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Do you have your username?

How do you like your username?
I just created my account so I love it!
 12%  [ 7 ]
I created mine awhile ago but I still like it!
 56%  [ 33 ]
It really doesn't matter. It wouldn't kill me to leave it the same.
 24%  [ 14 ]
I don't like my username. I created it awhile ago and it sux!
 1%  [ 1 ]
I HATE my username! Change it NOW! PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE!
 5%  [ 3 ]
I just created my username and I hate it. (Typo, etc.)
 0%  [ 0 ]
Total Votes : 58

Do you hate your username? I hate mine. I made mine 2+ years ago when my website was called Polly-Gone Online (a little inside joke). So I made my name Polly-Gone. Now I regret it so much. People call me "Polly" and that just makes me mad. I sign every post with "-Nick Smile Smile Smile" and people STILL don't call me Nick.

Do you hate your username? Tell us why?

-Nick Smile Smile Smile
its been a long time since i created this and i love it ...!
I like it, but it's like meh. I don't really care much. I actually stole it from someone else on some other forum. lol. I liked it so I decided to use it myself. Now I feel kinda bad/mad about that. But I really can't come up with anything better so I stuck with it. It doesn't matter though. If I had to, I'd change it.
The name was related to a website of mine which I don't host anymore, but it's not bad at all Smile
well I have often used the same username for everything, jtayl153, but a few months ago I used the name McDaddy, and I quite liked it, so that is what I have used since
Dino Bob? Well.. dBob is a character I made a long time ago, and we happen to use him for a joke on my website. >:3

His profile on my board wrote:
Age: 11
Occupation: Certified Software Engineer at Microsoft: Head of the MS Paint dpt.
Interests: Pwning wizards that I hate (that'd be YOU Merlin <<), programming the anti-HoL in Python, and generally I enjoy sinking the battleships of anyone I meet. - dBob4President, '08 National ticket.

My usernick is actually ∞House (or inFinityHouse when the website doesn't support UTF8 Wink), and I go by House as shorthand on most sites. I like 'em all a lot. Razz

Why not add an option to that poll? "My usernick symbolizes my SOUL. Don't-don't toouch~ eeet!" Twisted Evil
I couldn't think of a witty aspect of my personality or anything that I'd made, so I stuck my lucky number on the end of my name.

Yes, my lucky number is 5 digits.

I used to go by "purpulfantom", but no one could spell it.
since this is my actual name I got no problems! Razz
Honestly I've had this username since 2000 on various things so it's kind of stuck. I don't mind it, short and easy to remember. One letter off my real name..
This is the first user name I ever had and I like it.
I've used it for nearly everything as a user name.
I've always used this one... Keeping it the same does have its advantages.
I like my username, and I've tried to make a lot of them, but so far nothing has come close to being my favourite. I use this username everywhere, and I actually made it myself. It's a combination of Diablo and Blizzard (Blizzard is the creators of Diablo) which is my favourite game.

That sucks that your username is stuck that way polly, I mean Nick!
I don't mind it. It's my first name, and I'm a female, so it fits.
I don't mind it. It's my first name, and I'm a male, so it fits.
I don't mind keeping it. I created it a while ago and it doesn't bother me.
Nope, it's my name, Razz. I used to have a pretty emo username that I used in middle school and its legacy has lived on a bit because some people still e-mail/IM me there, but I don't mind that much. Anyone got an idea for a new username for me? Razz
I think it's annoying I have to tack a "42" on the end. Stupid other Pats who think they're so great.
I have several usernames, gamer "handles" etc that I use. If one doesn't work I try another. I can usually get a username from one in my list, so I'm satisfied with it.
I don't really like my username. It's short and simple, but I can't relate it to me or any other accounts that I have online. Although, it does sort of represent my current state. Urgghh... I feel like a zombie. Confused
Hey, Polly (IRC joke) Wink

Had mine forever. I like it still...
I ended settling on my (now) default username (and avatar, for that matter) for forums during a somewhat angsty phase as a teenager, but I don't 'mind' it any more than I mind my actual name. Changing it to something else now would just end up confusing/annoying myself all the time (I do a lot of internal self referring.) Laughing
Chris65536 wrote:
Yes, my lucky number is 5 digits.

