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BlackRose Poetry

Instead of creating a bunch of new topics for each individual poem and bumping other respectable poets and artist off the main page I figured I would just create my own thread and post new poems as replies.
This or Something Like You

I'm not afraid to define that fine line
between sage and court jester
Smokin jokes to the point of making sense
in a sea of crown surrounded by tear faced clowns
So lets post this point of balance on the bulletin board
And if you keep quiet I'll let you drive my ford
Close the door on another cold case
of mistaken identity
We have forsaken the fidelity of everything
That counts in with a one two three four
With a difference of ten I find permission
To finally begin again
Something was bound to give in to that one thing
The last thing we were afraid to mention
Rebuilding tension with refinished D N of A
Used for building the U S of A
We tore down that U S of Hate

Thats cracked

Thats cracked and I'm back and I'm stacked
To start
So hard
It sells to propel this indignation
set to fill another fast food nation
Thats already full of condemnation
Of anyone that likes to on their
Own two feet
One Two Three I repeat
The testimony that tells you the
difference between left and right
And whats left to fight
when we all get along
and sing another song
On how to be aggressively passive
Blame it all on our parents
Then they pay us to share it
Bare it all on pre-recorded live TV
And thats simply another triviality of reality.
Improper Begging

An obsession that competes with an altruistic fashion
Resting on the verge of self control
The life of sin I am submerged within
My next breath deserves to be taken underwater
No one can hear me scream of unforeseen dreams
Filled to the brim with common themes
Overflowing sensuality
Confused with sexuality
Misinterpreted heartbeats that all to often lead
To a land of make believe
Where I try and make you believe
In me
In this open sea
Of common place histories
What everyone else can see
But you have no belief
And its killing me
A bottle at a time
Line after line and drink after drink
Makes me stop to think
Why I place myself on the brink
Of Self destruction
Un-biased mutilation
Revolving around the degradation
Of my makeshift nation
Look into a poets eyes
And try not to cry
As you see his tears fall
Now I'm calling all
True Believers
Soul Reavers
Masters of theater
To come to my aid
So I can make the pain fade
To at least a different shade
Instead of the blood red
That fills my vision
With every bad decision
With the same conclusion
End the confusion
End the hysteria
End the hilarity
I'd rather end every night in heartache
Embrace every mistake
Than that empty feeling
Without you
And its true
I do the things I do
Just to keep you by my side
So when the tide fades away
I can look at the brand new day
In a different way
What I'm trying to say
Is that I like the pain
I like being driven insane
So please don't stop
I'm begging you
I'm begging you
I'm begging you[/u]
RE: Mr. Personality

I see the sick things you like to write
about the times when we used to fight
Your a parasitic leech
Using lies to suck off peoples sympathies
Go ahead and drag my name through the mud
I know I've been lower than what these strangers think of me
Theres no sensitivity in those that hold the truth
My crew hates you for what you do
Not any one sided Falsehoods
or two faced smiles
Deceiving all the while
Just for a shoulder to cry on
A bare back to lie on
You say you cant love anymore
Thats why I don't care anymore
You sure as ****** aint afraid to ******
The pain away a stranger at a time
Living lies line by line
Ive seen all those signs to many times before
Admit it, your a sympathy ******
And its plain to to see theres no second chance
Backward glances or drug induced romances
Its crystal clear to me
That the window of opportunity
Slammed shut on that damned dome
Knocked loose any common sense
Cause now your talking nonsense
Whispering lies to fake ass friends with fake ass grins

Damn, your so naive

And what hurts you the most
Is that your not even a ghost
Maybe a flicker in the fire of my happy memories
But you composed most the tragedies
It kills you to think I might be happy
So you try to drag me down
But the friends I fight with
The liquor I drown in
Is stronger than your petty words
Your speakin to a master word smith
So I wont trifle with
Insults and the blame game name calling
I aint falling for this
Your just to damned easy
With your open cold sores
going door to door and floor to floor
Its not a challenge anymore
You know the truth and it hurts you doesn't it
The way you try to flaunt all that you loss
Theres circles you used to run with
That shiver at the mention of your name
Its a damned shame to have the wrong fame
But nothings your fault
The worlds against you and your through being blue
So make up another line
About the time when I used to abuse you
I can say same
But the difference I got the scars to prove it
Woops did you lose it
Your composures gone
Now that you've been called out
Now your gonna freak out
Send me a nasty letter That I can return to sender
Unread like all the rest
Baby don't ****** with the best
I would recommend you post it all as one post so as not to double-post.

