored on my computer I play a lot of Popcap games and Zoo Keeper.
When I'm not on my computer I watch TV,play videogames,stare into space,or think up stories for games I will probably never finish.
i go on the comp
PLay Computer games or play musical instruemnts.. if all else fails.. then i hit the sack and sleep..
trying to do something, so that im not bored anymore...

i think i could do alot... but interesting is what abilitys i have...
if i have a computer i would do something with it... if there are games on it i would play them... if it has internet i would talk to friends...
i could go on like that...

but... these are the thinks i do most time if im bored
so.. Smile
Doing play online games, play java games on my cellphone and watch movies when im bored.
i like to listen to the radio
i do games,creating graphics...web design...reading books Laughing i love doing many things... Very Happy
What do I do when I'm bored? Well, I either: play games, work on my website, listen/sing to music, watch tv/movies, do homwork, read, swim, run/jog, chat on MSN, bike, snowboard (during winter), excercise, or something else constructive.Very Happy
I get a book and read (web development book),if not, maybe I'm sleeping.. Surprised
Surf internet and play CS
i just live it all and go out!! Usually with my girlfriend who can make me feel unbored:)
wen im bored sittin at home, i take my silly bikeand ride thru undone roads full speed in the rain with my mp3 player listenin to the likes of fatboy slim or chemical bros and darude and o yeah sting.

at other times i listen to mltr for a bit of a variation,,but the bike's still full speed. it givs me a blud-rush Twisted Evil

or i just sit idle and try to silence the deafening thoughts in my silent head
I might sound a little bir weird but I so seldom board that i can't tell you.
I'm usually so stressed or have so much to do that I don't have time to get bored.

Strange, i know Confused
I hear music or surf the net.Don't go out but sometimes i ride my XL1000V. Very Happy
I work on my computer, listen to music, or just go drive somewhere.
I like to drink something strong when I am bored and talk with my friends about idiot things and laugh a lot...
I also like to hear LOUD AND CLEAN metal sometimes....
When I'm bored I'll usually do something creative, like write a story (or, as is more often the case, continue writing a story that i never seem to get finished) or a poem.
I usually go for a peacful bike ride.

I find it helps me relax and clam down.
i usually go on my pc and play gta san andreas or ut2004 but now i play more boiling point
without my pc i would watch some tv or a video i have recorded or a movie i have on dvd i allways find what to do
heh well there are too much things to list. If i were doing thesame thing over and over when i get bored i would get bored doing that also Smile So I try to do as many different things as possible.
I watch Tv, work on my website (wich im quite proud of actually, learned html all by my lonesome :p), take a drive in my car (though the gas is really expensive now) or read scary books. Love it!
I also like watching movies and listening too music. So too sum it all up, im never bored, because I love what I do when I am :p
Ill play CS: Source, just stare at the screen, maybe watch some TV or even read a book :p
I have found a new thing to do when I am bored: Post here and watch my FRIH$ rise.
Rage Cage
I look play video games or chat for the most part. I also listen to a lot of music.
Well, I go to the beach and surfing Razz
You're just fishing for someone to say:

burn things

aren't you?
I watch tons of mindless sitcoms. Sigh.
matjash wrote:
I play minesweaper...

Mineweeper rules! lol

I usually just download stuff or play some random games which i download
When i am bored, i will play computer games.
When im bored i often go on msn, go out with friends, play games or just watch tv.
I play Chess when I am bored.. But that also bores me after a while!! Shocked and then all I do is sleep!! Laughing
wen i m bored i either talk to my frnds or play around with the computer or sometimes study wen exams are near Wink
When I'm really bored I play this putt putt game at

Try to beat my best score of 24
I go online ^-^ Sometimes I read books ^-^
Yuyiroquai wrote:
I usually study when i'm bored...... ooh no, I just play videogames or football
Yeah thats the spirit! Anyway i usually just download games and applications, and play around with them and then delete them. After that i come here to post IF there is anything to contribute. If im still bored then i will have a go at a sudoku and finally i will go and try make something that goes BOOM! NJOY
I would find a computer and go IE...
catching a basketball and play on the court.
reading bible.
and so on///
i hardly get any time to get boared...but even if i do get boared then ill listen to some of my fav music...and by the time the songs are over ill be having some or the other work...
i cant really just sit down and do nothing for a very long period of time. so usually i grab my bored and skate outside. but now that snow suddenly came in i just work out and practice breaking in my basement. other than that it's hang with friends, play guitar, sketch sum pictures or just browse online
when I am bored, I get a jar full of vasaline, a hankerchief, and head outside to polish my car. Yah she's a beut, 1989 chevy iroc with a lift kit and a body kit, blue coat with white trim. Just lookin' at it makes my knees turn to butter.

