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Everything you need to know about relationships.

they don't work. deal with it.

(go on, shower me with counter examples, on the long scale love cannot last.)
It's worth it, though.
(go on, shower me with counter examples, you won't find something better than love.)
haha, well what can you say to that? Its just a personal opinion obviously stemmed by your own experiences.

It obviously does last for many many people out there, i don't really think there is a need for an exact example. Confused
The-Nisk wrote:
they don't work. deal with it.

(go on, shower me with counter examples, on the long scale love cannot last.)

Don't be so pessimistic lol. Perhaps they often don't work in the western world, because instead of coming with an attitude that the other person won't be perfect and won't look like a model and that they will have to make sacrifices to make a relationship work. Maybe it's because people tend to cheat.

But, there can be good relationships where people are faithful, and that work. Sure there may be a few falls, but no-one is perfect.
Relationships maybe are a necessary evil for humans. They won't work because we never want to sacrifice enough of ourselves for the other person. We never trust them enough, even after many years of marriage, thoughts come to creep up, we start to live our nightmares. Even the people who are together for a long, long time seem... just plain old. Their relationship seems to have lost passion, and we all know how passion soars in the beginning of a relationship, maybe that's what pushes people to constantly change partners, to feel that thrill once again, to feel different, to feel the mystery, the excitement...

But that's usually infatuation. So what is love? It can't be a passionless long-lived relationship, it cannot also be a lust fueled partnership.
...........but what if they did?

-------------ALL THE TIME --------------------------------

....and never ................

.....................................gave you one little bit of trouble......................

and never gave you a challenge!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

where you never had to lift a finger,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

or make an effort - - - - - - - - - - -

--------------------------------------------to accept---------------------------------------------------

------------------------------------------- to give of yourself --------------------------------------

--------------------------------------- to understand -------------------------------------------

----------------------------------- to just care ------------------------------------------------

******************* That would be great*********************

but oh soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo boring
I disagree with your view. I believe love can last, even on the long run. If you meet the person you want to spend your live with and that person feels the same way, then love can last until the very end. You are free to disagree but I do believe it's like that.
heartbreak and disappointment will make the sweetest person bitter.
If relationships didn't work, I wouldn't be having such a great one with my Stephy-butt. Don't preach your bulls**t just because you had a few bad relationships and you have no idea how to treat your spouse right.
chicks equal trouble .))
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