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Big bang machine

Professor Brian Cox visits Geneva to take a look around Cern's Large Hadron Collider before this vast, 27km long machine is sealed off and the experiment begins.

When up and running, it is capable of creating the conditions that existed just a billionth of a second after the Big Bang. Brian joins the scientists who hope that the LHC will change our understanding of the early universe and solve some of its mysteries.
It is certainly a very exciting project. Whether it will solve any mysteries of the universe is uncertain, but it may disprove a few theories.
I can't wait to see what scientists will learn from the LHC. It just needs to stay in working order for a bit to really see what it can do.
This machine could very well explain large amounts of unknown physics concepts. It is a huge project but should produce huge results.
This Hadron Collider is so fascinating!

I don't think that they will discover the secrets of the universe, but I have a sneaking suspicion that they will discover something that will trigger the next big advance in science.

All it takes is someone to look at it from the right angle...

Fingers crossed.
It is a no loose situation.
If they find the Higgs then the standard model is correct and our picture of the universe is improved.
If they don't find the Higgs then the standard model is wrong and there is therefore a huge amount of new physics to be done.
I know many physicists who are hoping for the latter since there is nothing a physicist likes better than a new question to have a crack at...
So after so many days of Big Bang experiment i dint heard anything amazing news about it, like scientists got something ..etc etc.
Well, instead of this experiment i would have suggested scientists to invent Time Machine.That would have solved all our problems,Future and past Smile.
We would have got each and every information about our selfs.
what do you think about my suggestion?
Cool Razz Razz Razz
It will take them months before they will have analysed any of the data collected, and years before they will have analysed all the data.

They will have to test and re-test data, and link it back to theories.

Just because we haven't heard anything, doesn't mean there isn't anything going on!
the big bang created our planet
I heard that its going to create a minature black hole as small as your thumb. It can't suck anything in at that state and will simply evaporate in a second. Black holes evaporate faster the smaller it is.
I'm glad it didn't create a black hole that has eaten us up. I heard that they couldn't take a second test because it got destroyed somewhere on the tube, something had loosen or something.

I hope they will find information and then try to use the money on the future, how to stay alive for instant. The universe was created, we need to try and keep it alive.

Why is like the most important question? I think that our future is interesting too, like what happens after we die and before we are born. Razz Oki, now I'm just babbling on.

Interesting project, but there are more interesting things out in the world, at least for me.
Read up on String Theory.

Read the book The Elegant Universe.

If the Large Hadron collider succeeds and does what they expect, we might find the graviton, or the Higg's Boson.

We can then prove that gravitons move through more dimension than ones that meet the eye.

There are many serious repurcussions of the LHC
I think it's funny that people invested so much money into this project. I personally don't see what good will come out of this. All it's going to do is destroy/create more theories that no one even really needs to know about (they usually don't benefit anyone with an IQ lower than 120--which is most of our population). At best, 21 million dollars have been invested into a machine that will cause nerds to die happy. At worst, a black hole will be created larger than expected and we will have a major problem on our hands. I can only see this machine giving nerds sexual pleasure and nearly killing half of France's population.
I'm not saying it won't help us in some way, I'm just saying that, personally, it doesn't seem like a good idea. I feel as though another group of people has just wasted $21,000,000.
What is the Large Hadron Collider about and how does the experiment works? I'm interested to know more about it... Since everyone's comments in this topic seems to already know what it is...
mk12327 - The LHC is the most powerful particle collider constructed so far. It will smash particles together more energetically than ever before.

There will be more than one experiment. By smashing the particles together with so much force, physicists hope that hitherto undiscovered particles will be detected that will prove or disprove much of modern particle physics.

One such particle is the Higgs boson (the so-called God particle). The theory is that it is the Higgs boson that gives particles their mass. Physicists think that the LHC may be powerful enough to produce these particles. If that happens then the Standard Model will be put on much more secure ground as, currently, there are many unanswered questions about it. If the Higgs boson is not found then it will cause a major re-think. As was said earlier, either way there will be some exciting physics as a result of the experiments.

Other experiments will concentrate on gravity. Quantum Theory says that gravity should be mediated by a particle which physicists call the graviton. Although it is highly unlikely that gravitons will be detected directly, there are some theories concerned with gravity that involve other dimensions and this is what the experiments will look for. If there are indeed other dimensions then the LHC may be able to detect particles known as Kaluza-Klein modes. These are the detectable signatures of particles moving in a higher dimension. However, not many physicists think this will happen.
Nice explanation Doc.
Anyone interested in the extra-dimensional model could do worse than check the superstring site below:
(That's not an endorsement - I'm still sceptical - but it is a rather interesting hypothesis)
I have a question about this Big Bang Machine :
- Does it exactly replicate the Big Bang, i.e. does it create time and space
- If so, HOW?
_AVG_ wrote:
I have a question about this Big Bang Machine :
- Does it exactly replicate the Big Bang, i.e. does it create time and space
- If so, HOW?

As we create machines of higher and higher energy levels particles begin to enter states like those they would have been in near the beginning of the universe. The LHC has far far far too low energy to replicate the big bang. The energy of the LHC is only 7 GeV. Cosmic rays colliding with our planet have orders of magnitude more energy than this.
LHC is a very great project... yes it may solves many issues, but guys, the dialectical materialism is the an important and effective way to explain and understand the is a fundamental general rule... I hope you read about it.. Imagine that Karl Marx expected a crises in the globalized capitalist system before 150 years! this is according to the dialectical materialism... the hydrogen bomb works according to it too... Dialectical materialism was discovered by Marx and is not a theory... When you understand it you can easily understand many things including the big bang as an example...
Although this is a breakthrough in science, we haven't heard too much about it lately (sadly). I'm hoping it helps explain soo much ... I also heard it could help cure some diseases (dont ask me how) but that's what I've heard. Hopefully there is an update in the news soon or something.
niice, so this thing's finally up and running? i've been hearing about it for the past year or two
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