I usually play games. One of my hobbies is to compose FAQs/Walkthroughs to the games that I own. I currently have 3 FAQs out for the following games:

Tetris Attack (SNES)
Legend of Zelda: Four Sword (GBA)
Mario Kart: Super Circuit (GBA)

Recently, I've been learning pHp and trying to use it to create my own message board (thus me being here Razz )
I have either been playing my bass or Football Manager 2006.

Either way it's all good Cool
cs, programming, etc.
Play games and listen to musics . Usually I will chat with friends online. But , my daddy cancelled my broadband coz exam . Crying or Very sad
i will surf the net and find the latest news of Internet
i contemplate the 60hz refresh rate of my monitor under the fluorescent lights.
turn on my computer or...
just play CELLO Laughing
I'll look for cartoons or games to download, watch a movie or TV, or play a game.
I eat ; or I talk to people.
Clean the house or possibly watch television.
I eat ; or I talk to people.
Clean the house or possibly watch television.
i listen music. very hard music. sepultura, slipknot, and polsih underground bands. very positif
I either make quality images, Train on runescape and watch MATRIX! (I love it quite a bit 2 times a day :p)
Play computer games, might spend the whole day to play a game Razz Perhap, play online games to train my characters to level up. Watch TV, listen music..........
If I am bored at the weekend I just sit there doing nothing - then teh weekend seems so much longer!
The Thing is I am never BORED cuz i am always occupied with frens, computer , studies and all stuffs.........................................

But I think trying to make good animations by flash is what i do during leisure. I like using actionscript
Sorry It's somewhat Personal Wink Wink
I play guitar. Usually look for tabs online using google then try them out. There are a lot of really poorly made tabs out there.
Hello every body

I wanted to post something on this forum

I'm happy having the apportunity to get a free hosting

When I'm bored i sit in front of my PC and do a kind of Head breaking I meen try to solve a difficult problem by an algorithm!!!!*

It is a way to live isn't it Rolling Eyes
i play games Very Happy
watch a movie, download some music, something like that...
Fun....things. Or just sleep when i'm friggen tired
When I am bored I like to kick back, drink some tea or whiskey, depending, and boot up some civilization IV! Nothing like conquering the world to put a smile back on my face! Twisted Evil
when I'm bored I just get a pocket book to kill the time. I think I have read the same pocket book for over 5 times.
It depends what I'm doing really, if I'm bored with a task like working or something then I just switch off and throw myself into whatever the boring thing is and try to get it over with quickly!
If I'm bored because I have nothing to do then I get myself out of the house and pop around to friends houses to chat and get some third party input - real life is the best soap opera after all Smile
Virtual Villagers 3 FTW! It's good and entertaining. While VV3 playing on the background, I'll paly PES2008.
I do various things when I'm bored. What I do mainly depends where I am and what time it is.

At home: I text, play videogames, get on the computer, read random things around the house, etc. etc.

At school: I sit in my chair, put my head down and close my eyes and come dangerously close to falling asleep. lol. Or like in my French class, we have rolling-chairs (chairs with wheels), so I roll back and forth. (I did that today.) Or I merely stare at something till someone/something else snaps me out of it.
I'd get my hands on some novel .... i m addicted to fiction.
Since I'm an HS senior in the midst of college admissions, I'm practically never bored, but when I have a spare moment or two I usually read random blogs or watch TV shows I like that happen to be on.
When i'm bored , i'm sure going to face the pc or watching TV or even chat wif my frens Cool
When i'm bored, I go to my computer and play mindless flash games. Usually from Armor games. You can while away many hours playing bubble tank. Sometimes I play minesweeper. I can play until my hand ache. HAHA.
Play those game can only give me some fun.. Confused
But it cant make my hands itchy.. Sad
I word twist Rolling Eyes
I will smoke when I am bored,or call some friend to drink beers,or go to KTV sing some old songs.I think the best way to relax is singing loudly.but sometimes when I was very bored I just sleep and sleep ,nothing to do.when I waked up everything is OK.
Post messages on this forum and keep the points up!!!!
j_f_k wrote:
Post messages on this forum and keep the points up!!!!

