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WOW private server

Hey there!

i´ve seen some videos of private wow servers on youtube. is that legal? and how do that work?
legal or not im not very sure. but you just have to change some stuff in the and you can connect to private servers. and of course no private server can compare to the actual server because alot of quests are bugged and functions too. but that doesn't mean nobody plays it. most plays high rate or instant lvl 70 just so they can PK ASAP. so yeah, that's how most of them work.
oh thanks,

i´m going to check out more information. maybe i will try one of them...
It's against the TOS to alter your game files ( I believe but lots of people do it without getting caught! I actually think Blizzard doesn't care as long as the private server doesn't get an income (and steal money from Blizzard.) That's why you only can 'donate' to those private servers (often you get in-game items when you donate.)

The private servers are good to start playing on so that you know what's the game like. I played a half year on a private server and then I went retail (cause I thought it was worth it.)
World of Warcraft private servers aren't 100% legal, but as long as they really don't bother Blizzard in any way, they don't really care. (Don't ever click send when you get a WoW error on a private server lol)
Well I guess Blizzard's marketting strategy is to get as many people exposed to WoW as possible. If they like it, eventually they will go and play the official one. That's the strategy. Too bad I only liked WoW for a short period of 1 week and after that I just hated WoW lol.
They are, as someone already said, illegal. I've found some private servers which were shut down, mainly because it was the Alpha of the new expansion. Lulz I played em for a bit, but I've decided to go back to retail. Eventually, people will get bored of it.
Every once in a while Blizzard shuts down a few private servers, thus having the people playing on them lose all the progress they've made. For this reason, private servers often have increased droprates on items, increased experience and money gain, etc.

But don't count on building up anything on those servers. One day you could be #1 on the server, the next day it could all be gone.

(and €13,- a month really isn't a lot when you think about it)
I doubt it would be since on some private servers you don't have to pay the monthly fee. I don't play WoW so I wouldn't know there TOS, but someone ahead mentioned it, so therefore altering a file is against the rule, so it would probably be so.
Are private servers legal? Teeeechnically no, they are not legal, but because they do not bug Blizzard much and there are still many bugs and problems with private servers, Blizzard doesn't mind much. They only really shut down servers that have versions of WoW that have yet to be released (ie. new expansions) or start getting a steady income.

As for how good private servers are. Most of them out their are not too good. Most give you instant lvl 255 and awesome armor + weapons which in my opinion makes the game pointless, but there are some good servers out there that are blizz-like. As said above, blizzard servers are much better though because of the fact the many people actually play legit WoW, but if your looking for an intro to WoW or just to play with a few people, private servers are a good place to start.
IF you're going to roll on a private server, I'd recommend to find one that is as close as possible to the 'real' ones. Maybe one offering a little faster advancement, but this should give you a good opinion about how fun the game is for you.

Once you start caring about your gear (for PvP reasons or PvE ones) you're probably enjoying the game enough to warrant paying the monthly fee. Don't hestitate to do so: if you really care about anything you accomplish in the game, you want to have the guarantee that it's still there when you wake up the next day.
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