"This or Something Like You" is an odd, but interesting poem. Nice work. Very Happy
Thanks a million. That was written as a spoken word, its more about how everything is said. I tried to break it up as close to making sense as I could.
What I Aim to Be

Its a jigsaw puzzle with only one piece
So simple to grasp
Even strangers point out the obvious
Mystical angels predicting the past
Where we've been is where we need to go
What else do you need to know
Thereís no denying the cards
The story has already been written
We just need to follow through
With what we already knew

But if you need to let it go
Lets do it one more time
So I can tattoo the claw marks
Pierce the bites so I have the scars
I never want to forget
Because its useless to regret
What everyone knows but you
When you can look back
Say it was all worth it
Then you can say its through
Learning From

So I find myself back here again
This confusion has become redundant my friend
I dig through my ears and grasp on anything
Tangible and worth touching
Lost in thought or giving love a shot
Either route I end up in pain
An endless circle once again
Is it worth it to think this deep
Shouldn't I, Wouldn't I be better off
Keeping these thoughts shallow and hollow
Its a wonder why I donít collapse
A feat of emotional strength
No advice, no matter where I turn
Its time for a sunrise
An escape from sanity
Let loose naive vanity
Never mind, That time has passed
Never get your hopes up high
The taller your dreams the harder the fall
And when your dead, its not worth anything at all
Stop, steal, ponder, whisper and listen
Learn to deal without paying attention
Did I show the hurt inside to the right
Did I hide the pain from the left
I swear I did my best

When did life get so demanding
Where did I lose my understanding

Just when the anger starts to fade
Happiness rears its teasing facade

The thoughts return ten fold
Hatred burns in my emotional hold

The smiles are real, its the reasons I give
That defies the way I live

I'm happy, but you wont know why
I'm angry because you believe my lie

Crying just to satiate your needs
Renting my soul so you can feed

Your insults and your curses are meaningless
I walk away so I feel them less

Here I start my aimless wandering
There's my pointless rambling

I sit and watch my shadow slit its wrist
I sit and stare as it convulses on the floor
I start to wonder and start to think
Is this meant to be, is this my destiny
To give up all hope and return to my history
To give in to redundancy
I cant help but think, I cant help but wonder
All this just for a drink of water
Just to taste the freedom we have fought for
To drink the blood oil of my brothers
If war is hell why are all the good people?
I know packing up to go
To leave all they love and all that loves them
While I sit back and take my easy ticket home
Home is where the heart lies still beating
Here is where my body lies always dreading
Uncle Sam doesnít want me anymore
Either that or my family wants me alive more
My mind torn in three or was it four
I donít even want to remember any more
All these people push me down and pin me to the floor
They scream and spit and bite at my skin
Iím sure there all something pretty deep within
I cringe ready myself for this psychological wedgie
Now let me try and sell you one more time
On these thoughts and inhibitions and this internal eternal damnation
Forget the correlation to everything you heard before
These are my thoughts and my feelings that are buried deep inside
Not his, not hers it doesnít belong to them
This is not for love, or satisfaction or the gratification I get
When you think, did I do this to him?
You may have, this could be your fault
Or it could all be just a masquerade
Only Iíll know, and Iíll never tell you no matter how much you beg
Some Call it Vanity

What is it that everyone sees
It can't be the same thing as me
The mirror holds nothing but the worst of my dreams
A nightmare made all to real
What gives me this sex appeal

Could it be the way I dress
Searching for a false from of success
A striped suit and a mismatched tie
Just another way to live a lie
It's the difference between you and I
Ready to meet my next ex-wife
Another way to leave this life
That's the way we die
No matter how hard we try

Is there something in my eyes
That says I will be your much needed ears
Someplace to drop off your verbal fears
Just because I can pretend to care
You believe we have something we can share

Is it in the tone of my voice
That convinces you I'm the right choice
Is there something more subliminal
In my words making me the criminal
Deluding your sense of reality
Filling it with all the triviality
That comes along when you play the game

What makes them all scream my name
In passion and in hate
In fury and in lust
Convinced they do what they must
To clear away the dust
From that unused sense of trust
Broken out just for me
Broken out to be broken completely
accidental repost
Dot Dot Dot