so so true. I do the same but sometimes I look at the topics and wonder if I responded to them already....
I work full time and go to college full time... I don't have time to be bored. I used to have that luxury, but I have hardly ever been bored because I can entertain myself... I love math so I'll just do math problems.
"ok smarty pants, what do you do when you get bored, what do you do with your boredom?"

I love that song. Very Happy

But to answer...

I haven't felt really bored in a long time. I have way to many hobbies to ever be bored, especially that's combined with a really crappy, exhausting day at work. ^_^

When I don't have the energy to do anything productive, though, I read romance novels and comic books. Or play WebSudoku.
When I'm bored I:
1) Watch anime's.
2) Play Armagetron Advanced
3) Browse forums and blogs
4) Read poems or books
5) Watch movies
6) Get some music I never listened to.
7) Go in my garden and listen to the birds.
Or other things I have forgot. Smile
Klaw 2
play some computer game or type in "funny" or something like that in youtube and watch those films.
when im bored i expand my database of decimals converted to binry hex and octal :S

like this 100 - 0110 0100 - 64 - 144

im at 800 right now, been working 4 hrs straight :S
i got no life and it's all hand typed, no copying :S
Play Rollercoaster Tycoon!!111one!!
I surf the internet....good way to waste a TON of time.
I just go and do something different. Or lie on the floor, trying to relax.
I either sit at my pc starring at the screen or I sit/lie down on my bed and play my xbox 360.
When I am bored, that is normally because I am working on my homework from school.
I have extremely much to do nowadays, and find myself constantly working with school-stuff Sad

When I have time, I also work on my sudoku program, which I hope will get finished soon. But when I am bored, and have nothing to do (which is rarely), I usually play games from on my computer.
Motoracer380 wrote:
so what do you all do when you're bored

i like to ride my mini punk bike (small bicycle)

I like to play games on my Motorola mobile phone and sometimes visit the sea, sit by the seashore and watch how things are going all the time.

But, when I'm feeling more boring, I call some friend and ask him if he'd like to play football (soccer) with me to kill some boring Very Happy
Talking to people on MSN!
tell me what to do?
I.... COOK!

I love cooking, usually i'll just empty the pantry, make note of what i have and google something to create!!!!

... Made homemade truffles last night YUM!
I make a cup of coffee and smoke while listening to my favorite radio station (which rhey play the best music ever IMO) and just chill... or I update my blog or call a friend and ask him to go out somwhere for a drink... this is usually what I do when I'm bored.

I'm usually rarely bored when I'm on my computer. So many things to find, learn and do. Otherwise, I'll read or play guitar or something. I also cook random things as well when I'm bored.
Surf frihost...

*sips coffee*
i turn on to my psp and play fighting games. until i find it hard to defeat my opponent then i transfer on my computer play travian =)
Plays DotA or surfing the Internet~ Very Happy
i like to play computer games just just go through pictures of friends and family on facebook
I Usually Sit At the Computer and visit/ create .. Websites..!
Sometimes I go on You Porn .. !
I write. Or play guitar.
When i get boared, I used to Play chess in computer.
I can spend hours with my ham radio, douring day time. But ham radio goes
rush during night.

