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Feedback wanted for my online store

I've checked my website in Forefox and IE7, and could really do with some feedback regarding how it looks in other browsers.

My url is

I still want to do a bit of 'fine tuning' to my layout, but if it's ok in other browsers I'll be happy to get my e-store open.

I'm also up for constructive criticism. I've been aiming for a simple, clean look.

Thanks in advance
I took a look in Firefox 3.0.3 on a Windows XP machine. I like that you aren't afraid of whitespace, but I don't get a good sense of the hierarchy of information. Everything looks like it's about the same. Also, some of the titles aren't particularly enlightening. For example, you have "Pendants 1" etc. Will this change before you go live?

Back to the hierarchy, I'm trying to decipher what products are in what categories. I see there is just one category currently, the pendants and that everything on the page is a pendant, but it also seems that they're not all the same. This is where I'm getting lost. What are the subcategories? If they're all the same category (no subcategories) I would put three items on every line and clearly associate the title with each. Perhaps put each photo and title in a box?

If and when you take this live, I highly suggest getting your site listed in Froogle, Google's shopping search.

Good luck with your site!
Thank you for your input, it's really appreciated.

The home page is just temporary to give an idea of what I'll be selling. It will be changed when I go live.

I'm thinking of changing the hierarchy. The pendants currently have two sub-categories - gemstone and wood. I'm thinking of splitting the gemstone pendants but can't decide whether to categorize their shape or gemstone type. I've got more pendants to add so I need to make my mind up soon. I just put a few items in before I got too much of the layout done so I could get an idea of what it looked like.

I may be adding bracelets and earrings which will mean adding a top category of jewellery.

There are more categories to be added - crystals which will be split into sub-categories. I also plan to add more shamanic items in the future.

I think I need to put less items on a page and I also need to add a note to click on the image for more details.

I thought of having them in rows of three with a thumbnail image and short description in a box, and if the consensus is to have it that way I will change it.
woundedhealer wrote:
I'm thinking of splitting the gemstone pendants but can't decide whether to categorize their shape or gemstone type.

What do others who sell this type of thing do? Looking to your competitors is a good step in deciding how to take your own site. Also, how would a customer typically look at the division? If you can figure that out, it will keep you a step ahead.

For what its worth, I, an untrained and not knowledgeable at all about these things, would think gemstone type as shape holds little meaning for me. However I can see a case for shape as you could then say "This pendant also available in amethyst!" Maybe would be a good sales tactic.

In any case, good luck with your site launch.
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