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Knight Rider [2008]


Yeey... The New Knight Rider season Started officially. Just finished watching episode 1, twice. Embarassed

AS all the fans are debating, there are lots of pro and cons in the the show and they differ greatly from one viewer to another.

The major debate is about the car.. KITT 3000. As you may know we were fallen in love with the KITT 2000. So anything other is good enough to be the second best. That happened to this car. Although i initially liked the car, after reading all the fan sites i started to have second thoughts.. Anyway, After the feature TV film, they have included a attack ode and a transformation feature. My personnel opinion is that attack mode is more cooler than the regular mode but the transformed pick up sucks :p Most of the fans around the world do not like the ford mustang GT 500 very well. I have to agree though cos there are lot cool designs out there. It think the creators definitely needed a ideal American model :p There were lot nice looking cars in episode one and too than the KITT:( But hte silver line here is that if the Knight rider team understand that Ford Mustang just wont go, they'll just transform it in to a Ferrari, McLaren, Bugatti or Even a Toyota Hybrid Laughing

Have to say that the leading actress is smoking hot. Perhaps too hot to have a Phd in Physics Wink As to the car, I like David Hasselhoff a bit than the new guy. But he is OK.

Droping off from a air plane instead of the old container carrier is awesome. And i love the new KITT's voice. It's cool. But the display for KITT's mouth has changed after the TV movie.Sad The new sphere doesn't go with the car very well... And the Transforming is too much fantasy engineering i say. But hay, Knight Rider is all about that .. eh? Smile

Another thing that suck is the helicopter that chases KITT in the start of the season. The Computer Generated images are so lame. It looks like a toy helicopter. They should have put a lil bit polygons (resolution) to it ^_^

The bottom line for most of the fans would be they all watch it cos they loved the old seasons. They like the new one but hard to say they love it :p Hope the creators will read some fan sites and learn from the mistakes. Good Luck KITT 3000
KITT 3000 Specifications

As an upgraded version of K.I.T.T 2000, K.I.T.T. 3000 contains many of the same features as its predecessor. However, due to improvements in materials science, computer miniaturization, and other technology advances, similar features may have dramatically improved effectiveness in the later car.

The known features of K.I.T.T. 3000 include:

