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Large or Small?

Which do you all prefer? Small or Large dogs? Big cats or small cats?

I have a small dog, she is perfect for my apartment. i have had her for 3 years now. She is a tried and true testimate to my family. She does not have a nasty bone in her body. We love her.
I like it medium...
hmm i would say a small dog because it would be nice to have a dog in your lap and such. Then they can also cuddle with you when you sleeping Smile
I always like Large Dogs Very Happy
they are more smart Wink
and cats demand more affection,
as they say...
"dogs have owners, cats have staff"
Large dogs indeed.

Sheppards mostly since I prob wouldn't want any other breed besides a
- German sheppard
- Terveuren
- Mechelaar

Not the biggest dogs, but they have that OOMPFF if it comes to work, agility, courage and speed.
I would never take a dog above 35 kg's though.

For beauty well that's a whole different matter but I still stick to the sheppard then, the "Old German Sheppard"
Here's a pic of one of my dogs:
Large dogs are definitely better. They're more easily trained, first of all. I can let my dog outside and know that he won't go off the property, and that he'll come back as soon as I call him. Large dogs are also more fun to play with. You can't really push around a small dog, you might hurt it. And a lot of small dogs can't even fit a tennis ball in their mouth.

If you want something small to sit in your lap, get a cat. They don't bark and bite all the time, and they're usually more affectionate.
I like cats, big or small, which can be verified by all 5 of my cats, if you asked them. Razz

But I like dogs as well, we have a really small white one and a tall skinny one.
I like medium size dogs... When I'm at my grandparents house, they have 5 small yorkies (spelling?) and I feel like im going to step on them. They always get under your feet, I have no idea how no one has stepped on one yet

Dogs that are too large can be hard to control, if they have their mind set on chasing something, there is little you can do to stop them. Large dogs can be very strong, so they are fun to play with.

I have a medium sized dog that I can still control is need be Smile
I like a somewhat larger/medium dog like a Labrador. They're pettable and don't look like an upgraded rat to me Razz. I'm not that fund of the little ones. Besides, I'm pretty large myself so the little ones and me just don't really match.
I prefer larger dogs, mainly for protection, sure the smaller ones are cuter and i love them but the bigger ones i find more useful for security purposes. I love my rottweiler and my weirmaner
I lived with both: big dogs and two chihuahuas, in different time. They were very different by behaviour.

Small were aggressive to other, especially big dogs, who were offended by this and nature or training didn't allow all of them make any hint on hostile reaction, just looked at her, as if she was was behaving not properly. While understanding possible reasons (insecurity), being in constant presence of scandalous person was highly unpleasant.

Similar reaction was on people: chihuahuas defended apartment by throwing themselves forward repeatedly and loudly barking, if somebody walked stairs outside apartment, or visitors come. They were very vigilant and demonstratively barked time from time of family members, while wiggled tails for the owner. You know how such behaviour would be evaluated for humans.

Big dogs were tolerant, considerate, well behaved, no particular problems. Before I never attributed this to the size, just to personality, but you may be right.

Now have cat, rather small. He is also dominating and tries obedience training for humans Very Happy .
Always wanted the 20 kg cat (forgot, which breed it is), who lives 20 years. But the second cat in the same household with current one is out of question.

I still think that it is rather complex of appearance, behaviour and compatibility with owner is important, not size.

If I could, I also would have a couple of big guard dogs for security purposes and pomeranian to sit in armchair.
my pomeranian eats his poo, besides that I have no complaints about him
If we're talking about dogs, then small is my way to go. I want to be able to carry it around and have it around the house. Smile
Large breeds... i hate ankle biters honestly... i have a pit boxer mix and grew up with rotties.. dogs that get a bad reputation are usually the sweetest if they are trained correctly
Big dogs small cats!! Rolling Eyes
With cats, the size doesn't much matter.

