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OCD - What's yours?

OCD - Obsessive Compulsive Disorder

Apparently we all have it to a certain extent. Some suffer from it so intensely that it becomes disabling to live a 'normal' life.

Personally, if I'm eating cheerios, I must have either 4 or 8 on my spoon. If it's too many, I have to ditch some.

A mate of mine had to have the volume of the TV on an even number.

What are your OCD's?
I need to have used a computer at least a day. I can go a few days, it just feels weird to not play any of my games or post on Frihost.

May sound odd, but it's true.
I have this weird compulsion with... eating every day. I know I'm trying to break the habbit but I just can't Sad.
None here that I am aware of.
I have the need to code. Shocked
None for me either, or maybe I just don't pay attention to them...
If you don't pay attention to them, those are OCDs Razz
Walking on curbs on pavements (sidewalks) and avoiding cracks on paving.
I had that when I was a very young kid, but it passed quickly. Don't have anything since though.
I'm clearly in a minority. We maybe don't notice things like brushing our teeth a certain way, or getting dressed. We might do it each day an identical way not out of habit, but out of necessity, and we haven't noticed because we've never interrupted the tradition and have therefore never had to deal with the aftermath of the change.

So for people who do have little OCD's, just work on your ignorance.
If I stab/scratch myself one side of the face, I MUST do it the same way to the other side. Confused
Arty wrote:
If I stab/scratch myself one side of the face, I MUST do it the same way to the other side. Confused

i got that too, but whenever i scratch one side, and i scratched to other side i start scratching the first side again, until they both had equal time Shocked

and i also can't live without being on the comp at least two hours a day
HamsterMan wrote:
I have this weird compulsion with... eating every day. I know I'm trying to break the habbit but I just can't Sad.

yea I know what you mean, I hate people who OCD that, and sleeping, and working I'm sure I do it as well, but I just hate it.

Worst one, walking, there is no need, just hover
I have many OCD's altough they happen rarely. I sometimes have to blink an even number of times otherwise I feel unsafe (?!), sometimes I press things or do things two times otherwise I feel unsafe, little things like that. Tough it hasn't developed to interfere with my life it's pretty creepy sometimes. Smile

houdney wrote:

A mate of mine had to have the volume of the TV on an even number.

Oh sometimes that happens to me too.

I used to have some when I was a kid but figured out how to ignore and control the urges.

My sister still has some though. She has this weird door touching thing where she has to touch the knob a couple times after shutting it. If I say something about it, she has to start over again.
I just remembered another one. If I see that someone has dog-eared a page of a book or they've a stack of papers on a table and the bottom sheet is folded under, I can't concentrate until they're all straightened out.
OCD of mine... I want to read something whenever I eat something. If I'm in home, I would keep a magazine or a book in my keft hand but if I'm in a hotel or something, I might read from the menu card. I experience no problem in watching TV while eating but I still need to have something on my hand.
i think some nutritionists would probably tell you off for that behaviour, complaining that it would make you eat faster by not concentrating on your eating. Apparently you should be conscious of how quickly you eat, so you don't eat too much before you feel full. It's like how they say that you shouldn't listen to fast paced music when eating. Which means that fat ravers at dance concerts are shafted from square one.
i have a few, just silly little things, like the volume has t be on multiples of 5, when i tidy stuff up i have to make stuff parralell, if im sanding something i wont stop untill i concideri t perfectly round and smooth.

its just little things,where i concier shit has to be perfect.
Things must be straight and neat if I use them, I cant stand seeing somthing poke out like in a stack of papers.
I have several but one of my stranger ones is that when i eat ice cream especally if right out a small pint container. I have to keep the top level. I will dig down to start and then shave from side to side until it is smooth. Then dig down a little further and then repeat the process until I am done. I also will have to keep the ice cream level it serving from a container. Don't know why but I find myself doing it and it bothers me when I find the ice cream has been unevenly dug in.
Probably being neat and perfectionist. Like at school, I can't stand when books at my table are stacked all crookedly. I always have to stack them perfectly.

Also, I have a tendency to always be constantly checking my pockets to make sure my cell phone is still in there. Just a precaution or something. I don't know. I do know that I like can't live without my phone. lol. Sad but true.
God, so many things. I'm must keep my work space clean and perfectly organized. I like to color code things, or sort them by size. I constantly change the trash bags on my trash cans because I want them to be clean. I can usually only eat things in one or odd numbers (example, i can eat one skittle fine or two skittles at the same time fine, but if i have three skittles, i have to eat one, then the other two in a separate bite.)

And on and on.
Only thing I can think of is from when I was little.

Whenever there were tiles on the floor, I could not step on the "lines" between the tiles, only in the middle of them.

Luckily I have not got that anymore ;P
dont thnk i have many lol

when dealing with numers etc i prefer divisible numbers like 10/5/20 etc

that about it i guess
Mines only a silly minor OCD, a little checklist I have to openly say out loud before leaving my home whilst tapping my pockets:
Keys, Cash, Bankcard, Mobile!
Its such a routine now I don't even really think about while I'm doing it, but it does save me forgetting the essentials Smile
Its not a major one but I've the need for my bathroom to be dry for me to be able to use it. I know its weird and trust me even I can't explain it to me but I'm like forever wiping the floor of my bathroom to get it dry. I almost can never use other people's bathrooms.
HamsterMan wrote:
I have this weird compulsion with... eating every day. I know I'm trying to break the habbit but I just can't Sad.

lol - mine's breathing. But seriously, eating chocolate, chips or other junk food - homer simpson style.
Well I've got some of the basic ones, with organizing objects in my proximity. Like fx. books on a shelf, so that none of them will stick out more than the others.... One of the more stranger ones, I think I've gotten more or less rid of; especially when I was younger, I had to do every conscious movement (mainly with my head) 4 times. Like if I was looking to one side, I had to do it to the other as well, and the continue up to the even number 4. It was true for a lot of things, and finally I became that aware of doing it, so that I pressured myself to let it go more or less...
I won't get dressed before I have cleaned my face in the morning (I shower the evening before, because otherwise I haven't got enough time...) It's really something stupid, but I feel so dirty if I first get dressed and only then clean my face...
And I tought I was the only one with problems like these. Ha! Smile

My OCD starts with my computer and Photoshop the 1st thing i do as i come in rom work or any where at all, as i open the door i just press the power button and i just seat in front of it for hours. I of to make sure am eating frosted flakes when i come in too it helps me to do my designs lol .
When every i watch certain emotional movie it makes me feel like crying and sometimes i do.
I want my MS Word documents to be perfect. Especially when I have some issues with the invisible characters while using columns. Man, I tried mastering that for years.

Oh, and, when coding, I tend to make a lot of new functions. Like in LaTeX, instead of using \varepsilon, I shortened it to \eps out of laziness.
Ghost Rider103
I have to go weight lifting early in the mornings. If I don't, my day will just suck, and I feel horrible.

That's really about it, that I know of anyways.
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