i like music and i hear music

I am tired of every thing i will go to sleep and dream!
Play World of Warcraft, or code programs..
I chat with my friends, watch a movie, go for a walk. I used to play video games before but I forgot about time and was scared when I realized that it is wasted… Sad Earlier I also used to read book, now I have free time to read only those books I need for my work… Rolling Eyes
Sometimes I work on my personal project, trying to learn that way as much as possible (software development). But as I do it at work… it also can become boring.
When I'm bored I often browse Facebook or throw in some Video Game or movie I've played before. I never really watch TV, unless I'm tossing on a DVD or something like that. Or I pick up my guitar and play a bit... it really depends how lazy I am at the same time.
bored? whats that?
I don't really get bored... Everytime I have the chance to sit down and do nothing, I feel guilty in some way, and I gotta start up something new.... Well, guess you can be bored WHEN doing stuff, but in that situation, I just bite the sour apple and get on with it! Razz
I rarely get bored, it's all about keeping active and doing something. I have lots of hobbies and resources though so it's easier for me than others. I can just go into my studio and start working on tracks or go out and do some photography. It's pretty varied.
if i get bored, ill take a walk and get some coffee and bread in our nearby coffee shop...
quando eu to entediado, eu fico escrvendo essas coisas bestas aki nesse post
I sit down at the Piano and play.
I play music, just go outside and take pictures or i go look for my girlfriend Laughing
I chat on different websites Wink
Click on every link on my bookmarks toolbar one by one until I get to frihost then realize my points are negative. Very Happy
I go to some networking site and do surveys, or I just keep on Stumbling...
My new favourite thing to do when I'm bored is browse Wikipedia! You never know what crazy information you can learn by clicking associated pages. You start learning about birds and end up learning about the magnetic field of the earth! Very cool for the curious such as myself.
read blogs! catch up on news, play games (WoW, Fall Out 3, Call of Duty 4), and stuffs.
Usually When bored I tend to sleep as thats the best one can do on getting bored. But if theres any other option I keep playing a single game a thousand times to bore myself more. There is a game "codename eagle" and it has a stage in which we have to fly an airplane to end the game i keep on flying that plane endlessly, crashing, stunting, firing, etc etc...
I go out, if I stay in i will get more bored... Going out I go to play basketball, ride my bike, take some pictures around, but if it is raining, i try to play some video game or what a good film... oh, w hat hard question to get only one answer, i do a lot of things and just try to rest my time sleeping...
I get on wikipedia and edit pages (always to its benefit Smile
bigdan wrote:
I play PC, watch TV, sleep Very Happy

same...... Very Happy
well when i'm bored usually i look for new stuffs in the internet
or start fighting with someone!
Mrs Lycos
I read mangas, books ,watch tv, go for a walk, play video games, study i think.
Hrm, I try to be pro active as much as I can, but when there's some time to kill, I blog or watch amusing videos.

as a matter of fact, here's one that ain't so funny.. but you'll still LOL because your dat bored.. Twisted Evil
Lol i know it may sound boring but i play with my rubiks cube. It's actually pretty fun! My fastest is 19 secs. Really easy solve, but my average is 32 seconds and under because i get 29,28 and 27's a lot! I also like to draw, make websites and just browse cool things on the internet. Or i watch tv for a while and then fall asleep. haha!
listen to music and look for music... or just play the piano and make my own music....
Motoracer380 wrote:
so what do you all do when you're bored

Learn from our favorite teacher:

Go to if it's a brief period between doing things, or go play ultimate frisbee.
I surf through frihost and search for topics like these ;]
krazeek wrote:
i usually stare at the computer screen and wait for someone to pop-up and say hey.

lol! Me too.
I go outside and terrorize the pedestrians. Twisted Evil
i usually read or watch tv or chat with my friend.
I chat on different websites or read a magazine Wink
Find as many hot girls as possible.
Kyohtee wrote:
Find as many hot girls as possible.

Like this one?
When I get bored I get bored!!

Doing nuthing and just thinking about anything or the other, now to overcome the boredom I usually open internet and chat with friends, make websites, pick up the bike for a stroll, etc. There are not many options available when suffering from boredom!
When I bored I like to do something that can forget the bored things . Forexample , playing games , watching TV , driving or sexing ...
flyfamilyguy wrote:
Kyohtee wrote:
Find as many hot girls as possible.

Like this one?

This girl is so hot . I like her.
Ooh I dont really ever get bored apart from while I'm working sometimes!
Can't do much about that then though so I just pretend I'm into it and count down the hours Laughing
Wow, I barely have enough time to get through my day. I haven't been bored (unless in class or on the subway or something) for years.
Like many other people who responded to this thread, I rarely have time to get bored, unless I just get sick of being busy busy busy, and just say "Screw all this stuff I'm supposed to be doing" and go to the library and curl up in a cushy chair with a book. Or I call up my girlfriends and gossip.
I play wow when I'm bored.
Play Grant Theft Auto 4! TRY IT!! Best game ever!
When I am bored, I usualy take a small or large nap(depends on boredom) to refresh myself. The yown comes automatically when you are bored. Very Happy
When I am bored I always go sit behind the laptop or behind the Wii. Im very addicted to fifa09 at the Wii. When I am to lazy to start the laptop or the Wii on, I just put on the radio and start juggling(I already do it for two years now) and getting really good at it.
Exactly this, forum browsing - but I never get majorly bored. I have too many things to do especially when I am at home. I am lucky enough to have the option of popping into my studio and producing some music or filming something or designing a new website.
Jack_Hammer wrote:
Usually I would make things on my computer, but my computer is broken
Crying or Very sad

