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This is the worst film i have ever seen! And i have seen some really bad movies. I am telling you out the goodness of my heart do not make the same mistake as me and go and see this movie. If you really, really want to go and see this please break the law and download it just so these idiots receive no money what so ever, maybe then cr@p like this would not reach the theatres (by the way my suggestion of downloading this film is a joke, i am trying to point out how bad it is!)
One really mad movie watcher Razz

Is this movie done by the same guys who made superhero movie and Scary movie?
The ads already sounded crap. I don't like movies like those. Isn't it liek the same genre as meet the spartans?
I think when we watch this type of 'genre' movie (if there is such a genre for this type of movie), we should, let me rephrase that, WE MUST, leave our brain at home. This should be watch when either

1. We are piss drunk with a buddy
2. Just broke off from a very long relationship
3. Just about to join Scientology
4. We are part of crew making the movie
5. Getting marry tomorrow
6.Had a terminal disease and have less than 24 hours to live (Just so we can feel what hell feel like !)
Lolz Laughing

Some funny things.... But if I'm gonna die within 24 hours, I wont my time wasting for crappy movies. I'll Go straight to hell and see what it looks like for real :p
All these spoof movies are terrible. They appeal to the lowest common denominator of humour, which presents itself in farts, violence, vomit, bowel movements, unnecessary nudity, sex, drugs, alchohol and lunacy. If you didn't expect this when you walked in to the theatre, I'm sorry... but that's the way these movies work.
Well the 1st lot from the 90s used to be good and the few early ones ie Scary Movie where ok but this is getting to its own level of CR@P. Alarm bells should have started ringing when i saw Kim Kardashian as the semi lead roll female.........should pay more attention to the advertisment Wink
I think the name pretty much sums it up lol. All these movies pretty much follow the same pattern. Have a main movie to use as the story and integrate many others within that story. Gets played out and boring real quick. I usually watch these movies at home on cable when I really don't have anything else to do.
at first these kinds of movies were done somewhat well (scary movie and not another teen movie), but after that things got out of hand with all of the later adaptations of things. i don't know how these movies can even make it out alive and into the box office.
i know exactly how you feel when watching some stupid trash movie, The very latest movie that happened to me is this Superhero Movie, the dragonfly man or whatever you call it, the whole film is stupid, it made me intense more than fun. the only part that "funny" is when they mocking Tom cruise charater
I wasn't planning to see it in the first place, I have never liked movies like that.
They really do not know when to stop! If it wasn't funny the first, second and third time - it most certainly is not funny the 100rd time!!
It is so crappy, you should get the money in return. The time you wasted too, if it were possible!
This movie sucked. Sad
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