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Fed up with the relationship-hazzle...

I wondered if it was a general tendency, that after years of relationships, following each other pretty close (I'm 23 and practically haven't been single for like 6 years), that you'd want to take some 'time off'; caring about yourself, and use some energy for non-relationship related things? Well, I feel that way at the moment, and after becoming single for like 5 months ago, I feel really good about it all, and am in no hurry to go searching for anything longterm in the nearest future.

Know the feeling?
When I was a kid I used to love playing this certain video game. I couldn't understand one day when my brother said that I'd get tired of the game. Its human tendency he explained. We all tend to get bored of what we have.

I guess relationships work the same way. As in too much familiarity breeds contempt and one does yearn for the carefree days of being single. I totally get the feeling. After being in relationship for so long no wonder you cherish your new found freedom but then again, as others, this feeling too comes to an end when one starts to want to get into a relationship. Its rather hard to exist alone after all.
I just got into a serious relationship last year, and I'm just Senior in high school. I've changed since I was a freshman and sophomore. I'm not conceited or anything but my junior year I changed completely, and I met this girl at school, and she isn't someone I would normally date, but it happened. Now I'm starting to see other options open up for me, and I'm like maybe I'm jumped in too soon because I was so excited to date. I'm stuck now, but I see what you mean, I would like to be single and be able to just have fun.
Yup had the feeling..... but then again i got bored of being single... So i am in a relationship again
Ahh, well, you need to resign yourself to the futility of existence and the utter meaninglessness of love. Then you can settle into a relationship where your only roles are to support each other against a hostile universe and comfort each other when it bites...
I was sick of being with someone after being in relationships since I was 15 years, and when I ended a relationship with someone that I had a really serious relationship with then I was ready to live alone and take care of myself, this is like five months ago or something.

But my luck didn't stay for long, a few days after I ended my relationship I met a guy, which I'm happy of meeting because I have never been so happy, angry or had so many emotions at someone. Now I'm pregnant and we couldn't have it any better.

I don't think it's because you get sick of something, it's more that someone can be sick of being in relationships that doesn't go well or makes you feel sad. I was sick of relationships but when I found the perfect guy then I forgot about anything else.

Don't go searching for your better half, have fun and when you find the perfect one and do decide to stay with that person you know it.
I had this kind of experience after my little debacle with a Succubus. I was so fed up with women that it was more than a year before I started going out with my Stephy-butt. Still, I was so heartbroken and so depressed that I could even think about getting involved with another girl. So, I told myself that I wasn't going to rush into another relationship. And then I slept with Stephy on our second date.

Aside from the point, it's very healthy to take time off from love so you can collect yourself. I'd actually recommend it.
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