On the other hand though, if it is broken I can buy a new one, a better one, and then buy a duale mother board and take everything I can take off my broken one and make one super computer!!

Twisted Evil

but then again, what will I do till then?
Crying or Very sad

[quote="Jack_Hammer"]Usually I would make things on my computer,[/quote}

umm make things?
I surf the internet hoping somebody will update it. RSS readers have highly increased my efficiency to a terrible degree.
i play online games whenever im bored
I get on FriHost and post. Didn't mean for that to rhyme. Other than that I like to cook.
When I'm bored I get nervous because I know there's always SOMETHING I need to be working on, and it must be done yesterday. However, if I had spare time, I'd paint, learn guitar, read, write my book (on hold now for 2+ yrs), brush up on PHP, and do web design.
When I'm bored I either watch anime, or play wow.. or work on my websites. If i get bored of those things i go to sleep
Watch TV and go to sleep Very Happy
4markie wrote:
Watch TV and go to sleep Very Happy

I do this but sometimes instead of watching TV I play games on PS3 or computer...
Sometimes I call my job to see if they don't need some help. It's not so fun to work but it's always better than being bored and it earns money:)

There's always a lot of things to do when your bored Very Happy
when im board i listen to music and read all of my RSS feeds

or make something in 3dsmax
I check my e-mail, then my facebook then surf a bit. If all else fails I take a nap.
Ah...facebook generally. Sometimes, if it's the right kind of boredom, I'll come here and see what I can find.

Otherwise, DVDs are a time honoured classic Smile
The list gradually changes, as I even get bored of the things that I use to distract myself.

E-mail, Facebook, recently Twitter, sometimes these forums...if I'm really bored, random Googling for things that I'm interested in to see what sites I can find.
When I'm bored, I read novels or life stories of successful people and businessmen. Also, I love listening to some good Hollywood and Bollywood songs to pass my leisure time. Surprised Cool
There has plenty of fun things to do. For me, I usually go out for watching a good movie, or if I could not go out, surfing the internet is one of the best things to kill time when I am bored. Sometimes I found many interesting things that I have never known before.

Just for some time, I am too bored to do anything. Smile
I like play kknd game.virtual war make me forgeting my bother,hehe.
Exactly the same things I do when I'm not bored.

I frequently have to kill time due to a situation that I'm in, but I rarely think of myself as bored. There's always something interesting to do.
when i get bore i used to spend my time with my pets or in my garden it really give me pleasure.
I like to play game at my computer or play with my pets when i get bore.
i am a nature lover person and i love to enjoy nature. when i get bored i love to spend my time with my pets or in my garden.
Nowadays, play games, watch TV or movies. I don't have the ability to read books when I'm bored anymore, since it reminds me of school too much.
Only boring people get bored.
Come here and post, of course.
i usually used to play games at my PC or do spend the time with my pets when i get bored.
reddit all day everyday is another option.
I start at facebook. When that is up I go on over to where I am a supervisor and I sit and listen to scanner feeds and such. If i'm bored with that I look at websites like or i'll start searching for music videos on youtube. After i'm bored with all that i'll just sleep or try and find a movie to watch.
When I'm bored I post here Razz

He, he, that's not true, I usually open facebook or twitter.
When I'm bored, I go to a walk with my dog. If the dog is sleeping, I go to other room to play some guitar or harmonica. Sometimes I just watch movies. No tv though, never anything good there.
I never get bored anymore, because there is soo much to do.

When I've finished my homework I start gaming or I update my website...

