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Me and my fiance seem to be bickering more often. I was in shelter for a while, and I have moved into my new apartment. The seperation was unbearable. Is it stress?
Difficult to say with so little info but since you meantioned stress could be a factor. There will always be stress some good some bad. Just really guessing here. I know moving can be unsettling. In a short while you may feel more evened out for more positive routines?
Every couple bickers. Some more than others. And separation is always a bane for relationships. Somehow the frustration of not being able to see each other comes to vent itself in form of quarrels and arguments but the point is to look beyond small things like these and keep in mind just how much the other person means to you.
Every couple bickers from time to time, especially if you spend a lot of time together. We all take things out on the ones closest to us really so I don't ever believe it when people say "we never argue".
Where's the passion in a relationship that never has downs as well as ups?!
Bickering all the time is a bit pointless though, and if its always about minor petty disagreements, then maybe you should question if you have enough in common to be together?
Whatever the situation and outcome though, good luck with it all and hope it turns out well in the end.
It has to be more than just bickering if you're trying to avoid him by getting a new apartment. That just seems like you aren't committed enough.
It depends on about what you two are fighting about. I mean I know about the thing with taking out stress on the ones closest to you, but in situations such as these I usually try to just talk it out with them. She does the same to me, and we release this stress pretty harmlessly. And yeah, we've never argued, for the 10 months since we'retogether. Had some serious talks about the relationship, not always bright and happy ones. Had some tears. But we never fought or argued. Always talked.

I still think that communication is the true key in any relationship. Sometimes it's really hard to talk about anything with the person closest to you. I know it is for me because I'm afraid that she might understand me wrong (about having more time for me or about the feeling that she's ignoring me to be with her friends, I just had to add that it doesn't mean that I want her all to myself or anything, that I just would really appreciate some more time with her so she didn't think Im some sort of obsesive type).
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