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Top Gear: Do you get it in the US?

Does the US get Top Gear over there?

If you don't know what it is, it's a car magazine show which has been running in the UK for a decade or two, but only in the last few years has it had a format transformation which included daft stunts and a studio audience which ensures compulsive viewing.

The UK version has been shown over here in Australia for ages but we've only just started making our own. Does the US have it's own (I'm sure it would have) or do they send over the British version?
You mean the television series about cars?
We get it here in Israel! The recent season was nice Smile

I really like the super professional production, and of course, Clarkson is a legend Laughing
We get it on cable, on BBC America.

My dad and my little sister love that show.
Man, I love that show. Yeah, we get it here on cable with BBC America. Often I watch it online as well.

The one thing about that show that bugs me, is many of the cars that look really tempting, aren't available in the States. I hear that they're going to have another version of Top Gear for the United States. Although, I honestly doubt it could match the UK version, or Jeremy Clarkson. Cool
I ask because Top Gear Australia was on last night. An absolute carbon copy of the UK version. Even the 3 presenters are loosely modeled on Jeremy an co. They have a Stig, a Cool Wall and an identical studio. A little original thinking could've worked wonders.

I hope the US version copies the format and make up their own items that would work for the US viewers.
Can't beat the BBC version. In some ways I don't see it working with American audiences, I wouldn't be surprised if it's not shown.
yup... I get that show on the BBC america channel..

Awhile ago on the Discovery channel they used to have an america version with the same people but it got cancled
The writers for Top gear are amazing and the 3 presenters are fantastic. That is why people love that show so much. I know people who aren't into cars but still enjoy watching Top gear. Fifth gear on the other hand is boring.
We have it here in Belgium, but we get to see the international version which is slightly different from the British one (not that it matters that much!)

Lovely show though, but I wonder where do they get that much money from? Building a rocket, buying expensive cars, organizing winter olympic games etc.
Yeah, we get it on BBC America. A ton of people where I live love it so we usually tivo the episodes and watch them together on the community big-screen, Very Happy
Jeremy Clarkson lives just up the road from me. The local police are not his biggest fans - at least, not officially!

Hammond doesn't live that far away from me either.
yeap, we get it in the us as others have confirmed.. it is one of my favorite shows!! btw, the whole idea of them coming over to do a US version of the show was stupid, and i'm glad they didn't hurt their reputations.
It's on BBC America here, although they cut some of the show because they air commercials in addition to the hour long show, crammed in an hour long block. Though, a larger number of people watch episodes of it on YouTube and/or download it because BBC America is a somewhat rare channel to get with your usual cable/satellite plan and they don't like the commercials.

I'm indifferent to the idea of the Top Gear US version that they have recently filmed the pilot to. I hope that it's good, but none of the hosts seem like they are anything special...
DoctorBeaver wrote:
Jeremy Clarkson lives just up the road from me. The local police are not his biggest fans - at least, not officially!

Hammond doesn't live that far away from me either.

Chipping Norton by any chance? I live near...
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