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EasyPhP and WAMP working together on the same computer?

Hi to everybody, I am a php developer and I need some help concerning the use of WAMP and EasyPhp on the same computer. I have intalled WAMP first, then after installing EasyPhp, the both, Apache and Mysql were not boot because WAMP use the same port to connect to the server. I tried to mdified, httpd file for easy php to put it to another port but the result was that Apache is now booting but not mySql(easyphp). But wen I navigate through the port I configure it(port 3000), I access a database for all my scripts. Probably that database is the one of wamp but I dont understand how?

Can you please hel me to configure corectly the mysql of easyphp?

Thanks in advance!
WAMP and easyPHP are the same thing. There is no need to have WAMP and easyPHP running at the same time, as they both serve the same purpose. I'm not sure why you want both anyways.

EDIT: Unless you've installed WAMP, then removed it to install easyPHP. If that's what you mean, try stopping the services for Apache and MySQL for WAMP. The WAMP uninstallation file should do this automatically, but because it hasn't you'll have to remove them manually.
change the ports of mysql and apache for one of them. To find the setting search for 80 and 3306 in httpd.conf (apache) and my.ini (mysql).
rvec wrote:
change the ports of mysql and apache for one of them. To find the setting search for 80 and 3306 in httpd.conf (apache) and my.ini (mysql).

I change the port 80 of apache to 3000, and I also changed the localhost Ip for easyphp. I can access easyphp index page by typing I can change the 3306 port to which port?
I'd just change them to 81 and 3307 so it's easy to remember, if one of the ports still gives and error just change the port again. As long as you remember the ports and the ports are not take by other programs it doesn't matter which ports you use. And the ip doesn't matter, you can use the same ip for both.
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