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Vote for Hillary

My friends and I have been discussing how Hillary Clinton was just dismissed by Obamas campain, and its pretty sad that they passed her up. (I still believe she would make a great president if they only gave her the chance.) But despite that they had the perfect chance to make her VP and Obama passed it up. And now he has to suffer the consequences of nominating Joe Biden who doesn't know how to keep his mouth shut! He's an idiot!

So to show our support for Hillary we decided we're voting for her anyway. Here're our reasons:

1. It'll send a message that Hillary should have been given a chance. They should have not just passed her up. There are 18 million of us who are willing to vote for her (and more not counted).
2. If Obama wins, Hillary can't run again for 8 years, which will probably be too long for her. We shouldn't have to wait 8 years for it to all start again. By sending message, maybe Obama will pick her for the ticket next election instead of Joe Biden.
3. Even if McCain wins, he'll be out in four years. He'll just be too old and Palin won't be elected. Hillary could run and have the message we send by voting for her this election as a nod that we are ready for her.
Funny. As a conservative, I actually wish Hillary was nominated as well. There are very, very few people as abrasive as her who would bring out the conservatives and independents in droves to vote for WHOEVER was on the other ticket. Obama is actually harder to beat.
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