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Issues parking domain in Directadmin.

Hello. :)

I've read through the FAQ/Guide/Stickies and can't seem to figure out why my domain won't seem to park properly in Directadmin on server 3. (I've only ever used cPanel, so I'm still getting familiarized with the new control panel.) The domain is pointed to ns1 & 2 on, but what's wrong is that every time I tried going into Domain Administration, and add it, I get a message saying "Cannot Create Domain --- Details: Domain already exists".. So that's the initial thing, because I didn't know that that section was for Addon Domains. - So now I'm trying to add it in Domain Pointers, and getting the message "Unable to add domain pointer -- Details: You cannot use that domain as a pointer. It already exists on the server", but for the life of me it never shows up anywhere, and don't know what to do.

Did I nub something somehow? O.o;;
Check that you haven't added the domain already.
That's the problem. If it's already been created, it doesn't show up anywhere that I can see, and there's nothing I can figure to do about it. Sad
Sorry, stupid question I know but that's all I can think of. The error message is basically saying that the domain is already parked on that server. You should be able to create the domaoin through Domain Administration, that's how it works apparently.

Try visiting the domain, if you get a forbidden or DirectAdmin page then it's already been added and DirectAdmin is messed up.

That's all the advice I have. Sorry. Sad
No, I appreciate the help. It's just that we're equally confused here. Very Happy

The domain is pointing to the server, so I get an Apache configured page, but it isn't added and won't let me. d'oh!
Well, from visiting your domain it's added to the server. It's being redirected. Just a shot in the wild here:

Press Files - > Click Domains Folder - > Is your domain there?

It should show:

If it does, great! Next you should go into your infinity domain and add a index.php file and see what you can do. That's my last suggestion, I've never seen this before.
Thank you. Smile

But nah. It's just not working. That directory is there, but nothing happens when I put files in the public_html folder. That page is the domain pointing to the server. All we need is to get it parked and it should all work.

I guess an account reset-request might be in order? Think I'll just need to back-up first and open a thread for it.. Oh woe is me. Boo hoo!
Hmm, that's really strange. DirectAdmin / Server 3 seems to have messed up somewhere. If it shows the domain in the files, but not in Domain Administration then there is something wrong with the DNS.

Sorry for your inconvenience.
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