And since there have games come out like:
-Forza Motorsport 4
-Battlefield 3
-Call Of Duty: MW3
-Fifa 12

You can't get bored...
china manufacturing - china supplier - sourcing china
hang out with my friend, doing something silly, play around with my cats, etc:)
There's some things to to when you're bored

.Blink wildly and then close your eyes really tight for an interesting light show
.See how long you can hold a note
.Try to not think about penguins
.Use your secret mind power
.Pretend you're a robot
.Scratch yourself
.Rate passers by
.Repeat the same word over and over until it loses its meaning
.Pinch yourself
.Try to swallow your tongue
.Pretend to be a car
.Make Star Trek door noises
.Look at something for awhile, shut eyes, study after image
.Get yourself as nauseated as possible
.Invent a weird twitch
.Make a low buzzing noise
- listening music
- watching something
- meeting friends ...
If the dog is sleeping, I go to other room to play some guitar or harmonica. I frequently have to kill time due to a situation that I'm in, but I rarely think of myself as bored. There's always something interesting to do.

I will switch on music in mobile phone, and read some random book
when i fell bored i do work, painting or work on my site Smile it depends on my mood what i what to do
Since I have no job, practicly sit around and play on my laptop but the power adapter fried soo..... Read a book, watch tv and go outside and walk.. Since I have no friends here in Michigan. It can be tough for me.. >:C
I am so busy, so I am never (officially) bored. >Very Happy
But I do get... ah what do you call it? well anyways I do get quite tired with some of my tedious busy work, so if I have a chance to, I usually read a book, watch some anime, read some manga, work on my website, draw, watch youtube videos gosh there's so many things to do! I think it's quite obvious that I'm a huge procrastinator.
if i got little bored, ill turn on my PC to see whats new on facebook.... or ill do surfing the net...
Newspaper really help me,,when i bored,
When I'm at home just play GTA vice city and kill all with some heat codes. If it cant solve sleeping is the final option
When I get bored I try to find some friend to talk or anyone from my family to talk specialy kids for making my self happy.
when i am board i want to go out side for some fresh air and also i like to play with my kids
Play online Cricket game.
Some times i use to go on visit to some old friends or some times on long drive.It depends on mood.
Word. Sleep. LOL
My take on killing boredom is understand the underlying reason. Why do you get bore when there are zillions of interesting thing to be engaged in the work.

I'm so busy that I don't have time to get bore.
When I'm bored, I read some tweets on twitter and retweet those I liked. I also read some stories to kill time. Sometimes, I'll just listen to music while searching for some anime pictures.
I go to my desk and start to build a plastic kit, it´s my hobby!
when i feel bored, i will get my tools and start fixing or checking my cars.
Only playing some online games Embarassed
Hey guys have you tried mario portals Very Happy I'm playing it now
watch movies or stay with my friends Very Happy
Scramble with friends!!! Or eat. or sleep. I'm a pig haha.
Will certainly encounter many unpleasant things in our lives, all of you how to do it, tell me share with you?
Will certainly encounter many unpleasant things in our lives, all of you how to do it, tell me share with you?
Here to share our troubles situation, to see if we can help to you!
Will certainly encounter many unpleasant things in our lives, all of you how to do it, tell me share with you?
The minute I realise I'm bored, I put myself together as a reminder that time is as valuable as gold.
listen music, play CS /
i have nothing else to do when i am bored, i just sleep all the time and make myself free from anything....
I post at frihost, of course.
in most of my time when i got bored, i dont know what to do so i get even bored..
but, time to time, work on my html/css template skills , or google random on stuff, read stuff...go out and do stuff.. until i get bored again Very Happy
Most of my days are spent writing games, so when I get bored, I go for a walk for an hour or two. I also read a lot.
i try to go out side like in some shopping mall and do window shopping.
When I gets bored - usually checks all the random memes Very Happy
They are awesome!
arrgghh... Direct I get bored when I'm home ... dai'll watch a movie, see a show, playing a video game, surf the internet ... Now when it gets bored doing all that I decide to leave home, go home with someone, a relative, a friend, or somewhere with lots of people, eat something, drink something with my wife .. I usually do this in the presence of God, hear good music, go to church.
I play chess, write, perhaps do some programming. I also watch a lot of TV series and movies. I listen to music, surf the internet, sometimes read a novel. Basically, a lot of things.
As you're boring, you can always look back eagerly to the time when you were not boring.
It will help you to return out of boredom.
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