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How to Quit Smoking

Couple beaten to death in bizarre quit-smoking ritual

October 3, 2008 - 12:50PM
Sydney Herald

KUALA LUMPUR - A Malaysian couple were beaten to death by family members in a bizarre ritual to cure them of a smoking habit and illnesses, reports said today.

A 15-year-old daughter of one of the four relatives who carried out the beating was also attacked after stumbling onto the scene and is fighting for her life in hospital.

Police spokesman Ku Chin Wah told the official Bernama news agency that the attack took place when Mohamed Ibrahim Kader Mydin, 47, and his wife Rosina Mydin Pillay, 41, visited their family on Thursday.

They mentioned that Mohamed Ibrahim was seeking help to stop his smoking habit, and that his wife was suffering from asthma and a liver ailment.

"Following this, a 23-year-old male relative suggested that the couple undergo a ritual which involved all family members joining forces to beat up the couple to rid them of their ailments," Ku told Bernama.

The four relatives smashed the couple's heads on a table and assaulted them with crash helmets and brooms, he said. An ambulance was called only hours later when they had not regained consciousness.

Bernama said that one of the four suspects, who are now in custody, was believed to belong to a "deviant" cult. Malaysia is a predominantly Muslim country and authorities periodically crack down on unauthorised sects.


Well I guess it's safe to say they won't be smoking any more.

People sure do some strange things.
That's just cruel, inhumane, and.. just barbaric. That just sums up this event.

But on the bright side, they would've died from smoking anyways. Bah, that sounded cruel as well..
This story does not seem to be true. Family members atleast cannot kill them just for not quiting smoking. There may be some other bigger issue.

Any way, people should learn not to be violent and specially about life, there should be enough respect. This is a very bad inccident.
No smoking , safe your life and money .
Horizon wrote:
That's just cruel, inhumane, and.. just barbaric. That just sums up this event.

I know, I feel the same way about a work colleague with a smoking habit.

Wait, that was what you were talking about, right?
Well I was referring to the actions taken by the family in the post Paul made. But I feel just as strongly about smoking as well! You're not only killing yourself, you're killing the people around you, both physically and mentally (when you die, they'll more then likely become sad at the young age you'd die at).
Unbelievable!I do not like smoking but sometimes I smoked when I am bored,I think give up smoking is not so difficault that need to kill somebody's life.if that is true,maybe the family has some other problem but not for nonsmoking!
Good Question, Some people think that Smoking is habit where others look at you as though you are rich. I see many people in my vicinity who dont have money for food and other needs of their parents, some how i see them many times smoking on bridge.
I will not say, to leave smoking you should tell that person hazards of smoking, because even educated people also smoke.
There are many medicines that have come in the market, Many are given to addict through tea or coffee, Same way as that of alcohol.Homeopathic treatment is the best, as what i have heard.
needs strength
unfortunately iam weak
Just bought some homeopathy medicine...
will tell how it works
well lots of people smoke and beating them up won't make them get rid of the habit.u have to have the will power to stop can force you to stop.yes, they can help you on the way, encourage you but tht's it.i used to smoke and i stopped due to my friends and family but more importantly i stopped because i knew how much it ws harming me
That's pretty odd. Hopefully that's not a tradition in Malaysia.
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