I have no more tears left to shed
No more whiskey to drown this dread
All I wanted was to be yours
All I wanted was to be secure
Is that to much to ask, for you to forget the fact that you thought you were over everything I had to bring. Now I know I made an impact on your heart, I took care of that at the start. I know you lay awake lying next to him wishing he was me. You love the life of sin we led until its sudden end. I canít think of a single solitary reason why I should lose anymore sleep over you but I do. Its unavoidable. Even when I do dream, there you are invading the sleep I was able to grasp with my last sober breath. Now its time to embrace the death
I swear I tried, I swear I cried
So many times I avoided the lies
Grasping all these empty nights
Holding on to complacency
Maybe I just gave up to easily
Its hard to pursue
Someone who doesn't want you
Nothing to do with you
Its a bit self defeating
The way we kept repeating
The same break up routine
Maybe you didn't mean to tear me apart
Didn't mean to play with my heart
Only Happy When I'm Drunk

My visions getting blurry
as a smile creeps across my face
I'm starting to like this place
Even if I don't like the taste
Of cheap whiskey
Mixed with to much flat coke
I'll pay whatever the price
For momentary happiness

Cuz I'm only happy when I'm drunk
When I don't have to think
About what she did to me
I'm only happy when I'm drunk
I can momentarily forget
Everything she regrets

I'm finally seeing double
But I don't see me stopping
Until they close the liquor store
I like the look of an empty glass
It means I'm closer to passing out
Friends are nowhere around
But I think I finally found
The key to happiness

Cuz I'm only happy when I'm drunk
When I don't have to think
About what she did to me
I'm only happy when I'm drunk
I can momentarily forget
Everything she regrets

I don't see anything at all
It might be that my eyes are closed
Or I found freedom in passing out
An empty mind is the way to go
I drink to follow the flow
So just give me my keys
And switch them in my hand
And keep your key to happiness

Cuz I'm only happy when I'm drunk
When I don't have to think
About what she did to me
I'm only happy when I'm drunk
I can momentarily forget
Everything she regrets
If Goodbye was Easy

If goodbye was easy
I wouldn't fear these cold sheets next to me
The empty place where you used to sleep
Turning up the AC
So you would cuddle close to me

If goodbye was easy
I wouldn't try so hard for a chance to run into you
Going every place that I know where you go
Driving miles out of my way
Just to watch you walk away without a word

If goodbye was easy
I wouldn't lay hear feeling hollow and empty
Soaking this pillow with sweat and tears
Staying awake for days
Just so I don't miss you in my dreams

If goodbye was easy
I wouldn't need this cheap bottle of whiskey
To drown these dreams of makeshift memories
Drinking away the demons
That have came back since you left me here

If goodbye was easy
I wouldn't write all this sappy, pity me, poetry
Its plain to see that I miss our fantasy
Promising to never give up
Force feeding lies to ourselves in failure
Crumpled piles of paper
Trying to find the right words
To describe the undescribable
You canít deny my love
You canít deny the undeniable
These emotions are real
This devotion I feel
Goes beyond simple poetry
Lyrical prose, and internal rhyme
I know I ****** up this time
I know saying sorry wonít cut it
Words canít dry spent tears
Now let me calm your fears
And tell you of the years
That have yet to be
The simplicity
You have yet to see
I know I may be
Little more than naive
But love is what we both need
And right now love
Is all I have to give
Love may not be enough
But its a hell of a start
And in the years to come
I need you to be my number one
I preach of the future
So we can fight our past
And make this us last
Iíve jumped to far
Thereís no turning back
Face first I will fall
If your not there to catch me
Falling forward, towards my history
If you donít stop me
Youíve always held the key
Now insert, turn and complete me
Now you will finally see
I need you in order to be
You canít stop me
From saying this
I Love You
With all my heart and soul
Beyond all control
Take all these words
And do as you please
My heart belongs to you
No Matter What You DO
Infidel Criminal

Why has this come to pass
How did this happen so fast
Its like instantly your under me
Before my protest can escape my lips
You've bound me with your fingertips
I can tell you how we ended up like this
Its the result of to many goodbye kisses
A latent system shock meant to stop
All these forgotten feelings
and misbegotten memories
Lost and found at the bottom of a bottle
Lo and behold here we creep
Just to keep our secrets between the sheets
And to this I swear on a stack of Holy Books
Your not but a simple crook
Who stuck, stole, and snuck
away with a piece of me
That will eventually be
Another lock without a key
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