* 1000-Watt Quadraphonic Stereo System
* 24-Hour Roadside Assistance""
* 360-Degree Video Surveillance""
* 3D Heads-Up Display""
* Anamorphic Equalizer - KITT's most obvious external modification is his dual front scan bars.
* Aquatic Synthesizer""
* Auto Collision Avoidance""
* Autopilot""
* Audio/Video In-Dash Functions""
* Biometric Analysis""
* Computer AI - KITT remains essentially an advanced supercomputer on wheels. The brain of KITT is the version 2.3 Knight 2000 microprocessor, upgraded from the previous version 1.0 used in K.I.T.T. 2000.
* Blood Analyzer
* DNA Analysis Equipment
* Electromagnetic Field Generator
* Electronic Field Disrupter
* Electronic Jamming System - This allows KITT to manipulate other electronic devices, and occasional non-electronic ones.
* Etymotic Equalizer - This system allows KITT to hear sound. An array of audio sensors were threaded throughout his interior and exterior.
* FBI database access
* Graphic Translator
* Heated Seats
* High-speed Internet
* Holographic Projection
* Infrared Tracking Scope - KITT can monitor the position of specific vehicles in the area within 20 miles.
* In-Seat Medical Diagnosis
* Interior Oxygenator - KITT could release oxygen into his driver compartment and provide air to passengers if he was ever submerged in water or buried in earth. This is also used to overcome the effects of certain drugs.
* Keyless Entry and Ignition
* Laser-Guided Missile Defense
* Laser Weapons System
* Mass Spectrometer
* Metallic paint with nanotech enhanced camouflage
* Microscanners - Microscanners are tiny audio and visual sensors embedded into the grooves of KITT's body. They allow for visual tracking and display of anything around the car.
* Microwave Ignition Sensor
* Microwave Jammer
* Military-Grade GPS
* Military satellite access
* Mini-KITT Reconnaissance Drone
* Nanotech Cloaking
* Olfactory Sensor - KITT can "smell" via an atmospheric sampling device mounted in his front bumper.
* Personal Safety System
* Power System - KITT is powered by an aluminum block/titanium head 5.4-liter V8 internal combustion with Whipple supercharger and Knight Industries liquid air cycle auxiliary turbine engine. Power output is 540 horsepower in "Hero" mode, unknown in "Attack" mode. Specifications: 0 to 60 mph: 1.77 seconds, standing quarter mile: 3.87 seconds, 12 ft. braking distance from 300mph.
* Pyroclastic Lamination - KITT is protected by a thermal-resistant coating that can withstand sustained temperatures of up to 800 degrees Fahrenheit.
* Radar
* Rocket Boosters
* Self-regeneration and damage repair
* Smokescreen
* Sonar
* Spectrograph
* Sports-tuned suspension
* Targeted Electromagnetic Pulse
* Ultramagnesium Charges - KITT can launch magnesium flares, which can also be used to divert heat-seeking missiles fired at him.
* Ultraphonic Chemical Analyzer - KITT has an anelectron scanner that can analyze the chemical properties of various materials. It could even scan fingerprints and read ballistic information off bullets and compare these with a police database. Aside from the scanning tray, the system could also analyze chemical information gathered from KITT's exterior sensors.
* Voice-activated GPS system
* Voice Analyzer
* Voice Synthesizer - KITT's Voice Synthesizer allows his logic module to speak and communicate through his Voice Modulator.
* X-Ray
* Xenon headlamps with infrared night-vision

KITT's total production cost is estimated at $45.6 million in 2008 dollars.

Wow! I had no idea that this series was starting again. Haven't watched it since I was a kid! Thanks for the heads up!


I didn't like this episode 05 very much.

In episode 01 , when the Mike was hitting on every gal of the party (where he should have kept his eye on the "package"), Carrie Ruvai (female FBI agent) asks,

Carrie : "What were you doing hitting every girl in the party"
Mike : "What, I was undercover"
Carrie : "As what, as a pimp?"


So true, He tend to go under cover as a PIMP and wants to go "under cover", literally :p It's too much I think. poor gal Sarah is always hurting herself looking at Mike Banging some other chick.

Have to say that, I don't go with the Transformation 100%.

And at the end of the episode, if those extremists opened fire, wonder how Mike was planning to get away. It was really unnecessary to get off the car and leave the protection of it; So stupid :p.

And when they were driving over the mines and KITT asks for Transformation, I was just thinking what would happen if it hit a mine while transforming. Bang... Just that happens and KITT nearly blacked out. Ok, I can live Mike being a Dumb a** Low IQ moran, but KITT? Surprised In a early episode when Michael tried to Transform in the mid air, KITT totally stuck (I mean the Main frame). So aren’t either one have the gray matter just to recall that.

I think IF KR is to rise up the rating ladder, They shouldn’t think that viewers are same as dumb as some of the production crew Laughing

And here are some episode detailed I retrieved from Wikipedia

Spoiler Alert


1 "A Knight In Shining Armour" September 24, 2008 101
A woman from Mike's past—Kelli Haddigan, of whom he has no memory—hijacks "The Package", a taut man whose DNA holds a valuable cipher.

2 "Journey to the End of the Knight"
October 1, 2008 102 To stop a weapons smuggling operation, Mike infiltrates a drag racing gang with the assistance of a former Army buddy.

3 "Knight of the Iguana" October 8, 2008 103
Michael and Zoe, using the cover names "Devon" and "Bonnie", go undercover as a couple to take down a terrorist cell in Baja.

