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need advice on website format for non profit group

As this is my first post please forgive any breaches of protocol. I have worked though the posting and pulled alot of good advice from this forum but i have a specific question for anyone that my have experience in these matters. I Am builing a web site for a non profit group a local soroptimists women group. They need a site that they can update themselves with no coding experience. I will set it all up for them from host to the back end interface they will use to update their web site. What is the easiest format for the customer to use with no experience. Will Joomla once in place be simple for the lady's in this group to use. Or would Wordpress be more user friendly for them. I just don't want to get half way through to find it is to difficult for them to utilize. thanks.
I take it you mean that the users will be making changes to content, rather than style or appearance chiefly? In which case, either of these should be fine.

What you are basically looking for is a clean content management system, but you don't say what your own experience is with such things. Are you fairly happy with setting up the system yourself?

Personally I have used PHP-Nuke as a good content management system, and found this works very well. It's extremely popular, and very versatile. However, if you're not fully confident yourself, this may be a bit of a leap. Having said that, it is superb in that it provides a huge range of facilities and utilities, you can be very creative as far as style is concerned, and include a lot of interactive things, such as polls, and uploading of images.

A lot depends on what the site will be used for. Will it simply be for notices and articles? Or will it be more of a forum/discussion group? Will it be an archive of events, in which case images and the hosting of them will be required too.

Throw a little more information in here and I'll try to have another look for you.
I somehow missed you response in oct. but i have made progress on my site and would like your opinion on the general .condition and layout of what i have done. You expressed intrest in helping before are you still up for it? If so let me know and i will send you the link. Thanks for your time.
By all means, let me have the link and I'll take a look at your site and see if there are any suggestions or comments that I can make which might be helpful.

I have not put most of the content in as you can see but the general outline is there. So let'er fly as they say. I am am going to launch without the forum even though it is in place I want to get everyone set up with their member accounts and gallery's with permissions and so forth. It's alot of little things it seems. And I worry about security.

I was going to put jcal in for a calendar but google works just as well and I cant ad any components to the site it will not allow any uploading of extensions, plug ins and the like. I had to make the site local then upload the entire site through ftp to get it to work. Well Thanks for hav'in a peek talk to you soon.

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