What made that to be your lucky number?
Ahh ok type, not too engrossed in my username but more into myself... Smile
i hate my nick Rolling Eyes
but seeing that i can't change it i have to bear with it, not that it really bothers me alot, it's easy to remember
I suppose I'd change it to Navagon if I could. Seeing as that's what I use elsewhere. It's not such a problem though as I've got a domain registered here so I don't use the default domain at all.
i have used this username for about the last 4 years or so, maybe longer

my name being Mat and middle name John gives mattyj...pretty boring

i used weasel for several years before that, got that from my fav band at the time, Screeching Weasel
I made mine up but other people use it apparently D:

FRENCH people o.o

Apparently I made up a word that already existed o.o (like when I made up a 4 letter word that started with f in the second grade.....)
I like my username. I made it up and thought it unique untill I googled-it and wiki showed that it's "a legendary creature comparable to the bogeyman".

Anyway I still like it and I use it everywhere or variations of it Razz
I made this username quite a while back when FriHost first started... lucky I did it early too, since this username is usually popular and everyone takes it sooner or later...
yes.i do have 3 usernames. I made one when I was in Highschool while the other one wayback in college and the latest one when I got my first job. So, I do love it since I chose it. I never thought that I hate one of them.
I don't like it or hate it. Although I accidentally voted the 1st option.
Heh I just love my username. Been using it since I have internet. It came in existence when me and a friend were watching Lord of The Rings (yeah, bad movie) and there was Gandalf on the screen and my friend had the good idea to yell ''Vladalf'' at me. Smile

I do have a lot of usernames. I've been decstar1, pinkgloss, omgmary and currently honeyflash. I am pretty much obsessed about my Last.FM account, I've had 10 different accounts just so that I could have a new username. I am never satisfied. Sad
Since I just created my account here at FriHost, I'm okay with 'honeyflash'. But trust me, it'll be driving me crazy two months from now.
My username is my real name. You can't hate your name, can you? =D
Since i had internet , I used setAT (Estonia and my initials).
Now , when I started building my website I use isetegija (in estonian its person who make things himself).
My username is also my website's name, in hindsight I might have chosen something different, as right now I'm somewhat indifferent to my username, although not enough to want it changed. Rolling Eyes
I chose my username several years ago and I use it for Internet. Sometimes even my friends offline/real-life call me Quiviro. I love it. Mr. Green
I could care less. Anything that reduces to Wombat.

This topic made me laugh with the last poll option pretty much summing up the topic title. Ironic.
I like mine, its so weird and random Very Happy
erlendhg wrote:
Chris65536 wrote:
Yes, my lucky number is 5 digits.

What made that to be your lucky number?

2^(((2^2)^2)^2) = 65536

65535 (another number I sometimes use) is the largest number expressable in 16-bit binary (thus 65536 is the "roll-over" figure).

I think, anyway. It's 2 to the 16th power, at any rate.
Chris65536 wrote:
erlendhg wrote:
Chris65536 wrote:
Yes, my lucky number is 5 digits.

What made that to be your lucky number?

2^(((2^2)^2)^2) = 65536

65535 (another number I sometimes use) is the largest number expressable in 16-bit binary (thus 65536 is the "roll-over" figure).

I think, anyway. It's 2 to the 16th power, at any rate.

looks like many people go by mathematical usernames, am puzzled at it, !!
I don't care much for my username, but I've used it at a lot of places so I stick to it for consistency. Also, nobody else is ever using it, so that's convenient.
Chris65536 wrote:
erlendhg wrote:
Chris65536 wrote:
Yes, my lucky number is 5 digits.

What made that to be your lucky number?

2^(((2^2)^2)^2) = 65536

65535 (another number I sometimes use) is the largest number expressable in 16-bit binary (thus 65536 is the "roll-over" figure).

I think, anyway. It's 2 to the 16th power, at any rate.

