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shall i give up or adjust for the changes...

Me and my boyfriend were celebrating 7th monthsary..but i feel unhappy and i have so many confusions in my mind.. that, after of what happened to us.. after i gave him another chance to continue our relationship.. still there are some part that makes me feel he's not worth it! coz i think he's tired of me.. Sad i'm always there to take care of him.. but sometimes.,i'm thinkin that he never really appreciate what i'm doin.. i love him but..there's something i him that hurts me.. he's not the type of person that you can talk or open-up whatever things comes in your mind.. i mean like.. planning for some make life happier,or just talking about your future.,,or even.. heart to heart..
he mostly like to hazzle his mind onto different things like his friend's problem.. which makes me feel dismay..coz he's not interested to talk about the two of us,.,it really bothers me.. shall i give up..?
What do i do? by Bluedoll

Leiann, you asked two questions. The answer to the last one is never. Never give up in anything because if you do it, accomplishes nothing and just gets to be a habit. So if you feel you are at turning point in your life just move in that direction.

It could mean changing things in your relationhship or it could mean leaving but changing something is inevitable.

The other question you answered yourself. How is my relationship going? Seems not so great Leiann. You gave the reasons too.

My Advice:

Maybe there is something you can try or do to change it. Like you said, you feel not appreciated even though you are helping him? Stop helping him. Just cut that off really quick and do things for yourself.

Get busy, live your life, forget his stuff, talk to other people, find your outlets, do things and think about things you are interested in and make your life the way you want it to be. In doing that everyday, if you find yourself still with him and feeling good about it, you'll know. If not just go go go.
If I was in a relationship with someone that didn't appreciate me even if I helped them out then I would see the end coming really quickly, I don't need assurance all the time that I'm great and such but if I'm with someone that doesn't even talk to me then I'll be pissed.

Sounds to me that you try your best to make him happy and become unhappy yourself, as bluedoll said, try to make time for yourself and make yourself happy. Do you really love him? or does it feel like love because you care a lot about him? I had one boyfriend which I said I loved, but I knew that we would never work and that it only was a fling

Seven months, that isn't much is it? it can seem like that if you maybe haven't been in long relationships but there exists longer relationships. I was with one for three years, then with another one for nine months, then with someone for six months and now I'm with someone for three months, the last one is the one for me. I became better at seeing if my relationships would end happy or be something that I would be tired off in the end. the last one I was with before my current boyfriend was perfect too, but he was to narrow minded, and I can't be with someone that never wants to think in another way.

See how you feel about him, would he want to change to make you happy or is everything about him?
A relationship is about two people who enjoy being together, and if you don't enjoy being with him and you feel like your relationship with him isn't making you happy, then it's time to move on.
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