4 "A Hard Day's Knight" October 11, 2008 104
Mike finds himself poisoned during an undercover operation, which leaves him with only three hours to live before his nervous system shuts down. To procure the antidote, Mike must fake the assassination of a billionaire tech mogul.

5 "Knight of the Hunter" October 22, 2008 105
Mike must stop an ex-military officer from blowing up a dam and finds help from a new friend. Meanwhile, Billy learns how to take care of himself.

6 "Knight Fever" October 29, 2008 106
KITT falls victim to a computer virus that threatens to cause global havoc. Meanwhile, Mike's jealousy grows when Sarah reconnects with an old flame from her past.

7 "Knight of the Living Dead" November 5, 2008 107
The team must discover the identity of a murderer inside their own organization when the body of a Tech is discovered. Mike and Sarah have their own concerns when they are stranded on a commercial flight and KITT's self-destruct program has been initiated.

8 "Knight of the Zodiac" November 12, 2008 108

9 "Don't Stop the Knight" November 19, 2008 109
This new Knight rider series reminds me the Viper TV series. Car has same kinda technologies those viper car couldn't talk. Also I just like to ask Knight rider fan. Which series you guys prefer that old one which of on TV in 80's or this new one ?
Knight Rider 2008 or 1980 ?

That's a tough question. But I think I like 2008 more.

But the I like 80 series more when It was telecasting (I was a lil kiddo then). I think '80s series had a larger fan base than 2008 one.

The new series had a jump start cos of the rep it had in good old days Smile
I prefer the old knight rider because "William Daniels" voice is not KITT. I also prefer it because of "David Hasselhof" plays the main character, as well as David miles, April and the other good characters. I haven't had a chance to watch the series but seen the movie when it premiered on TV. We all have opinions and this is mine.
I haven't had a chance to watch the series but seen the movie when it premiered on TV.

You should watch the series :p Its better than the movie and improving Wink

watched episode 06

but it was not “Knight fever” but “Knight of the Living Dead” Surprised It wasn’t there to download on the regular date but on the other day. I thought it skipped another day cos of election.

Nice episode. KITT is showing more and more human like thing and I felt really sorry when “he” was getting ready for his “death”. He clearly denies his creator’s request/order to download his files like a stubborn boy.

Mike: “Next time calculate faster”
KITT: “where you injured”
Mike: “Noo..”
KITT: “Then my calculations were fast enough” ROFL Laughing

There are some inconsistencies of the episode though. one is I though KARR (Knight Auto Roving Robot) was a regular car shaped thing which Michael Knight destroyed by forcing it to pull out of the course of a face to face chicken drive. (it was resurrected and killed again) But the images KITT shows to Mike is a thing like a robot with wheels Surprised Aw, Are they going to introduce a Megatron or Maximus PRiME like transforming robot.. KOOOL.

Another good hint given was the Mike felt some connection with KARR. Did Mike worked in KARR project. Is that what the Alex Torres (FBI agent) is hiding from Mike.

And the audio fingerprint is visualized Surprised that sucks. If they show that though a goggle or a screen, we can accept that. But spray painting the air, gimme a break :p

And the password inputted to the KITT “LEARNS ALON..” or something is not password masked Surprised Even I knows you have to mask and hide passwords behind asterisks (**) Laughing

Why Dr. Grayman and Zoe weren’t killed? from what were they shot at?

Aw, from whole 42 minutes were excellent entertainment.
I just love this episode. LOLz all the way Laughing The dialogs are full with humour.

That Chick, Courtney Flynn is HAAT Razz And I’m really surprised that she didn’t turned out to be a Conn artist Surprised SO Billy did scored a hot chick finally .. eh?

Knight Rider FTW :sound:

/* I really hope they don’t abandon the show like some other shows recently stopped Sad */
Hmm, this actually sounds intriguing... I guess I'll hold off on creating my opinion until after I've seen the first episode, though. Which may take a while since Europe always gets much later releases on the telly.
Watched episodes 9 and 10

I feel sorry for that poor robot. He is actually beaving like a Jelous child who wants to get his parent's attension Smile

Although the Nano virus episode looks a lil bit crapy, the episode 10 is interesting.

