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An Ottoman gift to America /washington monument

i tried to find the picture of this ottoman gift in internet but i couldn't.
then i put a figurative picture of ottoman symbol.
anyone who lives in washington can take picture of this part of the monument and share with us.

thanks in advance!

In Istanbul, the American Embassy approached the Sublime Porte on February 9,
1853. The office of the Grand Vizier proposed the following resolution: To the people of the
United States of America, to honor them, and as a sign of the friendship of the Padisah (Sul-
tan Abdülmecid) that an inscribed marble plaque be made, 2endaze wide [130cm or 4ft 4
in] by 1endaze high [65cm or 2ft 2in], bearing the imperial cipher (tugra) and a chronogram
verse (a verse in which the tally of the numerical values of all the Arabic letters equals the
date which commemorates the event) Sultan Abdülmecid, who was personally moved by the affection shown to Commander Emin Bey in the United States, decided to have this marble inscription plaque prepared and sent to express his desire for friendship. A poem appropriate to this topic was sought from the poet Ziver Pasa (1793–1861). He composed three poems containing the
chronogram and informed the sultan that he should choose the best one for the job. Sultan
Abdülmecid liked one of the three, and truly it was the most beautiful. In translation, it reads
States. According to American records, it arrived in New York on May 11, 1854. It is not
known how and when the plaque was transported to Washington

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