I'm proud I knew that. Though at the same time I guess it's a little sad.
I don’t hate my username, I don’t mind too much about it but I would like to have possibility to change it... Neutral
I prefer sites where usernames can't changes. Then when I revisit a year later I will actually know who the people are. It gets very confusing.
To be very honest, I don't really care a lot, though I guess that I wish I needed not the underscore at the end.
I've had this name for like 4 years. It's not very common for a name, either
I have three names I use on the interwebs, and they are:

furtasacra - I got that one from a book. Furta sacra is Latin, meaning "thief of the sacred." Although it refers to the medieval custom of Catholic churches in Europe robbing each other of holy relics in order to gain prestige, I use it primarily as an allusion to my lack of respect for the hatred and stupidity that organized religion inspires in so many ignorant people, and my nasty habit of trying to make people question their own beliefs.

IrksomeKitty: this one was impulsively inspired by a spoiled rotten cat roaming around on my desk knocking things over, pawing at me, loudly meowing with fishy cat breath in my face, and generally making a nuisance of himself while I was trying to come up with an e-mail address. Since then, I have been both amused and disconcerted to discover that most of my friends and family think IrksomeKitty describes ME perfectly.

Miss J: Just a nickname. A lot of people actually call me that, in the real world. My man's name is Jason, and one of his nicknames is Jay. My first initial is J, and one of my nicknames is J. Somebody started calling me Miss J to differentiate between us, and it stuck.
I love my user name!
It comes from my equal love of all things to do with the ocean, swimming and diving in it, watching it, or sailing and kayaking on it - oh, and my birthday is in Pisces so yep, it pretty much sum's me right up Smile
I love myself

and my Nick too Razz
Well It might have a little to do with my peppers and spicy food. Smile

Sometimes I use Tabasco1 as my user name.

I've got better ones on other websites, this one is just for what I wanted to do with my Web Hosting account on FriHost. The "flung" part was a bit random, and I don't usually use underscores. Ever. Not in usernames or email addresses... so that was kind of weird.
I've had this name since about 2001-2002, plus a couple other names, and I like this one a lot ^^. More mysterious.. as though "something's over the horizon". Eh, poor example, but I still like this name ^^. If I absolutely had to change it, it'd either be Skyline (same concept as Horizon), or Infernolized (I like how it sounds ^^).
tony! It's the best username!! I suppose the "have" is meant to be "hate?"

No, maybe my english is just too poor to understand...
I don't really care.... Rolling Eyes

I like my nickname, but not too much.
I love my nick name because it represents me, i have no problem with it and i don't think i would ever have one.

When people are choosing a nick name its best if they think hard about it before approving it.

The nick name that u selected should tell what u all about and as for mine andredesignz it says what i do.
My friend chose my nick for me but anyway I like it.
It represents me Embarassed Embarassed
I've always used my real name when I sign up with a website, and I quite like my name so yep, I'm ahppy with my username Smile.
Yeah, that really only works when your name isn't so generic.
Well mine is snowynight and this suggests a moonlit night in a wood and snow all about.... I love this kind of feeling.
My username's my name. So I guess I'm supposed to like it. Or else I'd be ungrateful to my parents who gave me a name so unique that I can use it to go through all registration stuff without checking the availability of the username.
I try to have the same username everywhere, so I don't have to remember many of them.

Maybe it comes from the times I was a Server Admin, and I had to remember approximately 30 different usernames or forms of them, for approximately 70 servers...... I can't tell you about the passwords.... finally a partner found and encrypted software to store them, that was a bliss.

....just keep it simple for personal purposes.
Me to... Since I made mine up, so nobody has my user name. I thought it was a hard thing to remember but as I kept typing it, it because second nature to me. My name was panther_1978 but so many people had that user name I thought "Hey, I ortta came up with a user name" so rhineus it is.
It seems most people go through two or three names before eventually deciding on something, and then sticking with it. At least for those of us without unique first names...
My username is my real name so obviously i don't hate my name. I'm pretty happy with the way it is at the moment.
I don't have any particular feelings toward my user name. I created it a long time ago, so now I kind of want to change it, but at the same time I don't want to because many accounts that I have use that same name.
My username is my name and the first letter of my surename + the number 1.
"I just created my account so I love it!"
Well, the avatar matches, so it looks you have a plan.
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