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Who Do You Hate?

What 3 celebrities annoy you like nothing else?
They can't be members of government who have shit policies or Hitler,
just people who get under your skin for having a stupid annoying face
that you'd never tire of slapping. This is a purely shallow post.

It's not there fault, but when they come on my TV,
I need to change the channel.

So my top 3 would be:

- Paris Hilton
- Richard Simmons
- Craig David
All of them would be Polish, cause I'm from Poland and you surely don't know any of them. But I can assure you that Paris Hilton can't even compare to them Wink They're so annoying...
Don't have time to hate celebrities. They can do whatever they wish as far as I care.
Actors & Actresses who treat others like doodoo! Sad They have no courtesy at all...
Hate is a strong word but i really really don t like Paris Hilton and Olsen twins... Laughing
Can't stand Paris Hilton, Kristen Dunst or Camaron Diaz. They all just annoy the hell out of me for some reason.
95% of any wanna be actor/triss from any tv series from 2000 to the date.
I really, really, really don't like nobody. This is a mean thread, peoples!
related quote:

“That΄s the trouble with the world. We all despise ourselves.” - Charlie Chaplin

true, imho.

and i don't hate anyone. that is, except for __ haha
I'd have to go with carrot top.
my title was a bit strong, but the question was just who irritates you, or who would you pay money to charity for throwing a custard pie at?
i want to add amy winehouse Rolling Eyes
houdney wrote:
my title was a bit strong, but the question was just who irritates you, or who would you pay money to charity for throwing a custard pie at?

hahaha! yeah, I'd pay money to throw a custard pie at quite a few ppl :p not just celebs!!
I can't stand seeing Shia Labeouf in movies. Unfortunately, he's in a ton of intriguing movies. I hate it because I can't stand the actor, but I dig the movie.
people which eat loudly ...
Neo Cons.... Twisted Evil
Don't hate celebrities ... they're just normal people. Hate the media who assumes that they aren't.

houdney wrote:
They can't be members of government who have shit policies

Isn't that tautology?
Well am from India from a state called Uttar Pradesh. The politics in this country is related to corrupt practices. Mostly I hate the politicians in this country.

First in the hit list is Mayawati, though she is considered a powerful women but She is indulged in corruption openly and everyone knows it too, everyone in her eyes who is somewhat from high caste is "manuwadi" meaning against humanity while I myself feel she is herself against humanity.

Next come all the leader of organizations like bajrang dal, vishwa hindu parishad and shiv sainik, though india is a hindu major country and I myself a hindu but I believe these leaders are themself the terrorist destroying the country. they are involved in beating crishtians and muslims, etc. weird behaviour indeed.

The third option meanwhile is left to think, will think and write it down afterwards...
You might be angry at me for doing this (irony!), but hatred topics, as posted on many many many forums, always end up closed. Once again, one could make up hundreds and hundreds of examples, without saying why... and actually I don't really want anyone to say why.

It would be enough for one to say "I hate God", or "I hate <polititian>" and *POOF* discussion starts and people go flaming and cussing. The rest of the topic would be filled with oneliners, as you can see now already.

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