Dogs; well, medium to large dogs are FAR better Razz Small dogs are a pain in the arse.
Large dogs and large cats for me. I have a 80# yellow lab and a 17# Norwegian Forest cat.
Small dogs because there good lap dogs Very Happy
I prefer big dogs because they can guard house.
I don't like the really little dogs. They tend to be annoying and can't protect your house. Bigger dogs are nice but some of them are too big. The really big ones tend to sit around more than the medium sized dogs.
I am a animal lover, so the size, shape, breed, disability doesn't matter to me. Exclamation
i like small CAT (KITTEN)
i like big dogs
big dogs????
large, prolly. But i wanna have a small puppy and watch it as it grows over the years.
We have a great dane, and she is a great dog. Lots of energy, but also loves to hang out on the couch. People always complement her when she walks by.
Large & Small dogs and Large cats. I don't like small cats, they bore me to death. Dogs are way too cute and large cats look way to cool. If a tiger could be trained, I would be having a tiger as a pet or a security gaurd for my house
I love big dogs Very Happy They should be brave, strong and loyal. It's quite strange that they are too small.
Well, large dogs. But only for houses with yards, not for flats.
It's nearly unanimous on this thread...LARGE DOGS!
I like large dogs
Medium sized dogs
Large is better then small, i always prefer the large not small.

What you say about it.
If I was to ever get a dog it would have to be a big friendly labrador type or if I ever had the room, my absolute favourite, a huge Newfoundland with a silly but gentle nature.

I haven't got a dog because I wouldn't want to leave it all day while I'm working, and I know walking it daily would become a chore to me after a while (winter etc) so it wouldnt be fair to the dog. I'm not into picking massive dog poo up in a plastic bag and carrying it to the next bin either, not that I'm particularly squeemish but it's not something that sells having a dog to me.

My cat, however, costs minimal 's to feed each week, does her poo in someone elses gardens, is easy to play with (bits of string and the like), and show's loads of affection after a day at work which always puts a smile on my face Smile

So my answer... Small friendly cat
great danes are awesome dogs. They have a good temperament and are social. Little dogs are like yappers, kind of annoying.
I small dog is the way to go, especially when considering my living arrangements. They don't eat much, they don't make a lot of poo, They don't have a smelly litter box, they don't drool too badly, the damage in minimized, and they can't knock you down when they are excited. They don't dirt dirt all over you clothing and they have a permanent cute factor. I would like to get a little wiener dog, as soon as I can afford one.
Smaller then a bear, bigger then a chimpunk...
Actually, I like small and large!
I like small dogs, as it were ... "Compact dog" and also prefer kittens.
Depend that kind of person you are...

I like all type of dogs may be it big or small. In case of cat I like the small one.
Big ones can be scary Smile Small ones can be amusing Smile The ordinary size you like to rub the fur, that is not the published question.
Bonesy wrote:
Which do you all prefer? Small or Large dogs? Big cats or small cats?

I have a small dog, she is perfect for my apartment. i have had her for 3 years now. She is a tried and true testimate to my family. She does not have a nasty bone in her body. We love her.

cat are usallly the same size unless you have my cat which is verrrrrry fat
the large one is easy to find...
kentchui wrote:
the large one is easy to find...

Think abt it biting. Right here on frihost Rolling Eyes
large dogs are harder to cuddle too hard
I like both, but each one has a way to go. Like, small dogs are to be inside home (some of them) so they are for people who wants dogs or cats inside the house
bigger dogs should be outside, but they are so beutifull and strong (: really appreciatte it
small because they can destroy not so much as a big cat
i always large dog
i always small cat
the best
I like large dogs.
I can't do anything with small dogs.

My female dog is a Rottweiler x St. Bernard mix. She's huge and I love that.

The male is a bit smaller, a Akita x Labrador dog. But I absoltutely wanted to have him. He's an old buddy and he's a bit weird sometimes, but a real sweetheart.
Well it definitely really depends on the size of your house or living space, but I definitely prefer large.
Ahm small,,, small cats and dogs because they are cute
Smaller pets. Less likely to break things and/or scare people.
yeah small dogs are cute
For dogs I tend to like bigger dogs because most large dogs I've come across are quite friendly and they like to just lie on your. I also like giving them hugs and because they're bigger and stronger you can give em a good squeeze.

I don't mind smaller dogs but most of them are very skittish and that just annoys me...

For cats I've no preference towards big or small. Small cats are kind cute (my family has two) and big cats can be goofy or stuffy or grumpy (we have 4 bigger cats). With cat's its more about the personality. It can also be about the colouring too.
large defiantly
large, but not danger dogs... some nice, friendly big dog i would like to have
Large Dogs, mainly Husky and German Shepherd.
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