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Atom 1.6Ghz N270 processor

Hi, I have asked about the Atom processor and wanted to use a light Notebook to do my part-time teaching.

I found this processor dotting all over the computer mall in Singapore, and bought a cheap local brand Axioo notebook.

With many suggestion from Frihost members - I hesitated but curiosity takes over.

I bought it - with 160 GB Sata HDD.

I partitioned it into XP Home, XP pro 1 (for Network simulation - GNS3 and VPCS),
XP Pro 2 (for MS SQL server, .NET, Visual Studio.NET and Macro media), and one logical partition Shared.

Installation when well, and I use GAG4.5 for my boot manager.

When I tested the VS.NET and MS SQL - it was good - better than I worried about.

But when I tested the XP Pro 1 for network simulation - it is not good enough.

Overall I am happy with the processor and NB, but will be better if I fork out more mony for the U7700 ULW duo core processor NB - Toshiba Tough book - 1.2 Kg and really tough.

Hope this will help some who is also looking for a cheap light NB.
I was possessed by the strong wish to buy a ultraportable notebook (or so called netbook) the other day. But just before I took action, my eyes were fully caught by IBM X61t Tablet Notebook. Do you know one thing or two about it. Really wanna hear advice out there. US$1400 is it a good buy?
i saw an add some time back about a notebook in delhi, india with intel atom processor with 512MB RAM and a 160GB HDD. jst cant find a laptop with the same configuration anymore.... i should have preserve the ad. it was jst 1kg. planning to gift it to my sister. the quoted price was 20,000 INR.
Blissgene, the Levono IBM Tablet PC, is not in the same class as Atom processor.

The price also not in the same class - USD 1,400 verses USD 500.

The weight is also different 2Kg verse 1 kg

The power is different - Core 2 Duo L7500 processor verses a Overclock Atom N270 processor

The Tablet PC is not light, but pack in lots of CPU power.

If you want the freedom of not using the keyboard, then it is a good buy.

The Axioo Pico Mini notebook I had bought - is really for light weight and reasonable performance.

Do check out with others before buying.

With best regards
^ to shenyl.

Many thanks for your advice there. Its so hard to balance the weight against the performance though.
Not a problem, you are welcome.

Yes, it is not just difficult to balance weight and performance, but also the issue of waiting for the next future option. Buy too early, and you may feel you should have waited.

I face these 3 issues most of the time, but have learnt to made a decision and not look back.

Hope you find your balance too.

With best regards
The Atom processor N270 is not that powerful, but you can help the NB with some tricks.

First I upgrade the RAM to 2GBytes.

Second, I do not use Virtual Memory in XP.

Virtual memory is really allowing the XP to swap in and out part of your running program into the harddisk. This is a really performance degrader.

Without Virtual Memory - all the programs will run only with the RAM.

Another advantage is you can clone your XP from one partition to another and have 2 copies of XP, without the problem of the page file.

If you use Virtual Memory a page file is created in the system drive, and you cannot clone one partition to the next (as the cloned XP will detect there is a differnce in the location of the pagefile and failed to start up).

Thirdly, I clone 3 partitions of XP on my Harddisk - all bootable from GAG4.5 boot manager.

This allows me to spread the different workload on different partition - My development with SQL server and .NET in one. My Network training in another, and my hoem/office work in another.

I prepared one partition with a working XP with the basic software loaded, and then clone to the other 2 partitions and add additional software to each partition.

Hope this help.
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