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Sound on the Ear?

When I go to bed at night and I turn on my side and my ear is touching my pillow I can hear some strange noise coming from my ear... what is it?
Depends. Try covering your ears and see if you can hear it, if then it is most likely some type of tinnitus.

Tinnitus can sound in a variety of ways, and be caused by many different things. For example, my tinnitus is most likely caused by the same thing that makes my vision look like a noisy tv set aka visual snow, and it also sound's like the high pitched whine you'd hear from a tv.

Pulsating tinnitus noises can be caused by high blood pressure. And noises due to damaged hearing can sound in other unique ways.

If you have just started hearing it, it might go away by itself before long. But if it was brought on abruptly, like you just started hearing it suddenly and it's not going away that might be cause to see a doctor.
Maybe it's your annoyin neighbors. That's currently the problem that I'm having. Mad
I'd have it checked out by your doctor. He'd probably come up with some good advice too. It could be something really very simple. Very Happy
Yes I did something VERY stupid - I bought new earbuds (ironman) that insert into the ear canal and played my music on MP3 player as loud as it would go for ~1 hour as I walked/ran and then a few times before/after this. I also remember using a Qtip and in one ear it accidentally went in a bit too far...also around the same time there was a very high pitched noise coming from somewhere outside (maybe the transformer)....I am worried now bc when I first realized I had it was when I went to bed on Thursday night and it has not let up since then (only one ear)....I have always had excellent hearing, almost too good - as I hear everything! I called the doctor Friday morning and his nurse advised me to wait the weekend to see if it went away...not sure if she knows much about tinnitus but to get an appt with an ENT will probably take some time. Advice please.

I thing you mean this.
When there is no other sound, and you are about to go asleep
you hear a high pich tone in ear. It is not cumming from the pillow Smile

It such a high tone, just like when we switch on color picture tube TV set
such a high frequency tone is generate (may be from EHT coils of the TV power supply)

and, after some time you don't hear it?

I have also such experience such a thing, may be others too..

The reason still in search Smile

Can Any body suggest the reason ?
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