The main thing in the KR is that Mike usually takes some irrational moves. And the story is forced the way that the writes wants it. Some plans go extraordinary ok and some goes extraordinary bad :p
Wonder what would happen if Kitt and Herbie should meet one another? Anyone familiar with Herbie too? The old Beatle Volkswagen? I actually have a fascination for cars like Kitt's and of course the ones for James Bond. Noticed that James Bond changed for a while to BMW? Personally I prefer the Aston Martin for Bond.
I have mixed feelings about this show, although I never saw the original. I saw something about the show in Popular Mechanics, so I watched the pilot on NBC's website. I started laughing from the beginning; it was like a bad Bond rip-off. The next day I watched the second half, and I was sold. The bits about Michael's past were intriguing, and the chemistry between Michael and Sara was great. Then they annoyed me with episode two, but it got better as it went on. I'm blanking on episode three, so it probably sucked. The show has so much potential, but they just keep screwing it up. In one of the later episodes Sara flat out denies liking Michael even after their date in the first episode. We never learn anything more about Michael, and there's still no KARR. With each episode Sara is less and less convincing. The writing has stayed constant, and that's the problem.

Even with good actors the show would be a hard sell because the writing is lousy. A lot of people diss the effects, but I think they're pretty good.
I keep getting reminded about this series by the woman I work with. Well, not directly, but still. Her name is Kitty and people always call her Kit. So at times she likes to reply: "Yes, Michael?"

A movie or that I see through. It is very attractive and the theater. I like the vehicle in the movie. It is beautiful, modern and equipped with many advanced technologies
Nutteloos wrote:
I keep getting reminded about this series by the woman I work with. Well, not directly, but still. Her name is Kitty and people always call her Kit. So at times she likes to reply: "Yes, Michael?"


ROFL Razz Laughing

That's Cute

awz, lIek o_man said, The Show has a great potential. But The Crew has a marvelous talent of not using it Razz
I had such high hopes for this show. I really wanted it to make it, but -- Val Kilmer??? I think someone else would have been a better choice.
I watched bits and pieces of the new series, and I just didn't like it. It was lame. I love the original series, however.
I just have a feeling this series will get canceled. I think its up to episode 17 that they have shown on TV and after months of break I think that's the entire season, I didn't think there is even a proper season finale.
blk3 wrote:
I just have a feeling this series will get canceled. I think its up to episode 17 that they have shown on TV and after months of break I think that's the entire season, I didn't think there is even a proper season finale.

Wel, I'm beginning to thing that this will die prematuarely Sad

That Sucks. I really wanted this to get going Sad

Well, it seems that the producers do not want to make it a happening as much as the viewers do.

I think it only carried outt so far only of the fame it had on the name and old serieses :p
I don't like it much since the voice if KITT is different.. It needs the original voice... It is good but ALOT i miss from the original series such as Bonnie, RC3 and the main old dude forgot his name... RATS..
silverdown wrote:
I don't like it much since the voice if KITT is different.. It needs the original voice... It is good but ALOT i miss from the original series such as Bonnie, RC3 and the main old dude forgot his name... RATS..

Who is RC3 ??? That Afican American ???

arh, I just cant recall Sad
The new series sucks. I love the original. It had charm.
Starrfoxx wrote:
The new series sucks. I love the original. It had charm.

oke, the old one has some charms
but the new one has real balls, check the ride. it must be cool Very Happy
Ride is the first thing that draws away the fans

Its too much ordinary (in looks I mean)

Ride sucks big time in the new series.

Al though they have introduced a "attack mode" l;ater int he show to bail out this prob, It just not enough.
prefer the old car might just be nostalga
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