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SmallVille Season 8 (discussions)

Do you like the way Season 8 is going?
Oh Yes :)
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No.. It sucks :(
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Who cares?
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So the new Smallville season 8 started. no more waiting....

And it seems like the new season will offer it's loyal fans what they've being waiting for too long Smile

CK is going to work in daily planet next to the hot Loise desk... Oooo
And i like if the justice league continues to show up in the show, specially the Green arrow.

But as usual, Smallville crew found a not so hot gairl again, The new "bad man" (or Bad woman rather Smile).

Aw, it looks promising to me ... Smile

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Rolling Eyes
Yeh not too sure about the new bad guy - but by the way things are panning out this will be changing in a few weeks - expect some proper bad guys to turn up, as the new miss Luther gets a bad case of guilty conscience, and turns sort of good........

Looking forward to seeing a few more real Supermanesq moments as CK needs to find the phone box, or "sneak away" as only the man of steel can do - will he learn to fly this season?
Ya, ms Luther seems to be turning good. I think Lex will return soon. If CK can return, Why not Lex Smile
watched episode 04.

Was there a delay on episode 4 coming to internet? I couldn't find it on regular air day on TLR or HiO Surprised aw, it was worth waiting for.

Maxima, queen of Omrak. Ooo. :p She is one hot Chick. I mean smoking, red hot girl. That's the kind of actresses Smallville team should hire. And the foreplay with CK, it almost made Smallville PG +15 :p Damn that Loise had to drop and ruin the scene <_< I mean Can't she wait for another two mins and let CK have some kinda ..... You know what Wink

This episode CK closer to Loise i think. So few more episodes till CK hookup with Loise, then sky is the limit (wait.... Sky wont be the limit Laughing )
What seemed to be like yet another episode from season 1 template turned out to have some nice twist, well... actually two or even more.

From half way there, it was so obvious that Davis (the paramedic) is the killer. But at the time of the attack on Davis and Jimmy, First of all (for a sec) it seems to be like Jimmy (Since he told Cloy that he isn’t what he is) because When the shadow got away, Jimmy Comes out. Then Clerk through a tire blah blah and blah... it was that geek kinda “special” kid from Cloy’s club.

And finally, when that lady shows up and reveal the stuff, whola, it is Davis again Surprised

IT seems like CK is one step closer to wearing a cloak. He had good three reasons now
1. Davis threaded him that he is in every crime scene photo;
2. His protector, the “new detective” on the block, warned him and asks him to go under the radar;
3. Our favourite reporter Jimmy vow to find the mysterious person. (although Jimmy happens to be the # 1 reporter surrounded by quite a few headline stories but incredibly manages to overlook them :p )

Can’t wait to see him fly :wub:
I feel kinda dizzy now finishing the episode 7 :Waco: Did Cloy Sullivan kill that mind reader Surprised What happen to that innocent Cloy Sad I think Braniac not only over clocked her brain but also gave her the killer instinct.<_<

Aw, I didn’t notice that green arrow is outta business Surprised In what episode that happened? TV Series Discussions
/* or am I loosing short term memory */
aw, one stone two birds. Cos of the mission to divert Jimmy’s attention, Green Arrow is now back on the business Smile He looked pretty stupid with the cape. CK was 200% right there :LOL: But it’s bullshit about aerodynamics. As to my Physics knowledge when I checked last time, a cape will only create a drag ^_^

Kudos to Jimmy for fine piece of investigation. I thought He might have captured more than that in his snapshot. Guess cos of the poor lighting condition, Shutter speed was low Laughing
What CK did to make his mind change was like the same thing “Flash” did in the old TV series called “Flashed” (if anybody can remember).
There is another good thing Jimmy did. CK was seen throwing away all his red and blue combination of suits. Yeey :sound: at last he is gonna wear some proper clothing Wink

Finally, WTH Tess wants with Jimmy? Surprised
Not much, not less to like, I would say Sad. Seemed like an episode from a previous season. And Clark back to the red and blue combination... Yuk.
IT seems like we got ourselves a new Villon. Davis is full of surprises (although not nice ones :p)

Did you guys notice that in Smallville, every time a steel knife hits a super strong body (like CK or new Davis’) it break in to small pieces like glass? Surprised Can that happen?

I mean the whole idea of metal is that they don’t break like glass. They bend or twist. ( or is that knife is made out of steel with two much carbon in it Confused)I think the special effect team got it wrong right from the start. as I always thought, there should be at least one guy in a production crew who knows at least physics 101 :p
Oooh Noooo... Doomsday is here.. Lana Is Back.. That means Clark has two things to worry about :p

Y the heck Lana has to return <_< I hate her. And it seems that she is working with Lex, again <_<

Doomsday looks really, really mean. :X He looks like a ancient ship that has been sunk for ages :p

Lois is like a school gal near CK :wub: Damn, Lana couldn’t wait till two more secs till CK locks lips with Lois. Bad timing.

Y did Cloe had that freaky smile when she was in fortress :S

Hey anyone noticed that Allison Mack has nice three warts in her left check in a perfect triangle ? Surprised
Hey ,
I think the the saeson is great after their little break

guys from Future, and lots of stuff Smile

awz, Where is Loise and Justice league Question
Wow! A really great episode last week (hex)!! Hope they will never cancel smallville. It's really my favorite show! But I really thought he flew... but says he jumped *dissappointed*
Well, Smallville was the favorite show of a lot of us for really long time. But the nature of the the story and the dragging made Smallville loose most of its fans Sad

I could watch a few episodes lately.

Damn I promised I will give a few episodes to one of my mates and just remeber while writting this :s

Got o DL it quickly .....
I watched episode 13 ND 14

i THOUGHT Lana is finally gonna have supper powers for long...

So CK and she can fight together (in Street & bed :p ) be tgether and do stuff ...

well F***, smallvill is gonna do that drill all again<_< which is bringing back CK and lana together keeping them together for few episodes..

and then CK or Lana pulls away Mad

damn, Cant they remove lana for ever
or at least keep her with CK for some time.

Smallville is circling around an the viewers dissapointment is shown in number of viewers.

Most probably season 8 will be the last one... Ya, I hope this thing end
hey, did anybody see 'The Legend of Chunli?'
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