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My own parody lyrics

I write (bad) song parodies every so often, and thought I'd post the lyrics here. I can not sing (at all), but I can always hope somebody else uploads their 'cover' of it to youtube or something, heh.

To the tune of Handlebars by The Flobots

I can stomp gombas with no powerups
No powerups, no powerups
I can stomp gombas with no powerups
No powerups, no powerups

Just play me, just play me,
Twenty feet in the air and it's good to see
Three lives - And I'm a famous plumber
Even when the screen scrolls horizontally
I can show you how to bump a block
I can show you how to disarm a koopa
I can take a trip in the green warp pipes
And I can almost dodge that annoying blooper
I can fly a lot in a racoon suit
I can tell you about kuribo's boot
I know all the spots to hide red coins in
And I've even found some blue ones too
Me and my brother saw the level's end
Me and my brother made a dino friend
And guess where I might send
I can ride any world that I like, to defend

I can cross pits with no clown copter
No clown copter, no clown copter
And I can see stone move with no hard liqueur
No hard liqueur, no hard liqueur

Just play me, just play me,
Just grabbed the coins and it's good to me;
Four lives - In such a long game
All grown up with a 'shroom to eat
I can make money open up the hard floor
I can keep on living even take a hit
I can play a Nintendo sixty four
Health up to six now, and then heal it
I can make new 'triple then wall jumps'
I can ground pound and change the tree stumps positions
I know how to speedrun a level
and I can earn points with enemy clumps
Big boos, Birdo and magikoopa
Me and my 'shrooms reduce them to stupor
I see the palace that controls the switches
I can win anything with no tricks or glitches

'Cause I can spawn at checkpoints indefinitely
Indefinitely, indefinitely
And I can destroy foes with a fireball
With a fireball, with a fireball

Just play me, just play,
Jumping and I won't stop
And it feels so good to have a spare flower up top
My highscore is HIGH, my special zone braved
My bowser is goodbye, my princess is saved
I can suffer through a million fan recreations
Or sue 'em all broke from copy violations
Help all the toads with incarcerations
Ignore the whole thing as 'imagination'
I can make anybody go to my score
Just because they're worth 100
And I can kill ANYONE in Super Smash Bros
I have the whole world know my moustache

Because I can kill by touch with a starman
With a starman, with a starman
And I can hit a target even off the screen
Even off the screen, even off the screen

And I can wreck the level in a mega-form
In a mega-form, in a mega-form
In a mega-form, in a mega-form
In a mega-form!

I can stomp gombas with no powerups
No powerups, no powerups
I can stomp gombas with no powerups
No powerups, no powerups
Very Happy Funny enough
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