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lord of the rings

this movie is very very beautiful
i suggest to u for view this movie

good luck
mmmmmmmmmmmm, beautyfull
i have see the 3 movies and its fantastic, the best movie ever !!
Don't say that it is the best film ever realised but i have seen the film 4 time and all 3 series. Most of all i really like the 2 nd film.
I am a very impatient person - even during an hour and a half movie I get bored and get up to make tea, go to the loo, see where my dog is, check my email, get something to eat. Most movies you can do all that and not really miss anything important.

When I watched Fellowhsip of the Ring I was glued!!! Finally as Frodo and company left Loth Lorien in their swan boats I sort of woke from my trance and thought 'huh? surely this must be near the end' and I realised that 3 hours had passed and I hadn't felt a single moment of boredom.

Thats pretty impressive ^_^
Worst Book-to-movie translation EVER.

I loved the book, but the movie SUCKED compared to it.
the best trilogy of the world! Wink
yae one of the best movies ever...

but very few people heard about lotr until movie came out...
Wonderful movies.
Personally, I didn't like the storyline for lord of the rings. Much of it did not appeal to me. I don't understand why everyone in the movie was pursuing power instead of women. It upsets me very much that someone like that eyeball tower thingo would spend years searching for a ring and starting a war when he could have spent all that time looking for the perfect girl.

The camera and special effects in that movie were good though, i liked that.

There needs to be more movies about life, and not have that stupid scene where a woman suddenly walks in naked. Alot of movies nowadays portray women and their bodies as a sort of sex tool, an object.

If I had the money and the staff, I could probably make a movie that not only entertains, but also relates to everyday life.
I like this movie
especially the third one
Nameless wrote:
Worst Book-to-movie translation EVER.

I loved the book, but the movie SUCKED compared to it.
I guess we're the oposite sides of the coin, Nameless. I read a few chapters of the book and I HATED it. Maybe it was just the translation, but it sucked hairy balls and I couldn't force myself to read on. Usually I try to at least finish the book/serie before I judge it, but...

The movies however blew me away. Very Happy After watching "FoTR" I remember thinking, "Wow, they could have thrown yet another hour in, just to make it even nicer". Very Happy
Nameless wrote:
Worst Book-to-movie translation EVER.

I loved the book, but the movie SUCKED compared to it.

the movie is different, yes.. but, it's something normal. It's very complicated to do a film as a book (except "sim city" haha)
I have to admit, I did get bored but only b/c there's not enough talking. 50% of the movie is just music, maybe a patter of hooves or something but It's just not action-packed enough... But I do love the movies!
kain wrote:
I 50% of the movie is just music,

hahaha i agree, but apart from that, it's a great film! Wink
I saw all the parts and the last one was really great!
it was really the greatest book ever wrote...and it has a lot more to learn from it than just the war...i just read someone post that it does not relate to daily life...well if you can remember when Frodo says to Sam that "It's always like that when things look lik they are in danger then, someone have to give them up so that others can enjoy it" and remember that the four hobbits were not heros or somethin when the movie was started, they were just not people like we are but the journey they go will make them the heros....and someone also told that the translation was bad... offcourse it will be bad...u cant expect that whatever was in the books should be put in the movies and in the same format....that would be impsible... PJ really made the best he could have done, and iam really impressed with his work...
lotr is a very good movie.
but the special extendet versions have many boring parts *g*
once m sone friends and i wached one of those... we just waited for the end...
The Fellowship of the Ring is my alltime favorite movie ever.
Nameless wrote:
Worst Book-to-movie translation EVER.

I loved the book, but the movie SUCKED compared to it.

On the contrary, I think the movie missed out heaps of key parts of the book (the scouring of the shire etc...), but tolkien wasn't the best writer ever, and the movies are brilliantly made. I love them both.
The whole LOTR trillogy was great. Best novel adaptation I have ever seen. It makes me wonder how well "The Chronicles of Narnia" is going to do.
Hey, I think LotR is a great movie. But most of all it was a great book. I heard people say they didn't like it because you can't see only one movie to understand properly. I think they shouldn't complain and watch it! The games are also very good. Have you tried them yet?
The Lord of the Rings is a must see for viewers of all ages. I have not seen a movie with so much detail and realism before. What r u wainting for? Grab a DVD and watch this awesome movie
The books are certaintly better.
For those of you with short attention spans:
Grow some IQ!
(I have read the books (including the simarillion and the hobbit) through so many times I lost count.)
Best movie ever, reading the books are better though.
I wouldn't go so far as best movie ever, but I might go as far as most epic movie ever, in that it is the most well-crafted giant-scope series of films that I have ever seen, and I think will exist for a while.
Well yeah, at least Peter Jackson set a point that is hard to achieve in terms of filming epic fantasy. And though people do criticize Hobbit, no one can film a fantasy film better, than his Weta team.
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