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Pen drive data recovery Software ?

Are there any free Pen drive data recovery Software ? or even good one to buy which works ?
dude_xyx wrote:
Are there any free Pen drive data recovery Software ? or even good one to buy which works ?

I doubt it, data on pen drives is stored in similar way as normal devices. The general technique used by data recovery softwares is to scan the media, make sense of fragments since the partition table is lost in most cases and try to guess what chain will connect where. I don't there are specialized software to recover from Flash drives, there are specialized companies however who can recover data from different media using advanced techniques which involve connecting to hardware directly at chip level and recovering fragments of data in case the access interface to actual storage is damaged. If you can still get your drive detected then access interface is probably fine, you might want to give a try using

ontrack data recovery software. They support majority of filesystems and have a trial version available, you can buy it if it does what you want it to do.
I checked few but it seems none are working well. recovering from a pen drive seems next to impossible.
well i too think so that retrieving data from pendrive is difficult one but i say better have a google search
Agent ME
A great program (and free/open source!) I've used is PhotoRec. I've personally tested it and had it recover images and text files fine. It also supports a good amount of other formats, so try it and see what it can recover from your flash drive.
Even i was looking for something like this

looks nice Very Happy ...will give it a try

Try smart recovery its recovery all data deleted and format
I think there is a free utility on the websit from sandisk where you can download such soft.
check it out
Well, it depends on what you call "recover tool", for most of us backing up important documents and recovering damaged files is part of recovering process. You can do this with some kind of Linux Live CD installed on a USB Stick, like Knoppix and his junior DSL.
BUT, I would recommend Milax, which is available for pendrives.
You can download milax for USB (139MB) at:

After downloading you'll want an installation script:

And you can install it with a simple command:
(albuferque@milax)$ pfexec ./usbcopy milax03.usb

You can find more information at:
It's trial but:
Review by Ian Richards at

"There are several free utilities that can recover files accidentally deleted from hard drives but I've long been seeking one that works with files accidentally deleted from flash memory in digital cameras, MP3 players or USB drives.
Thanks to a suggestion from subscriber Adam Smithee that search is now over. Recuva is a free utility from the makers of the highly regarded CCleaner. Not only does it recover files deleted from flash memory it also works for hard drives as well.
Recuva of course cannot undelete files that have been written over or are stored in physically damaged sectors. However its ideal for recovering those precious holiday photos immediately after you accidentally erased them. Free beta, Windows 98-Vista, 211KB."

Razz Razz Razz
actually pendrive is for data transfer and data recovery is not possible but still better u can search on yahoo .. i think it will help u.. best of luck
there are many out there but never tried any as yet. do let us know what u have selected in the final part and is it worth it?
Well There are soo many and I tried soo many software and none worked. So i gave it up.
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